Sunday, February 01, 2009

why use ten words when a thousand will do?

She asked for it.

The lovely and talented Justrun offered to send me five interview questions, and since I rarely pass up a chance to talk about myself, how could I refuse?

Ask away, Justrun!

1. If I were coming to visit you in your city, what are the top 5 things you'd tell me were "must dos?"

Since you live in the mountains yourself, I won't go my usual route and hand you a map and tell you to drive to Banff and I'll see you when you get back. Instead, I would insi
st that you remain in Calgary, and I will take you to some of my favourite haunts:

1. Kensington, where we would stop by Hot Wax , the most organized used record store ever, and then stop for coffee at one of my favourite independent coffee shops whose name I forget but I know how to find it.

2. take the train downtown where we would wander around Stephen Avenue, see what's happening at the Glenbow Musuem, and pop into the art galleries that are tucked into unusual places, like City Hall. We might stop and watch a lunchtime musical performance at Olympic Plaza.

3. Canada Olympic Park, on the edge of the city, where I would buy you a luge ride. Much as I would be tempted to join you, I would likely chicken out and just listen to you scream as you plummet down the twisty ice track at a million miles an hour.

4. Fish Creek Park, just two blocks from my house, where we could wander for hours trying to find our way back out again. It's more fun than it sounds and we may encounter deer, beavers, and the odd coyote.

5. If you came here in July, I would insist that you come to the Calgary Folk Festival on beautiful Prince's Island Park in the heart of downtown. Forget the Calgary Stampede, this is one summertime memory of Calgary that you need to take home.

2. If you could pick up your life and go anywhere today, where would you go? (Yes, of course you could take your family.)

This answer changes hourly (Bermuda, Iceland, Muskoka, Seattle, Sweden, Scotland). Right now I will say San Francisco.

3. Tell me a funny story about your child/teenhood.

When I was in elementary school, I was bugging our dog who then lashed out and bit me on the eyelid. My parents didn't believe in going to the doctor for every little thing, so my mom put some Detoll on the wound and sent me off to school the next morning with a nasty-looking cut and a shiner. The last thing she said as I left the house was "don't tell anyone the dog bit you". So when the teacher asked what happened to my eye, I pretended ignorance and denied that anything at all was wrong with it.

Even back then I wasn't very good at thinking on my feet.

4. Have you always been so knowledgeable about music? Or, what brought the interest on?

No, I grew up in pre-internet days in the great wasteland of Winnipeg, where the big deal was when we finally got an FM station. It wasn't until university that I started to hear some music that really interested me - Elvis Costello, Joe Jackson, etc.

But it wasn't until the Resident Offspring started blowing me away with all her musical finds at the tender age of 10 or 11 that I really started to discover how much great music is being made. And now, of course, I have knowledgeable and worldly friends who keep me informed

5. If I were coming to your place for dinner, what would we have?

If you were coming over tonight, we'd be having the American Football Heart Attack special - chicken wings, garlic toast, and veggie platter.

And now that everyone is thoroughly sick of hearing about me, I'd like to learn more about you. And I'd like to doing it by using this new Table Topic game that I picked up the other day. Anyone who leaves a comment saying "interview me", will be sent five random questions from the game.

Let's get this party started!


Moxie said...

This sounds like good incentive for me to post interview me, please!

Stephanie said...

ohh Interview me please!

L said...

Ha! American Football Heart Attack Special cracked me up, Barb. Not just because you're funny, but because you're so right on! I was at the store just this afternoon and I couldn't even tell you how many carts I peered into (yes, I do that. Is it rude?) that contained chicken wings. Apparrently they are the new apple pie!

Also, LUGE?? Why did I not know of this before? I should be visiting you... yesterday!

Wandering Coyote said...

Oh, twist my rubber arm...interview me.

mister anchovy said...

I guess since middle of winter isn't the best time to fly fish the Bow, all those other places might be fun too! (although I confess to have once fished the Crowsnest in an October snowstorm with 5 inches of the white stuff on the ground, and a good midge hatch...

Allison said...

Oh, I want to visit Kensington! Perhaps I could get a guided tour when I visit? ;)

San Francisco sounds quite lovely. Good choice.

Interview me, please!

Anonymous said...

kensington is a great place to wander around

Joe said...

Now we really want to visit you and eat chicken wings and wander around Fish Creek Park.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Allow me to incentivize you then, Moxie, questions coming right up.

Consider yourself about to be interviewed, Stephanie.

You were obviously peeking into my shopping cart yesterday, Justrun, which by the way I do to other people all the time.
I really should have mentioned the luge factor before, shouldn't I?

One interview, coming right up, Wandering Coyote!

I didn't even think of the world class fly fishing the city offers, Mr Anchovy, shame on me. Although that is more the Spousal Unit's area of expertise.
Don't you love it when seasons collide like that? Our first year here we had snow in July.

You can be sure that you will get the Gold-plated Guided Tour when you are here, Al. And Kensington is certainly on the agenda.
San Francisco is one of those cities that captures your attention and doesn't let go.
Interview questions are winging their way to you!

You've been there, Kelly? It is nice, much smaller than the TO Kensington, of course, but it has some nice touches.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

We'll have to avoid eating the chicken wings WHILE wandering around Fish Creek Park, though, Bubs, as I understand that bears and cougars are quite fond of bbq wings too,

Gifted Typist said...

I was in your city once. I opened up the local freeby indie paper and there were 100 jokes about your city. I recall these two:

How many Calgarians does it take to screw in a lightbulb.

100. 1 to screw in the bulb and 99 to tell you how great the 88 olympics were.

What is the difference between Calgary and yogourt.

Yogourt has culture.

They said this. Not me. But I now know this last one is not true cuz I read this blog which is brimming with culture

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Aww you are too sweet, Gifted, but I actually use those jokes myself fairly often. Because they are somewhat true.

justacoolcat said...

So you'd take me to a city park to find beaver?

Canada is so cool.

Wordv: hoedne

Gifted Typist said...

Are they? Phew!
I had a moment of blogger remorse in the middle of the night last night, thinking I may have been insulting.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

We have very lax beaver laws, JustA.

Never have blogger remorse, Gifted! Just laugh and carry on!

Anonymous said...

Interview me! I never do anything like this on my blog. I guess it's time my measly audience knew who I was, ha ha.

You are bang on with your Calgary picks, by the way. I love all those places. I'll have to take offense at your brush-off at the Stampede ;) -- oh come on, working there for five years inspires some loyalty, tee-hee -- but I agree that if you're going to do one thing in Calgary in the summer, it has to be the folk festival. What a glorious few days.

Also ... oh, my goodness, Detoll. That stuff HURT. I used to shrink back in terror just at seeing the bottle in the cabinet under the sink. (Fun fact: last summer I cleaned out the bathroom cabinet and found a bottle of it that had expired ten years ago. HA! Probably the same bottle that got used on my various scrapes when I was wee, then.)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Interview questions shall be coming your way very soon, Ruh, I'm glad you are playing along!
The Stampede is actually pretty great, but I can do without shuffling along with the sweaty crowds at the midway.
Poor thing, you used to get the Dettoll treatment too? Horrid horrid stuff!