Friday, February 20, 2009

he's back to save the universe

Not only that, but Thom Spiderman Yorke will also keep you company while I motor off to the jewel of central Alberta for the weekend. The Marthas have booked some kind of crazy-assed hotel room there with not only 2 queen beds, but a set of bunk beds as well. I'm definitely packing my spiderman cape for top bunk diving.

Also on tap for the weekend:

~ curry Friday

~ mix cd dance party, which won't be quite as mixed as originally planned due to my laptopless state, but I do think it will be a girlie music weekend, with ample representation from Lykke Li, M.I.A., Basia B
ulat, and of course ABBA.

~ pen and ink/watercolour class on Saturday - I'm attempting to recreate this photo of Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater.

~ Red Deer College's production of Romeo and Juliet.

~ possibly bowling

~ certainly giggling and way too many snacks.

See you on Monday!


Jas B said...

Have a great time, Barb.
Oooh I'd like to go to that pen/ink/watercolor class! Do post your rendition of the Fallingwater!

Gifted Typist said...

can't wait to hear about the Marthas adventure

Allison said...

Hope you have a great time with the Marthas and can't wait to hear about it. Especially the watercolour class!

Dale said...

Why was I expecting a photo of me? Oh that's right, I haven't shown up as the stripper for your party yet.

Remi said...

Be careful with the bunk diving. I've found they make ceilings a lot lower than I remember them as a kid.

BeckEye said...

So, did you get the top bunk?

Whenever I move back to Pittsburgh (which will hopefully be this summer), you will have to come visit and we can go to Fallingwater together. It's probably about an hour away from the city and I've never been there...not even for a school trip!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I haven't quite finished the painting yet, Jas, but I will post it when it's done. Perhaps I should show a before and after.

Oh those Marthas do have adventures, Gifted. I have a sneaking suspicion you would fit right in, too.

Watercolour is harder than it looks, Al, nobody ever told me this. But it's fun and I intend to try more of it.

And we were waiting and waiting for you, too, Dale. Finally we had to hire that Yorke fellow.

You'll be happy to know that we did practice safe bunk diving, Remi. Nobody wanted to make the trek to Emergency over the weekend.

I did better than the top bunk, Beckeye, I got a queen bed to myself.
Why did I think Fallingwater was in Chicago? Woefully ignorant, I am. But I will absolutely take you up on the tour someday.

Sean Wraight said...

Sounds like a weekend of fun Barb. I think I may have to start a Marthas chapter in this neck of the woods. (Just have to figure out the male equivalent - Martin's Weekend? Although yours sounds like a heck of a lot more fun!

Be sure to share some of your artwork. Truly a woman of many talents!


Karen's Mouth said...

Oooh looking forward to seeing that painting, and hearing about the snacks, obviously.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Sean, you really should start a male chapter in your area, especially since the Marthas essentially began there (under the name the Marges). Getting away with your buddies periodically is what makes life sweet.
You will be changing your mind about my artistic abilities when you see my painting haha.

We were relatively sensible on our overpurchasing of snacks this time round, Kees, although naturally there was still far too much food.

justacoolcat said...

Thom who?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Spiderman! Haven't you read the comics, JustA?