Wednesday, March 04, 2009

pass the paint-by-number set

I'm thinking maybe I should start with big-eyed kitties or bowls of fruit.

But by popular request, I shall now show you the Fallingwater painting that I started on the Martha womanly weekend. I was warned that it was quite a challenging picture with which to make an initial stab at watercolour. Last weekend, I kept adding bits to it until I had sufficiently wrecked it.

It's not that horrible, you exclaim, it looks as though it could have been traced. That's because it was. We first traced our outlines with graphite paper and then inked it in and then painted. So, in essence, it was very paint-by-numberly.

It was my first time using our scanner today too (I know, I should really venture out the cave more), and I am not happy with the results. Everything seems rather washed out, the colours in my painting are actually quite saturated. You'll just have to come to my place for a viewing. Or gaze upon this photograph of the real thing instead.

Is anybody else utterly pleased that Spinal Tap is going to be touring North America? And yes, they are bringing with them the 18 inch Stonehenge.


Allison said...

Even though its been traced its still very good! Well done for your first attempt? That's awesome. Watercolour and me don't mix. I have not the patience.

So what's next? Clearly, you've surpassed bowls of fruit. :)

Gifted Typist said...

I think it's lovely. I know from experience (!) how hard it is not to end up with a big muddy mess with watercolours. I love what you did with the trees in the backgound. You've evoked a feeling which is the thing with Watercolour

Jas B said...

Oh my God. I love it. Its beautiful and great work there!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god they are coming to Massey Hall. I am going to get PAID to see SPINAL TAP. Sometimes my life is the best thing ever.

I really like that watercolour! I am going to take you up on your offer to come see it in person -- whenever the eff I am back in town, that is.

Doc said...

I think it turned out grand! There is a reason I just stick to cartoons. I just don't have thepatience to do all the detail.


John Mutford said...

That's some awesome tracing. Painting, too. Seriously.

I notice a lack of Yellowknife dates on the Spinal Tap tour. Oh well, at least we have Girlicious. (sob, sob).

bloody awful poetry said...

Dude, you painted THAT and you want to start off with bowls of bleeding fruit? Seriously.And you deserve a Nobel Prize for tracing, or something.

Karen's Mouth said...

Barb it's great. Once I've built my Frank Lloyd Wright-style house you'll have to pop over and paint it for me. Although it's likely there will be gnomes rather than waterfalls. Grand job, 10 points.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I think I want to try acrylics, Al, I'm not so sure watercolour is for me either, there's too much waiting involved. Actually I really liked the ink drawing, being more of a straight line kind of person. Maybe I'll dabble in that some more.

I like how Watercolour is given a capital, denoting its exalted presence, Gifted. You really do have to have a light hand to not make everything a glop of poopy brown, which I managed somewhat with those tree, but not so much with the foreground.

Thanks, Jas! It was more fun than I thought it would be, actually. Part of that of course was the camaraderie of a group setting.

I understand it's going to be an acoustic show, Ruh, which is mind blowing in itself. Acoustics turned up to 11? I can't wait to hear about it. You will report back, won't you?
Yes, please do come over and check out the original when you are back in town. I'll make tea.

Thank you, Doc! I think the only issue I would have with cartoons is that you actually have to be able to draw. Oh, and be funny, or at least clever. That could be an issue for me.

I am good at staying in the lines, John, that's my life philosophy.
If it makes you feel any better, no Spinal Tap in Calgary either. Leonard Cohen is coming, but with Ticketmaster up to their usual evil tricks (redirecting you to a website with hugely inflated prices), I will not be going.

I am a champion tracer, I do humbly admit, BAP. The pencil is my friend. Now I am off to clear a spot on my bookshelf for my Novel Prize.

The gnomes and I will do a bang-up job in painting your house, Kees. I can't wait to begin. Get building!

Remi said...

I've always envied my friends who can paint. Alas, it has never worked for me. I do tend to look at the art store a block and a half away with great longing though.

As for ticketmaster, I'm almost ready to boycott. Bought a 25 buck ticket recently and it came to 35 bucks after I was "convenienced" by them. I get charged a convenience fee and then still have to pay another fee to have the ticket mailed out. Even better is the fee they gouge you with if you want to use your own ink and paper to print the ticket out.

Anonymous said...

I've said all I'm going to. ;)


I think you did great! I actually can't stand painting in watercolour anymore, did that all through the 70s and 80s. At the end of it, I had so tired of it I was putting holes in the paper with my pooling of colours.

What impresses me the most is your ink work. My SO works primarily in ink. I have never had the patience for that. How about exploring that more fully? (ink drawing that is, not my lack of patience) ;)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I share your art store envy, Remi. In my head I am a musician and an artist, in reality I am neither.
One of the big performing arts centres here is ending their arrangement with Ticketmaster because they continually piss people off. Yeah, the being charged EXTRA to print off your own tix amuses me no end.

hahaha, indeed you have, Leazwell!

I think we should thoroughly investigate your lack of patience, UB. You are being needlessly kind about my stab at art, but I did really enjoy the inking part. I may try more of that.

Dale said...

I'm going to start with bodypainting and see how that goes before I try anything as ambitious (and excellent) as this. My body is a wonderland, if wonderland means large canvas.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

If wonderland means large canvas, then call my body Disneyland, Dale!

Maureen said...

I think it's lovely....I'm currently trying to finish my first acrylic painting since before kids, must find time! I'm actually going to let the ex go see Spinal Tap - man he owes me :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

He sure DOES owe you, Maureen! You must be the nicest ex in history.
I hope you post a picture of your painting when you finish.