Saturday, December 13, 2008

I've got this rig that runs on memories

It took 55 minutes to drive home from the Resident Offspring's school yesterday, normally a 15 minute trip. We're in the grips of an Arctic storm; we got a huge dump of snow and the temperature has plummeted. When the winds pick up, as they are expected to do this afternoon, the windchill will be flirting around the -40 (and that's the same in Celsius and American, folks) mark.

We're going to blow off the dinner reservations we had for tonight, as I filled the pantry yesterday and I think I'll bake shortbread cookies instead. Somehow the cookie decorating always manages to degenerate into an assembly line production of blasphemous poopy pants
Santas and benippled folk singers (resulting in said folk singer leaving comments on this blog, which was equal parts cool and weird).

I've already done the shovelling, so am feeling all holy and am lingering over another cup of coffee instead of heading down into the basement for my workout. The neighbours and I always do each others' city sidewalks and as I got first crack, it's their turn to do ours once the wind blows all the damn snow back in. And even though we never did receive our newspaper today, I am enjoying this more than I should be.

Seeing as my life has now been forced into the slow lane, I thought this would be a good time to catch up on some memes that I have been tagged with long ago in a galaxy far far away.

Urban Blonde challenged me to share five of my addictions. And I think that it is still close enough to Friday to turn this into a
Friday Favourite Five .

Bad Tempered Zombie's Top Five Addictions

1. Blistex
So what if the eucalyptus will give me lip cancer eventually? I cannot give up that healing rush that makes my lips tingle and then turn so incredibly kissably soft. It is mistletoe season, after all.

2. Lists
I write lists every day. I cannot function without lists. I think in lists. And if I see a list posted somewhere, I must read it. And since this is the high holy season for list junkies everywhere, I am packing for my annual pilgrimage to the holy land, the annual Best-Of Lists. O tidings of comfort and joy.

3. Reading in Bed
I cannot fall asleep without reading in bed. Even if I have been nodding off on the chesterfield for the past 2 hours, once I get into bed, I need to see words in front of my face. Sometimes I don't get past two sentences and I have to read those sentences over again the next night, but by god I am going to read them.

Even if one day I find myself camped out on the summit of Everest, with a snowstorm howling around and yetis prowling about trying to kill me, I will find a way to rig up a bedside lamp and read those two sentences that I forgot I read last night.

4. Coffee
I don't drink tonnes of it, but since I do get a headache if I try to forgo coffee for the day, I would suggest that ranks as addiction.

5. Blogging
I am sniffing around my 1000th post and I still haven't run out of things to say. And I guess that suggests another addiction that I seem to have - the need to make sure that everybody knows my opinions about just about everything.


I'm out of coffee, and since I am all about blowing things off today, I am going to blow off tagging anybody. But the first five people to tag themselves and do this meme will get a special treat from me.



mellowlee said...

eucalyptus causes lip cancer? :S eeeeek! I will tag myself, cause I like special treats :O) hee hee

Allison said...

I am going to stop complaining about our weather here now. At least your pantry is stocked!

I hope the shortbread baking goes well. We're making a cheese ball, well, numerous ones, soon. Hmmm...Havarti.

I might tag myself as well...although I do have a couple other meme's to get too. Those things pile sometimes. :)

Wandering Coyote said...

We got 42cm of snow and now it's supposed to get really cold - though not as cold as where you are.

I don't know where I'd be without chap stick of some kind...Probably lipless!

Anonymous said...

so my whining about the -6 its going to tonight and how it will certainly kill our bananas...would not go over well?

Some of those lip things contain drying agents such as phenol that make you put them on more and more and then they dry your lips more and more..thus the addiction.

I should learn to make lists rather than 3 trips to grocery store.

That caffeine is tough to stop, I have 2 cups in the morning, but I notice the headaches if i miss it. They will go away in a few days though

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

The extreme cold I could do without but I'd love some of that snow.

Volly said...

I share your addictions to coffee and reading in bed.

Stay safe up there in the Frozen North (though the south ain't exactly tropical these days...).

Anonymous said...

I share several of your additions Barb...
-lists for sure!
-reading in bed no matter what time it is
-coffee in the morning

And then there's
-a glass of red wine while getting supper ready
-never making a purchase unless it's on sale
Must be the Half German/Half Human in us!
Stay warm...we're at -27 with nasty winds!

Karen said...

I have to echo mellowlee...eucalyptus will give me cancer? Say it ain't so! Between my bubble bath, my blistex (a gift from the gods!), and my noxema, I'm in deep doodoo I'm afraid.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I think I got it wrong, Mel, I think it's actually the camphor that's carcinogenic. Good job on your self-tagging! You not only get a special treat, you get an extra one for being the first to do so.

I love cheese, Al, and Havarti is a particularly nice one. Have you tried the Havarti with jalapenos? Drool!
I know what you mean about being behind on the memes. And don't even get me started on my overdue book reviews.

42 cm? Yoiks! I hope the shovelling is done and you can stay toasty warm and safe, Wandering Coyote.
I am certain my lips would fall off without Blistex keeping them intact.

Yup Blistex certainly has phenol in it. Shit, I have sent so many of those Blistex kids to university over the years. I buy out the store whenever it's on sale.
What's with the bananas? And you call yourself a prairie boy!

I'm going to make you a gigantic snowman and put it on a bus down to your place, Dr M. But I have to wait until it's warmer so it will stick together.

