Sunday, February 15, 2009

my breathe is bated

I am so excited to meet Allison tonight! Sometimes I have trouble remembering that we have never actually met.

She'll pull into town tonight after three grueling days on the road, and she and her gentleman friend will spend a couple of days decompressing at our place before loading up the road snacks and continuing up to northern BC.

The house is reasonably clean and with a few touchups today will be suitable to receive house guests. The fridge is groaning with food, and I have made a mental note of those house idiosyncrasies that I need to point out. You know, the powder room door that doesn't close. the shower tap that has hot and cold mixed up, the sorts of things that you will discover on your own anyway, but are less startling if pointed out in advance.

Tomorrow is a holiday in this province, for reasons which I have never quite figured out, but I am not about to question anyone who wants to declare a holiday in February. I'll let those poor road-weary wanderers sleep in, while I get up (briefly) at 3:30 with the Spousal Unit to say bon voyage as he takes off for a "business trip" in Phoenix. Then, after a leisurely brunch, the Resident Offspring and I will squire them around to some of our favourite haunts. Maybe we'll find some much needed new road trip music at Hot Wax.

Safe journeys, Al!


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Have fun!

Dale said...

Say hi to Allison for me! Sounds like you're ready. We have a new fake holiday here too tomorrow "Family Day" although I think the post office is about the only group that doesn't have it off. Fudge? Please? Yes? No? Okay.

Have fun.

Wandering Coyote said...

I hope you guys have a great time. Blogmoots are always lots of fun!

Gifted Typist said...

I thought you already knew Allison for real. I can't wait for your Allison post. you are both lucky.

justrun said...

Well yay for visitors and holiday weekends!

Evelyne said...

Hope that you guys are gonna have fun!

Remi said...

Have fun. I love showing visitors around. It gives you a chance to see the city as an outsider for a change.

A search for road trip music would probably be a great thing.

One song that's become a road trip staple of late is Rufus Wainwright's Oh What A World. It's off his Want One disc. It's ridiculous, flamboyant and fun for caterwauling along to.

Back in the 80's my family spent a summer driving back and forth to Parry Sound with Neil Diamond's The Jazz Singer tape as accompaniment. It didn't quite scar me for life, but I still know most of the songs by heart.

Todd said...

So jealous. Have fun!! :D

Anonymous said...

Happy Holiday to all,..........
We in the have not Province of Manitoba also have a holiday. No it is not called Family Day or Heritage Day but we have branded it "Louis Riel Day" ????????? Wasn't he hanged for the rebel he started? Oh well happy Heritage Day.
I heard threw the grapevine that my oldest is coming to visit you guys before heading back to visit us in Manitoba. Cool.
"Business trip to Phoenix" is a pretty lame excuse for checking out other fishing opportunities.
Oh well have a wonderful day off and enjoy.

Sean Wraight said...

Another blogger meetup! How exciting. What a great opportunity.

Hope you two have great success at Hot Wax. Certainly looks like my kind of place.

Let us know if you find something special!


Karen's Mouth said...

Jealous! Hi Allison *waves*

Allison said...

I'm here to report that Barb is nothing like you would expect....she's 100 times better!

The Zombie clan have been gracious hosts and one could not ask for a better blog-meet up. I'm sad to leave, but I have a few treasures to remember my journey. :)

BeckEye said...

It's a holiday because you guys were mad that we had a holiday. What a copycat country you are. ;)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

We did, Dr M!

Be careful what you do with that fudge when and if it ever arrives, Dale. Might have to break out the chemistry set first.

I am happy to chalk up another notch on my blogmeet belt, Wandering Coyote, and this is one meet I have been anticipating for a long time.

I thought I knew her too, Gifted, but turns out it just felt that way. (Now I do though)

It's what makes life fun, Justrun!

Fun was certainly had, Evelyne!

I secretly like Neil Diamond, Remi. And I never considered Rufus as great road trip music, but I think you may be right. It's the singalong lustily part that works so well.

I gave her a hug for you, Todd.

We are having dinner with your eldest offspring tomorrow, Bruno! I am really looking forward to seeing her again.
Apparently the Spousal Unit will be doing some fishing while in Phoenix. Who knew they had water?

They have changed the store around, Sean, less focus on cds, more on vinyl. I'm not sure how I feel about that.
And we talked about you, were your ears burning?

Twas such fun, Kees!

Awww, shucks, Al, you're making me blush. But right back atcha with the love, we miss you already.

We try as hard as we can to be you guys, Beckeye.

John Mutford said...

I'm jealous enough as it is. Now out with some details already!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Details forthcoming posthaste, John!

justacoolcat said...

I wonder how long it'd take for us to drive to your house.

Tanya Espanya said...

Ack! Am so jelus!

Although I did get to meet you Zombie...but I wish I was there now!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Hop in the car this afternoon, and we'll find out, JustA! I'll have the wine chilling.

I wish you were here now too, Tanya Espanya. I could use another 3 hour coffee session.