Friday, March 06, 2009

you know what really grinds my gears?

1. how there were no Leonard Cohen concert tickets available at 10:01 am Monday, when they went on sale at 10:00 am Monday. But there was a convenient link to a "Marketplace" where you could buy tickets for up to $800 each.

It's great that Ticketmaster is no longer directing people to TicketsNow, though - the scalping site they own. Pat yourself on the back, Ticketmaster. You are a model of corporate accountability and good business.

2. how Great Lake Swimmers are playing a concert in Calgary while we are in Vancouver and a concert in Vancouver when we are back in Calgary.

3. how the newspaper delivery person has taken to tossing our paper into the bushes lately. When it gets delivered at all, that is. We used to have such a nice delivery person too, but I guess nobody wants to work outside at 5:00 on a winter morning for very long.

You know what was really great, though? Pyjama Day yesterday.

It was a nasty fucking day, icy and snowy with a biting cold wind. The Resident Offspring was a giant head of snot, and the Spousal Unit was working at home, so we all stayed home and watched four crazy-assed jack rabbits chase each other up and down the block for a good hour. It was way better than tv, and I felt like we were in an episode of Corner Gas.

Those rabbits are regulars around here, but I have never seen them move this fast before. They were airborne for a good 20 feet at a time, I kid you not. And then they played hide and go seek around our front porch and I wanted to let them in the house so that Sputty could play with them, but my suggestion was voted down. Spoil sports.

What's been grinding your gears?


Will said...

I feelz your pain on #1. I got into a Cohen presale last week - no tix. I went on right away for the general sale - no tix. Another night was announced. I went on right away - no tix. Grrrrrrr.

I made a one minute local pay phone call using my atm card - $15!!!!!

If I took all the time I've put into blogging and record companying and instead had learned to become an investor, would I be more financially well off or have lost all my money?

I should've seen Blur at the Filmore on the Think Tank tour when people weren't all that into Blur. Now the only chance I'll have we'll probably be at a big fest because all of a sudden everyone is copying me and being like "Blur is the best band ever." Figures.

Allison said...

What's grinding my gears?

Being in an episode of Corner Gas. ;)

Oh and having everyone in Ontario remind me that its 20'C. Shut up, I don't want to hear it.

I could not believe the size of the rabbits at your place. Huge! We saw them while unloading the car.

Joe said...

Damn. Shouldn't all Canadians be guaranteed at least 2 Leonard Cohen tickets, at least before his American fans glom on?

Anonymous said...

i am gonna miss corner gas when its done

I know it won't happen but if everyone boycotted concerts that ticketmaster sells tickets for....someone would get the message

you would not want me at your house...i don't own any pyjamas

Wandering Coyote said...

The weather is grinding my gears, actually. When will this winter ever freakin' end???

BeckEye said...

Something must bring Ticketmaster down. If it has to be me and a blow torch, then so be it.

John Mutford said...

At $800 bucks a pop, it should be easy to boycott the scum of the earth that is Ticketmaster. The words "music" and "industry" should never have been combined.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm surprised you didn't end up smashing your head through your monitor in frustration, Will. I've come this close myself.
What IS it with SF local phone call charges? I think we were charged $15 for a quick local call when we were there too. It's some kinda scam, man.
Why does hindsight have to be so clear? We've all missed some of those golden opportunities (for example, Radiohead played London, ON when I lived there). They are what keep us humble, if that's any consolation.

You ARE living in Dog River, aren't you, Al. But the weather is crap here too, so just don't talk to those Ontario people anymore.
Weren't those rabbits monstrous? You should have seen them fly yesterday.

I always thought it was our birthright, Bubs, along with our ability to appreciate the finer points of curling.

Whoa ho! No pjs, Kelly? Right, so now I am going to have a hard time getting that image out of my head.
Corner Gas is such a great show, but I understand that Brett Butt and Nancy Robertson are working on a new series.
I'm with you on bypassing Ticketmaster. Let's start our own ticket agency!

I have had it up to HERE with winter, Wandering Coyote! Enough!!