There's been some nasty ice storm stuff going on, Volly. I sure hope everyone gets their power back on soon.

I missed out getting that half German/half human gene of only buying stuff on sale, Berni.
Do you ever find old lists and use them anyway?
We've hunkered down for the weekend. It's actually very nice.

I'm pretty sure you are safe, Karen, it's the camphor that'll kill you. But at least you will die will kissably soft lips.

John Mutford said...

Nice use of "chesterfield."

bloody awful poetry said...

I'd read in bed, too. But the darn light switch is too far away, I an't be bothered to get out of bed to turn it off.
And I hate caffeine. It must be a sign that I'm nowhere near adulthood yet.

Anonymous said...

Old lists are such fun! You can cross off the Done stuff or the Don't Need To Do Anymore Because It's Too Late stuff.
It's so cold here we just added another layer of scarves on our paperboy!!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's my early new years resolution, John - bring back the chesterfield.

They have these things now, BAP, they're called lamps and you can put them next to your bed and such so you can read in bed. Highly recommended.
Steer clear of caffeine if possible. You've made it this far.

I am forever finding old lists in my coat pockets or my purse, Berni. I should do something creative with them, except most of them say things like milk, toilet paper, supper x 2.

Anonymous said...

Hey Albertan,
Went to another Christmas party last night and on the invite it mentioned a hot tub........ The windchill factor last night was up around -48 C. I do not think so.... because I hate white wine slushies and frozen hair (hey wait I don't have much hair). But it was a great time just sitting around the crackling fireplace and talking or bullshitting.
Stay warm and get the other half out to shovel snow... it really improves the fly fish casting.

Remi said...

I can understand the reading in bed thing, for sure. As well as the blogging, though I now feel like a slouch. 1000 posts. Wow!

Sean Wraight said...

All this time I've stayed away from Blistex because it sounded too "mediciney". You are a virtual font of good advices my friend.

I'm a little amazed at how similar our addictions lists are... (minus the Blistex of course.) But making lists... 'Tis my thing. I've been doing them since I was a young un. Must be something in the DNA Barb.

And my word verification for tonight... faricate. The best made up word I've seen all day!

Joe said...

We had to blow off cookie baking to help complete a last minute diorama project for the youngest's American Studies class. Ugh. Instead of smelling like baked goods and toasted pecans, our house smells like styrofoam and spray paint.

Evelyne said...

When hearing about shovelling, it doesn't make me want to go back home... they got 30 cm of snow this morning, over the gazillion cm that they already had. My mom called and said that they can't see the car from the road and that she'd like extra help for shovelling...

How did the cookies turned out this time?

Anonymous said...

another smart ass!

Tis ok. I'll take the subtle and refined looking

Karen's Mouth said...

So you must think this through carefully...who do you want to draw to your blog like some cookie-baking siren? Maybe I'll do me some Nick Cave cookies. That's sure to work. Be sure to post pictures!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You Manitobans are much fiercer when it comes to venturing forth in nasty weather, Bruno. Wise move on the hot tub issue. Never mind the white wine slushies, it's the dead skin soup that grosses me out.

That's only because I have been blogging for about 100 years, Remi. The posts are bound to add up after a while.

Blistex is like crack for your lips, Sean. Steer clear.
Why am I not surprised you are a fellow list junkie? Could it be because you are rapidly shaming me with your best-of lists? Perhaps.

We actually had to postpone our cookie baking too, Bubs, but it was more due to mommy exhaustion from finally getting all the cards done than to the english project that was occupying the Resident Offspring.

Your mom is going to be so happy when you arrive home for Christmas, Evelyne. I'll bet she saves some of the shovelling just for you.

You have to take the (rare) compliments where you can, Kelly.

I will certainly post pictures, Kees. Running behind on the cookie making after all, but what else is new?
Nick Cave shortbread is inspired. That fu machu mustache would be awesome on a cookie.

Gifted Typist said...

I was sure I commented here, but I'm not here. hmmm.

Should've made a list cuz I can't recall what I said, if in fact, I commented at all.

oh dear, zombie, you know

BeckEye said...

I just made a list today!

I'm not a fan of Blistex, but I do love Chapstick. And last Christmas, someone got me this lip balm/gloss that tastes like gingerbread. That stuff is awesome.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh I had to delete your comment because it was so insightful and profound that I found it offensive, Gifted. JK of course, I imagine that Blogger ate it, but I am sure it was magnificent.

My problem with lip stuff that tastes good, Beckeye, is that I am always either hungry or eating my lip stuff, so I stick to the nasty Blistex.
Another person who has beaten me to the best-of list. I must get rolling!

justacoolcat said...

I'm giving you six extra bonus points for using dump,poopy, and benippled all in the same post.


Will said...

I see we share similar addictions. I've already had two cups of coffee and written three blog posts. I guess I have an addiction to lists too.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm glad you have proper appreciation of all the important words in the English language, JustA.

We list junkies have a way of sticking together, don't we, Will?


I share lists and reading before sleeping. Both are such a part of my life they're actually more than addiction they're like my right arm.

And then I read your comments and!!!!

Camphor is carcinogenic??? I'm a Vicks addict and use it nearly every single day!

word verification: beatem

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Maybe it's the phenol, not the camphor, Urban, but something in there is less than healthy.