Friday, December 05, 2008

kids these days ...

They're way too smart and talented.

Branching out beyond your standard local theatrical troupe offerings, I present an exclusive review of the drama production at the Resident Offspring's high school - Les Miserable.

Damn they did a great job. And the production values were really impressive. Of course, nowadays they've got real drama studios in the high schools with lighting and stuff, so no longer do they set up a stage under the basketball hoop in the gym. The seats were still damned uncomfortable, but the acting was believable, the blocking was well staged, and the costumes were impressive. Except for the sideburns on the police dude.

I am still thankful that it was a non-musical version, though.

And now, because all this talk of high school made me all nostalgic for the way things never were, I'd like to leave you with a Friday Top Five that just oozes retro sensibilities:

top five phrases from my childhood that you just don't hear anymore:

~ chesterfield
~ whore (pronounced hooer)
~ soft drink

~ the strap
~ banana seat

I have to admit, I kinda miss the word chesterfield.

Bring back the chesterfield, I say! No longer will we park our asses on those fancy American style sofas and couches! We'll sit on our chesterfields and we will get up and walk all the way over to the tv to change the channel too.


BeckEye said...

Non-musical?? Oh, I would've had to burst into "Can You Hear the People Sing" or "On My Own" at some point. Because I love the musical, and I love making kids cry and other people uncomfortable.

Wandering Coyote said...

I say bring back the chesterfield, too! That's what I grew up calling the couch! I kinda miss the word.

Karen said...

When we were kids it was ALWAYS chesterfield. Damn American influence (no offence to readers from south of us...). We should start a petition.

Gifted Typist said...

Chesterfield? That word went away where you live? What do they call it then? Here Chesterfield is used formally, a sort of posh couch.

Where I used to live it was settee.

justacoolcat said...

We still say ~ whore (pronounced hooer ~ around here.

Anonymous said...

We still have a chesterfield in our rec room. Are there still rec rooms out there?

Remi said...

As a really young child, I took a best of both worlds approach and called it the couchterfield.

As for soft drinks, my grandfather once bought a case of pepsi that had one empty can. It was one of those cans with the small hole and the big hole you'd pop open (remember those). Perfectly sealed but empty.

Dale said...

I absolutely miss 'chesterfield' and 'davenport' as well. Was it just one Miserable? :-) Probably over the sideburns fiasco.

The Imaginary Reviewer said...

You'll hear 'Hooer' if you move to northern England, that's for sure!

John Mutford said...

Can I join the Canadians for Chesterfields Group... I mean Coalition?

Debbie and I were just talking about whores the other day. As our conversations always seem to steer. But this time it was in reference to "Whore's Eggs". It's what kids in Newfoundland used to call sea urchins. I knew about their eggs long before I heard of their tendency to give you the clap. But, looks like whores and chesterfields are part of a better day gone by.

bloody awful poetry said...

May I know what the strap is? It sounds very intriguing. And I shall start calling the couch in my house a chesterfield. And when people ask what the heck I'm talking about I'll just turn up my nose and say "That's how the Canadians say it". Or more likely the people here will just shut up and not say anything because they wouldn't want to admit they don't know what a posh word like "chesterfield" means.

Sean Wraight said...

Okay Barbara, hands down, you win, post of the week! You have really hit on something with listing those five words every Canadian has used or abused at least once in their lives. My son was aghast last week when I explained the concept of the strap to him last week. Even moreso when I told him I received it from a dictatorial elementary school principal for not knowing the five times tables...

What a 'hooer'. I should have hit her back with my banana seat and took off on my skidoo!

Dare to dream.

Allison said...

What, people don't use the word chesterfield anymore?

Round these parts they do. And I heart it so. Grand word.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

This is why I really wish you had been there with us, Beckeye. I live to embarrass the Resident Offspring and yet I can't top that one.

Glad you are on board, Wandering Coyote! I'll save you a seat on the chesterfield.

I think you just have started that petition, Karen. Sign me up!

Settee is fancy, Gifted, unless one mixes it up with a type of retriever dog. Good to hear chesterfield is alive and well in some parts, even if it has become gentrified.

Love the midwest, JustA! You're like Manitoba with better shopping!

Rec room was actually #6 on my list, Berni. Glad to hear you are keeping the faith.

Awww, couchterfield is cute, Remi!
Was your grandfather mad or amused? The Spousal Unit worked at a can place one summer and made a bunch of empty and sealed beer cans for a souvenir. I wonder if he was responsible for the pepsi fiasco?

i just checked the program and "Miserables" does indeed have an "s" at the end, Dale. I always figured that all you needed to do was add an "s" to the "le" to make something plural. Well, I just learned something.

Must be the proximity to Scotland, Imaginary Reviewer. They are such rebels!

Newfoundland has the best names for everything, John! It must be something in the water.
Come join our coalition and tell Debbie she is welcome too. We always need a good conversation starter.

You'll be so cool and mysterious, BAP! At least until people find out it's a Canadian term.
The strap was a nasty bit of corporal punishment that they used to mete out in school - smacking you across the hand with a leather strap. Being an angel, I never received one, but I'll bet my brother did.

I'll bet your lad is happy he lives in more civilized times, Sean. Couldn't recite the 5 times tables, though? I'm surprised they didn't send you to the coal mines.
I had forgotten about skidoo! That's a great one too, and immediately brings back memories of frost-bitten cheeks and noses. Good times.

You live in one of those little pockets of civility then, Al. It makes my heart glad to know they still exist.


Wow the kid's at RO's school look really young and the costumes look more CATS than Les Mis! ;) What role did she play?

I don't recall saying soft drink in T-ranna growing up, we always said pop.

How about adding : serviette
browner (t-ranna)
greaser (west coast)
and my personal fav cootie-proof (although I've been known to still write that on my hand)

Conky said...

my mom calls couches chesterfields

did u live anywhere that went through the CHA phase??? it kind of mean haha just kidding but theys say Chaaaaaaa...?? fuck i hated that

Barbara Bruederlin said...

The RO wasn't in the play, actually, Urban, just there to lend support to her friends in their Cats costumes.
Oh yeah, serviette, that's a good one - although I do still say that. Can't say I really heard the other ones that much though. Must be a regional thing.

Was that said with two syllables, and tonally, Jen? Oh yeah, I wanted to tear some throats out for that one.

Remi said...

Amused, definitely. He kept it for years. Actually, he may still have the thing.

Anonymous said...

i think we always called it couch...must be my lower class upbringing.

i still use soft drink

I don't think the strap is used any more is it? For the record...i only got it once.

Banana seats were great..wonder if I can get one for my mountain bike.

And whore...I don't like that word...very harsh sounding, I try to avoid harsh sounding words

Serviette...that was word we always used..not anymore though

We used browner in Regina, lowsey suck ass browners.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'll bet it's in his basement, Remi.

Serviette is actually a very pretty word, though, isn't it, Kelly?

justacoolcat said...

How was the singing?

justacoolcat said...

Wait, I missed the non musical aspect. WTF?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I was surprised too, JustA, but secretly relieved.