Allow me to be the one to flick the lighter and hold the door open for you, Beckeye. Please?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's an abomination, John. Those Ticketmaster bastards have got the world's most enormous egos or something.


I was out in that crap weather yesterday freezing my face off doing the costco/ikea shuffle. (IKEA was scary empty, nary a soul in sight)

Those (dumb bunny) jack rabbits were sleeping outside in that weather in my backyard last night. It is EPP's daily delight to chase them, even though they probably outweigh her. They seem to be massive this year.

And that Leonard Cohen shit really got me steamed. I tried (half-heartedly) with my AMEX front of the line and got nowhere. I'm so thrilled that Epcor is now going to have their own ticketing system. Maybe I'll get to go to a few more events.

Dale said...

Isn't Leonard also charging a million bucks a ticket though? I get that he's broke and all but still. Ticketmaster could easily be renamed TicketBastard and nobody would disapprove. Call Leonard directly, he's probably listed.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I don't believe I have EVER seen IKEA empty, UB. I swear I have driven past there in the middle of the night and that parking lot is full. You must have felt like you were in a horror flick.
So that's where those bunnies went to last night. I was keeping tabs on them. I am amazed that EPP chases them, Sputnik gives them ample room and won't go near them. She has some idea of the damage those giant hind legs can inflict.
I am so glad that Epcor is getting their own box office, too. Grand Theatre has for years and it works really well.

Leonard is still charging quite a lot, yes, but no more than some of the other superstars who pass through town, Dale. He's just trying to rebuild his pension plan, I guess.

Gifted Typist said...

Isn't springsteen suing TM for screwing people?

My gear-grinding fodder:

The great Canadian cellphone ripoff

incompetent Canada Postal workers who blame competent workers for their mistakes

monopolistic power utilities that "go private" and reduce maintenance budget to increase shareholder dividends and then increase rates and leave ratepayers without power for three days in the middle of winter.

Will said...

the phone thing is a scam - and i gotz my money back, but the principle of it still irks me...

glassmeow said...

Ah...TicketMonster frustration. I've been there. As an American who's never gotten to hear Leonard Cohen live (and at this rate probably never will) I wonder just who is ponying up $800.00 to hear him?

Maureen said...

I love everything....and no I haven't been drinking ;)

Todd said...

there needs to be a major crackdown on ticket places like that. It's pretty ridiculous. I mean, granted some shows sell out in a minute, but most do not. And to know that they show up at inflated prices - through a link no less - is not cool at all.

How much do you suppose you would pay for a ticket? Maximum, how much?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Those are all gear-grinding worthy gripes, Gifted. Somehow it is comforting to me to know that we still have things to bitch about. It's the glue that binds us.
Springstein is indeed suing TicketBastard on behalf of people who were ripped off by them, cementing his place as a champion of the common man.

Good to hear you got your money back, though, Will. I don't imagine that happens too often.

I don't know anyone who would pay that amount, Glassmeow, but I'll bet it's someone who then turns around and sells it for $1000.

You are just trying to tear apart the fabric of society, Maureen!

TicketMaster is utterly unapologetic and unfazed by the negative media, it seems, Todd, so I agree that the only way to deal with them is either through legislation or through litigation.
How much would I pay? It would depend on the band, the venue, and retailer. I will never pay an inflated price if it is through TM, just on principle. For these Cohen tix, I would have paid $100 max, but for Radiohead, say, considerably more.

Sean Wraight said...

Aren't pyjama days the greatest? Highly underrated if you ask me... Of course, somewhat hard to explain to solicitors knocking on the homestead door at 5 pm.

Anyway... I really hope you manage to line up some tickets for Lenny. Thankfully they were easier to acquire here due to the fact that the venue itself sells tickets to these shows.

Enjoyed the bunny update too. The wildlife around here has slowly been coming out of hibernation including a mangey old skunk that has been frequenting our neighbourhood.

Spring is near my friend.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I am really glad to hear that you were able to get Cohen tix, Sean. I shall have to live vicariously through your experience, as I have given up here. I'm also going to another concert the night before, so I am not trying all that hard anyway.
I'm not sure why our rabbits are so lively, the weather is miserable awful and the rest of us just want to stay in bed.