Monday, April 20, 2009

coming up for air


I just submitted an article that turned out to be twice as long as I originally told the editor I expected it to be. And it was a pretty weighty topic. I feel like I just finished writing the final exam in Oil Sands 101. Go ahead, ask me anything.

I did take the day off on Saturday to partake of Record Store Day, though, and to attend a screening of some really dark and twisted shorts at the Calgary Underground Film Festival.

Although one independent record store in town apparently had cupcakes on hand, I didn't hear about that little detail until it was too late. We went to Sloth Records, where everything was on sale, but there were no festivities going on, unless you count the perma-stoned guys who take ten minutes to ring up your purchase. Seriously. That store is aptly named.

They were funny though. The really skinny heavily tattooed one kept trying to pawn his ska cd off on customers, doing a little who-will-buy-this-ska-cd dance periodically as we waited in line for the dude working the cash to find the cds that went with the cases. I bought a Sigur Ros cd and the new Deep Dark Woods.

The shorts program we saw at the film festival was called Dark, Daring and a Little Disturbing. It too was aptly named. I voted for the six minute short entitled The Facts in the Case of Mister Hollow as my pick for best. It was really imaginative - a single photograph circa 1930, through which the details of a kidnapping and murder are revealed simply by the camera moving around and into the details of the photo. Quite unlike anything I have ever seen.

So anyway, I've met my publication deadline and have time for a little bit of catch-up before I start on the next article. Anybody want to meet me for coffee?


Anonymous said...

Hey I'm first so far!! Barb, I would love to meet for coffee! Your city or mine?

When is your article out?


Hey I was just about to email you about that very thing! I'm free Wednesday and Thursday!

Did you happen to see a certain offspring of mine at the film festival? She worked every night flogging the t-shirts.

Looking forward to reading that article!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You live in a town, Berni! But I'd still love to meet for coffee.
Article is coming out May 1 and I'll post a link. Still waiting for a copy of the one that came out April 1, and then I'll post that too.

Wednesday works for me, Urban Blonde. We are way overdue for a coffee date.
I did see certain offspring o' yours at the film festival! Did she not tell you? I am fairly certain it was the highlight of her day.

mister anchovy said...

it's a long drive for a coffee in Calgary this morning, but I'll take a rain check for next time I'm passing through your town.

Remi said...

Congrats. I'll have to take a raincheck on the coffee though. As much as I'd love to, I doubt I'd be back in time for work this afternoon. At least it's my Friday.

Mommy Lisa said...

oooo coffee. I have been avoiding it for tea, but I would splurge to hear more about the short film...sounds wonderful, if a bit chilling.


Enjoy your breather.

BeckEye said...

I'll meet you for tea. And cupcakes.

Sean Wraight said...

Woohoo! Congratulations to you on being a prolific writer. The blogging thing allows us to stretch in fits and starts but a full- fledged and well researched article? Now you're talking. I can't wait to read it.

Thanks for the Record Store update as well. Sounds like you do the same as me and turn it into a bit of a sociological experience. Lots of interesting people to meet in a record store, that's for certain. (The last bastion of bohemianism and uber music fans methinks.) I think your next article should discuss "The Art of the Rock n' Roll Tattoo". Sure saw plenty of those on Saturday.

Well done Barbara. You're doing something you love!


justacoolcat said...

Let's meet in Saint Paul for a cup of Joe!

How many tons of oil sand would it take to refine the fuel you'd need to drive here?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm going to to hold you to that, Mister Anchovy.

Maybe you could start the weekend early, Remi. Don't you want to ditch work to drink coffee with me?

I think I could get used to watching shorts, Mommy Lisa, especially as my attention span keeps retracting.

Did somebody say cupcakes? I will meet you anywhere anytime for those, Beckeye. Oh and the pleasure of your company, of course.

The last bastion of bohemianism and uber music fans - you are so right, Sean, even more so than the indie kid collections at most concerts. (Too much of a uniform worn at those).
Do you want to hear something weird? I think I really DO want to write an article about "The Art of the Rock n Roll Tattoo"! I would owe you royalties, I guess.

Quite a lot, JustA. But for a chance at a cup of coffee with you, it would be well worth it.

Karen's Mouth said...

That short seems very deserving of your vote, what a brilliant concept. Looking forward to your article.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It was quite a brilliant concept for a short, Karen - no dialogue either. Very arty.