Sunday, December 07, 2008

one's a metaphor, the other's bonkers

It's tree decorating day at the Zombie estate, and we are having the first real snow we've had this winter. It's coming down like fine powdered sugar, but is rapidly accumulating. Everything from sky to sidewalk is that lovely uniform shade of whitish-gray. The colour that goes well with a sip of sherry, the aroma of Nuts and Bolts baking, and the sight of this year's Charlie Brown tree getting all pimped out in cheesy ornaments.

I was in a camera store on Friday, asking the clerk for some information, when I heard Bjork being played over their sound system. I commented that one doesn't often hear Bjork being played in stores these days, and the clerk looked puzzled for a second, listened a bit harder, and then exclaimed "Oh, BJork!" (Okay, I just realised that story does not lend itself well to non-verbal telling, but she pronounced it "ba-jork".)

She does have a lovely bizarre video that you might like to see. It's all colourful and weird, and it's pretty much the exact opposite of the Constantine's new video. Voila.

the Constantines - Credit River

Bjork - Wanderlust

We're been watching the the first season of Slings and Arrows this weekend, which the Resident Offspring found at the library. It is hilarious and delightful.

It is the story of the insane goings-on within a Shakespearean theatre festival, obviously fashioned after the Stratford Theatre in Ontario. With Don McKellar as a pretentious director (how against type!), Paul Gross as a sanity-challenged artistic director, The Kids in the Halls' Mark McKinney as the evil bean-counter, and Rachel McAdams as the fresh young thing, I don't know why this series was not better known and why it only lasted three seasons. Well worth searching for at your local video shop or library.


Remi said...

Don't know if I'm a huge fan of Bjork, but you have to admire someone who is so far out in left field that she is actually over the mountain, across the sea and out among rings of Saturn.

Allison said...

I love Slings and Arrows, the RO has good taste! :)

Hope tree decorating is a sucess. Its been snowing here all weekend, too. Winter is here!

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i'm doing my tree this weekend too.

my word verification is "prootin". this amuses me.

John Mutford said...

It's just your average day in Iceland.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I admire that she makes no apologies and does not try to be commercial in any way, Remi. Bjork is totally fierce!

Why have you never told me about Slings and Arrows, Al? It's amazing!
We have gone from fall yesterday to about 1 1/2 feet of winter today. We shovelled 3 times already today.

Do you get a Charlie Brown tree too, 668? There is something endearing about the big gaping holes in the branches and the odd lean.

That place fascinates the hell out of me, John. One day I am going there, and I am going to buy myself a Viking touque.

Anonymous said...

you really got a foot and a half of snow?...sigh...lucky dogs

iceland is near the top of my "to do" list"

kinda referring to your last blog, a saying just popped into my head today when i was asked what time it is...i think it went.."half past a monkeys ass a quarter to his balls" (said in a sing-song fashion). Did you ever use that?

Bridget Jones said...

I could actually savor the aromas and tastes, reading your post. How mellow that sounds!

Dale said...

Hahaha. I love Bjork no matter how anyone pronounces it, I would have loved to overhear that though. Now I must watch the videos.

Happy Tree Day!!


We did tree trimming today too. I guess the mistake I made is not getting everyone drunk to keep them happy. Or maybe I should have played some Bjork videos instead of my new Loreena McKennitt CD.

Very appropriate word verification for me:
undrefun HA!

BeckEye said...

I'll have a Bajorkless Christmas, thanks very much.

Gifted Typist said...

thanks for the winter TV tip. That sounds hilarious. For some reason, good Canadian series get cancelled. Why is that?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

heheheh, I don't think we said that one exactly, Kelly, but I certainly remember something similar.
And yeah, we got a pile of snow!

It was a pretty mellow day, Bridget. I didn't leave the house except to shovel a couple of times.

You would have larfed and larfed had you been there, Dale, and then we would have gone for coffee and said nasty bitchy things about the clerk.

A few drinks certainly helps the tree get trimmed, Urban. I don't know if I would recommend getting blotto, but enough to relax everybody is a good idea.

But it's just not Christmas without a little BaJork, Beckeye! She's like a Christmas angel or something.

It's criminal, Gifted, and I usually don't discover these shows until just before they are cancelled.

bloody awful poetry said...

We'd decorate too, but we forgot where our Fake Plastic (Christmas) Tree is.
You see that? You see what I did there? Huh? See? I'm pretty smart, no?

And it's Be-yerk, right? Gawsh I hope it's Be-yerk. Or I'd have been saying it wrong for the last 5 years.

John Mutford said...

Westcoast Walker said...

errrr... my tree has been up for weeks, the halflings in my house insisted - though putting up the tree to the mystical sounds of Bjork is always a good idea.

Karen's Mouth said...

Awesome. God I love this time of year. Glad you're enjoying yourself. The sister and I decorated Mum's tree for her at the weekend. We had some 'Phantom of the Opera' soundtrack rocking out in the background. I f*cking love christmas.

justacoolcat said...

I hear The Kids in the Hall is coming back.

What kind of camera are you thinking of getting?

Will said...

and all this time I've been pronouncing it byork. wow. i'm embarrassed.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

No, I think you are right, you Radiohead quoter, BAP. Although I like to say byork so that it rhymes with yorke. These things are important.

My all-time favourite Christmas movie, John! But you knew that, didn't you?

Bjork goes surprisingly well with sherry, too, Westcoast.

Phantom of the Opera would make pretty awesome tree decorating music, Kees. I'm not allowed to play Christmas carols anymore.

I heard that too, JustA, I'll bet they haven't lost their sassiness at all.
I'm not actually looking at a camera, rather getting some of the Resident Offspring's art mounted.

I do too, Will. How are we to know? We're not Icelandic!