Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the Great BC Odyssey - meet/meat day

I have a really good feeling about UBC campus, and am happy to let my baby attend in the fall. It just feels like a good fit. Of course it doesn't hurt that the place is obscenely beautiful, but it's more the feeling of home that I pick up there.

I was quite in awe of the quality and sheer variety of food service, both within the residence and in various locations around campus. When I lived in residence 100 years ago, I remember we got macaroni and cheese and meatloaf, and I don't recall getting any other food. Oh there was jello, but nobody ate it, just stuck the cubes against the wall and watched them race each other down to the floor.

Despite the fact that there are a perplexing number of theme-shaped buildings on campus (a biology building shaped like a cell, a library shaped like an open book, etc), I managed to find a favourite spot. The Asian studies building is surrounded by a very zen-like moat, and you approach it via a path meandering through the rainforest. The peace is almost palpable and I could feel my blood pressure dropping just by being in that spot. It's good to have those spots, to draw upon their memory when you need some peace.

And if that wasn't great enough, we met up with Mel and 668, the Neighbour of the Beast, at the Memphis Blues BBQ Restaurant for supper. Blogger meet-up number 10 and 11, for those of you keeping track. They are every bit as adorable and funny as they seem to be online and it was wonderful to pound back way too much meat with them. The zombie family shared the Elvis platter, which boasts every kind of meat offered on the menu, plus sides of baked beans, coleslaw, fries, and potato salad. There was way too much food and it was all incredible.

The restaurant itself is a funky little place, just hopping with people, crammed into booths or tables and tucking into platters. Blues music keeps your toes tapping and flying pig statues share wall space with photos of musicians. I highly recommend this place if you need to get your meat fix. The Spousal Unit says it was every bit as good as the bbq he ate down in the southern US.

And today, the sun is shining and we are going to Stanley Park. Otter feeding at 11:00!! I can't wait!


Wandering Coyote said...

I'm glad you loved the Memphis! I soooo want to go there, too, as I've only heard fantastic things about it. UBC does have great food services, I remember that from the short time I spent there an ice age ago. Still, I have fondness for the smaller, more intimate UVIC campus...But I am biased, after all.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed several universities around here have really refined their dining over the last several years.

UBC sounds/looks tres magnifique!

Allison said...

UBC campus is amwesome, isn't. Its hard not to be inspired by all that beauty.

So glad you had a great meet/meat up with Mel and 668! I hope Stanley Park and the weather treat you just as well today! :)

Stephanie said...

ohhh what's she taking at UBC?

And I totally know what you mean about the atmosphere there - it's so wonderful.

Gifted Typist said...

Oh, offspring is off to uni.

Eeks early nester syndrome beckoning the Zombie?

I'm already preparing, and mine are only 10 and 12.

I guess the trick is to enjoy and embrace every moment and that is exactly what I'm doing

And yes, what is she taking? Film?

Anonymous said...

Aww, what a fun time for you all! It sounds like a great choice for her.

rachael chatoor said...

UBC is gorgeous, she is going to have a wonderful time.

How long are you in town for?

Sean Wraight said...

Nice to hear you're batting a thousand with the blogger "meat-ups"... I hope the odyssey yields some great future blog fodder for you.

You have me officially missing BC now too. Might be just the summer destination I am looking for!


Sean Wraight said...

I really enjoy your travelogue posts Barb. I almost like being there! :)

Congratulations to the R.O. on getting into UBC. That is some smart R.O. cookie you've got there!


S.M. Elliott said...

Sounds like a gorgeous campus, but after seeing UVIC last year I'd have to say I prefer that because of all the bunnies roaming around and napping on the lawns.

Anonymous said...

Jane is still in the painful process of making a decision btw UVIC and Queens. I will let her know about the bunnies roaming and napping.
Hope you 3 are having lots of fun!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

The Memphis was incredible, Wandering Coyote! I can still conjure up the memory of the fabulous bbq smell that hits you as you walk in.
Food services sure have changed since I went to university!

I am really glad that universities are moving away from serving cheap and fattening food exclusively, Leazwell, although it is all the more reason for me to be jealous and want to go back to school.

Stanley Park was lovely, Al, but you can still see the effects of that devastating windstorm on some uprooted (huge) tree roots. Sad.
UBC is the most beautiful campus ever.

She's enrolling in arts, interested at this point in film studies, Stephanie, although of course all these other interesting programs keep coming along.

I started fretting when the RO was 12 as well, Gifted, and have had several years now to get used to the idea, so it is not hitting me as badly as it is the SU. But yes, I will definitely need to take courses or something when the house is soooooo empty.

I think it will be a really good fit, Justrun, and that is such a good feeling.

Right, you are in Vancouver too, aren't you, Rachael? We actually left for Victoria on Thursday, so it was a short trip. Too short.

BC is incredible, especially for us poor landlocked Albertans, Sean. I can't wait to go back in the summer, and there are so many great bloggers to meet up with there as well.
RO hasn't been officially accepted yet, but I expect that she will.

We have bunnies napping on our lawns in Calgary, too, SME, but they are actually jack rabbits and really kinda scary.
We didn't have a chance to tour UVic, sadly, but I hear it's lovely.

Twas great fun, Berni, got back last night and am trying to catch up. Poor Jane, that's a tough decision to make.

Dale said...

What could be better than meating and meeting?! Sounds like an um, er, well, odyssey!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Or perhaps a homonym, Dale. They're both good.