Sunday, December 21, 2008

approximating hibernation

There is absolutely no point to my bitching about the weather here, as it appears that pretty much all of North America is socked in by the same system. Suffice it to say that after 10 days of continuous deep freeze, the cat is alternating between sleeping 23.5 hours per day and lashing out with claws extended when the cabin fever gets to her. The rest of us in the house are actually faring somewhat better.

After the horrendous week of white-knuckling along the black ice where there used to be roads, I am more than content to lay low and and to keep all my ventures strictly local. In fact, instead of putting in an appearance at two Christmas parties last night, we decided to forgo the party on the other side of the city, and to bundle ourselves up and walk the few blocks over to Urban Blonde's place, where she and her adorable family bludgeoned us senseless with libations and sparkling conversations and more food than I have ever seen before in one place, all of it incredible. I am still stuffed, and just a wee bit hungover.

And today, after a week of studiously ignoring the pound of butter sitting on the counter, waiting patiently to be transformed into shortbread, I finally donned my 50's housewife apron and pressed the family into service producing our annual batch of Subversive Shortbread.

Suffice it to say that there were a number of rock stars represented in butter and icing sugar, along with some impressive Jackson Pollack-like works of cookie art and a Jimi Hendrix repertoire.
Pictures will be forthcoming tomorrow.

Also coming up will be those year-end best-of lists that I am way behind everybody else in the blogosphere in compiling. I am a poor excuse for a list junkie after all, evidently.

But Zombie, I hear you all gasping, why has there been no shameless self-promotion lately for us to enjoy?

Fear not, my lovelies, if you cast your eyes asunder to yon sidebar, you will notice that I have started putting links to the articles which I recently published. The most recent one, Jon-Rae Fletcher: he's got some folks out on the coast, was published in the December issue of BC Musician, back when they were going through restructuring so the pdf isn't available on their website at this point. I've just hosted the pages of my own article, but even so it seems to eat up a lot of my bandwidth, so if
it's currently unavailable when you try to download it and for some incomprehensible reason you really want to read it, you can always drop me a line and I can send it to you.


Allison said...

Jackson Pollack cookie art - I want to bake at your house! Sounds like a blast.

Glad you were able to enjoy the party on your side of the town, best not to venture too far in horrible weather. I'm sending your warm vibes from down here. :)

I look forward to your lists, whenever you get to them.

kelly said...

I'm officially crabby, I just found out a friend of mine from Newfoundland (He and I did our masters at U of M together) played in one of the rooms at the Epcor Centre in Calgary back in October...I woulda flown out to see him.

bloody awful poetry said...

Yes, woman! Where are your lists?
And I look forward to having a look at those cookies =)
Sending you warm vibes from the other side of the world! Much much warmer than Allison's vibes, I must say.

Karen's Mouth said...

I am disproportionately excited to see the cookies. Have duly downloaded new article and me and my coffee are off to read it...

Karen's Mouth said...

1. Your name looks great in that font
2. Those glasses are serial killer glasses if ever I saw them
3. In and of itself, I like the jumper, but with the glasses it just screams serial killer. Is this deliberate or has this always been his aesthetic?

Great article!

justrun said...

Mmmmm, I just knew someone would save me some cookies! :)

mister anchovy said...

Congrats on the articles!

Remi said...

I'm miss global warming.

We have snowbanks. In Toronto. Somebody call out the army. . .

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Hug a palm tree for me, would you, Al?
The Resident Offspring was certainly channeling Jackson Pollack, both in her technique and in the resulting cookies. I am sure after I wolf a few of those babies down, I will be in the right spirit to crank out year-end lists.

What was he playing, Kelly? The Epcor is a pretty tony place.

I can all but feel the warm ocean breezes in your comment, BAP. Oddly I am just listening to the list of flight cancellations due to snow storms, being reamed off on the radio. I think it is definitely time to lose myself in some lists.

hahaha! I am glad you picked up on the serial killer look, Kees. I was so delighted when he sent me that photo to use in the article (and I believe he took it specifically for the article, so it's rather exclusive). He's gotten a wee bit scruffier looking since moving out to the island, I think, but has always skirted around that aesthetic. I love the skier vs skier sweater too!
Glad you liked the article, thanks!

For you, Justrun, cookies will definitely be saved. You have earned them.

Thanks, Mr Anchovy, they were really fun to write!

I would have assumed that the army would have been called out days ago, Remi, but I guess you can only play that card once. Too much derision to follow. And Toronto does not need more derision.

kelly said...

he was in the engineered theatre, Its a smaller room. His band is Dr. Zoo. Afro-celtic rock is how he describes it.

Sean Wraight said...

Congratulations Barb on yet another publishing achievement! Good going with that. I don't think it will be long before Paste Magazine comes-a-recruitin'!

Your comment about your cat made me laugh. Mine too has gone into semi-hibernation. Mind you she's kind of overdone it in the fattening up for winter department. "She's just big-boned" we tell visiting holiday revellers. Mind you most of the squirrels in my neighbourhood look like they could handle a Jenny Craig membership as well!

Keep warm and keep the cookies coming.


Bridget Jones said...

LOL Barb, am sharing the cabin fever, complete with feline companion! Glad you were able to party down and long may it continue.

Boo to all this snow and cold.

BeckEye said...

The cold is pissing me off. It wouldn't if it were limited to the outside, but it's invaded my indoor space. My apartment just can't seem to get past the "lukewarm" stage and the boiler in my office broke down and the building people are taking their sweet old time about fixing it. Meanwhile, the few of us who actually came in to work today are all sitting here in our winter jackets, and I've been hunched over all day cringing, that now my back feels like one gigantic pulled muscle. I don't know why we can't just go home. It's not like anyone's accomplishing anything 3 days before Christmas anyway.

Wandering Coyote said...

I am very much looking forward to seeing pictures of your subversive shortbread, not only because I love shortbread, but because I am very curious to see what the subversive variety looks like.

John Mutford said...

Urban Blonde's shindig sounds quite nice. How do people get up the energy to host such a thing?

Remi said...

Sometimes I really should read twice, press publish once instead of the other way around.

For the record, I'm not Miss Global Warming. I figure that title is reserved for a more deserving candidate. Like George Bush.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Engineered Air is a great little space, Kelly. Sounds like an intriguing band too, I'll have to keep an eye out for them.

Thanks for the faith, Sean! Our cat is getting a trifle big-boned as well this winter, despite the diet food that the evil vet (her words, not mine) makes her eat.

You folks are used to a lot more snow than we are here, Bridget. Around here, people keep expecting a chinook to blow through. This cold stretch has really caught everyone off guard. Stay warm yo!

Whew, that's some rant, Beckeye! Feel better now?
Aww that sucks, just stay in bed for a few days, with a bottle of sherry and some hot soup.

We resorted to potty humour rather less than we did in previous years, Wandering Coyote, but the Subversive Shortbread is still pretty fun. Pictures WILL be forthcoming.

I think she's been baking and cleaning for the past 3 months or something, John. It's nuts, but I sure was happy to be on the receiving end.

Now you have shattered my image of you with the little tiara and the sash, Remi. And you were so cute in that getup too!

Dale said...

I love the Subversive Shortbread idea and all the drinking! Is winter bad this year? Oh wait, I'm in North America too! Fucking winter. Happy Christmas Barbara, don't hibernate through it all.


Poor Cat... maybe I should bring over EPP to chase it around the house a few hundred times.

Glad y'all could make our shindig. It was great having the entire Zombie clan in the house!

*And no "I" haven't been cleaning and baking for 3 months. That's why I had children.