Monday, January 12, 2009

and they say romance is dead

The Zombies are being lured back to the west coast. (You knew we couldn't stay away) We'll be in Vancouver/Victoria the last week of March, reconnoitering the University, meeting with some blog friends. Anybody else want to join us?

And even more impressively, the Marthas will be meeting in Red Deer next month for a wild Womanly Weekend. There will be snacks.

Four people in my everyday life who deserve kudos:

- my two Starbucks boyfriends - the bald Australian fellow and the one who looks like Wayne Petti. I always bring my own mug and they always warm it up for me if it's been freezing in the urban assault vehicle. Well done, lads!

- our letter carrier. Always has a smile and a good-morning, waves at me if I drive by even over on the next street, doesn't cut across the lawn. I'll keep the sidewalk clear for him.

- my next door neighbour who always shovels the city sidewalk in front of our house, even though she's got a huge driveway of her own to clear. It's always a race to see which one of us will do the other person's sidewalk first.

Who in your life deserves a shout-out today?


Karen's Mouth said...

Oooh! Great question! The porters at work. We are, without doubt, the only department in the whole University with nice smiley chatty porters. They are all men well over retirement age and they're always up for some banter. And, bless them, some years ago they started a photo wall of staff weddings, graduation and babies. Just because they thought it would be a nice thing to do. And now they make a point of hassling people for a wedding photo. It's lovely.

Word ver = inucest. Eskimo interbreeding?

justacoolcat said...

We live on the edge of a mail route so our carries are different everyday and my 80 year old neighbor refuses to shovel my driveway.

Man, you Canadians have it good.

Allison said...

Great question! However, I don't know if I have an answer. No one has been really standoutish round here lately. Wait, I did have dinner made for my on Saturday, which was unexpected and quite lovely. So I give a shout out to The Boy.

I love that your Starbucks boyfriend looks like Wayne Petti! That's great. :)

Gifted Typist said...

new letter carrier - old one ditched after long saga which started when you emailed to ask if I'd moved.

Little Typist #1 who went for math help today after school without having to be told

Little Typist #2 who decided that he would knock on the backdoor with his head.

Dave the neighbour who blows our snow on the sidewalk

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I do hope they hassled you for a wedding photo, Kees. They do sound like a thoroughly lovely bunch, and thanks for giving them a shout-out today.

No shout-out for your neighbour, then, JustA. The nerve of those lazy 80-year-olds! Now, if you lived in Sweden, your neighbour would likely be rototillering your garden for you as well as shoveling your driveway.

He does look like him, Al, and he's awfully sweet although I have never heard him sing or play guitar.
Well done to The Boy! Dinner is always always appreciated, particularly when not expected.

Dave doesn't blow the snow ONTO your sidewalk, does he, Gifted? Because that would qualify for a reverse shout-out.
Thank GOD you have a new letter carrier. That last one was psycho.
Those little typists are too much, one's using their head and the other is using ... their head.

Anonymous said...

Aw, that is really nice.
I only WISH I could go to Vancouver at the end of March.

Anonymous said...

-You, for reminding me to take my coffee mug to work tomorrow.

Evelyne said...

The Shuttle bus drivers at school definitely deserve a shout out; always chatty if we get there early and smiling most of the time, even when the highways are jammed because it's snowing quite a lot. Or the old lady working at the cafeteria at the Mac Campus; she's just so nice and always calls us sweetie and has kind words for us. I'll miss them when I'll graduate!


Kudos to:

My mailman(probably the same as yours)! He waves at me when I'm driving to workout streets away and always smiles and never flinches when I open the front door at the same time he's putting the mail in the box.

My garbagemen! Doesn't matter if I stick 1 bag out or fifteen they pick them all up and leave the alley clean. I love them.

My exercise physiologists for putting up with 6 months of my sarcasm and crummy jokes. They deserve sainthood.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm excited about going, Justrun. I love the ocean and I love getting away from Calgary in March.

Awwwwwww, you're so sweet, Pokecheck! Your coffee is going to taste extra good in your own mug. Because it's a righteous mug.

They sound like great people, Evelyne! People who go out of their way to stay positive and to cheet other people up definitely deserve a shout.
Not long till you graduate now!

Isn't that mailmail the BEST! I can't get over how nice he is. We seem to put out two bags every week, so I have never tested the patience of our garbage collectors, but I can imagine your exercise folks have heard their share of Urban Blondisms! I mean that in the best possible way, of course.

mellowlee said...

I can't wait for March! Yays! :O)
I've been without internet since Saturday...Telus is still working on the problem :O(

John Mutford said...

You "race" to see who'll shovel the other's driveway first?! My neighbour has a snowblower and I don't. It took over a week of me working as slow as I could and bending over, holding my back every so often for good effect, before they finally took pity on me. No more sidewalks for me!

Remi said...

The 3:40 am bus driver who got me downtown in time to get tea at timmies before work.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

No internet since Saturday, Mel? That's like being without your thumbs all week. I'm sending you internet-fixing vibes (and an email soon so we can plan a meet-up).

I am nominating you for an Academy Award, John, that is some fine acting.
I actually don't have a driveway, and I wouldn't dream of shoveling my neighbour's (I'm not that nice), but I will do her city walk.

What time do you start work, Remi? I don't even think buses run at that hour around here.

Maureen said...

For me, it's anyone who plows or otherwise removes the snow around here - all I have to do is shovel my step and mom's step, gotta love it. Now if someone could turn the heat up out there I'd kiss them.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Is "turn up the heat" some kind of euphemism, Maureen? Well, there IS kissing involved.