Thursday, November 13, 2008

throw your keys into the bowl

Now that Splotchy has resurrected the immensely popular Green Monkey Music Project, I have the great honour of guest-hosting the next installment. It's going to be way more fun than your last neighbourhood key party, trust me, and with better-looking people. So slip on something silky, and come on over to strut your stuff.

I'm calling this edition of the GMMP, The Eargasm Mix.

I'm looking for songs that have those perfect little auditory moments, those all too brief seconds that give you a thrill and transport you somewhere utterly sublime. I'm sure you must have a few.

Here's how it will work:
Think of six songs that give you that delicious little jolt, and send me your playlist. After Splotchy works his magic and lays out the full audio smorgasboard, post your choices on your blog - explaining why each song does what it does for you. And if it's possible to pinpoint the magic moment, give us the exact timing of that aaaaahhhhh moment for each song (for example, 4:18 into Radiohead's Let Down, I need a cigarette). Then we can all sit around in a circle with you and get our jollies together. Or at least watch you getting yours.

Who wants to play? The first six people to leave a comment, saying that they are coming over and bringing a bottle of virtual scotch, are in the circle.

We have our participants!
Westcoast Walker
Bloody Awful Poetry
Imaginary Reviewer
Bad Tempered Zombie

Please, participating folks, post your choices here in the comments by November 21. Ta!

I am quivering with anticipation at the thought of the mind-blowing offerings that people are going to be throwing into the bowl.
Promise you will come back to grab some goodies.
It's going to be such a sexy party!


Joe said...

Ah, I think I could do this one. yes, I think I could...

Cool idea!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You are fast, Bubs! You're in! Looking forward to seeing you at the party!

Splotchy said...

Awesome idea, Barbara.

My word verification is "smutt".

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I love it since blogger started using more word-like verifications, Splotchy, especially ones that are eerily suitable.

Looking forward to working with you!

Allison said...

Grand idea!

I'd love to do this project! Did I make the cut?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm pleased you approve, Al. There's plenty of room for you! I can't wait to hear your choices.

Westcoast Walker said...

oh oh oh oh..... pick me, pick me pleeeeeeeeeaaaase!!

I am hopeless and live for this type of thing.

Interestiongly, my verification word is "burba" - which has some great auditory potential itself.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I can't resist a man who pleads like that; of course you are in, Westcoast! I am sure you are going to bring some gems to the party, along with that bottle of "burba".

BeckEye said...

I don't know if I fully understand this. It sounds like thinking will be involved. And since I've done a lot of GMMPs, I'll give someone else who isn't so lazy a shot.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You're just afraid that someone is going to have nicer underwear than you, Beckeye, admit it! Ach, it's okay, you can just sit and watch, you don't have to get all sweaty. Next time!

glassmeow said...

Sounds like fun but I just wanna watch this time. I mean listen. Of course. Wish Blogger allowed the strikeout code like Livejournal does...

Hee! My word is swabille. I wonder if that's a noun or an adjective?

bloody awful poetry said...

I have never done this before, and I'm not entirely sure how it works and I may need to use my brain more than is necessary but oh well. I can play, yes? Yes??

But you need to tell me EXACTLY what to do. Cause you metaphors and stuff have me all confused. *is confused*

My word verification is "frusn". I think it's a verb. I should go frusn something now.

bloody awful poetry said...

Wait, so I email my choices to you, yes? And I can't put them up on my own blog until Mr.Splotchy sir has made the giant mega playlist thing?

bloody awful poetry said...

And I'm sorry for hogging the comments but is there a deadline?

And my word verification is "nomoono". Cute.

The Imaginary Reviewer said...

I know I've never been here before, but I've seen the last few GMMP Mixes and looked on enviously. Can I play? (I'm fluttering my rather-large-for-a-man eyelashes right now)

Splotchy said...

This is Barbara's baby, so I'm not going to say how things work, but you can find more info on the Green Monkey Music Project here.

When I have run the mixes, I generally ask people to just submit their mix choices (song, artist) in a comment on the mix announcement post.

I do the heavy lifting of acquiring the songs, and only ask a participant for a piece of music if I am unable to obtain it.

Sean Wraight said...

Man oh man, I go away for two days and all the keys go into the bowl! (Cue the chucka chucka wow wow guitar sounds.)

If you have room Barb I'll give it a try.

My word verification is 'meltsme'. NOW if that doesn't count me for instant inclusion I don't know what does!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

We'll save a spot for you on the beanbag chair to just listen then, Glassmeow. The great thing about the GMMP is that everybody wins, not just the participants!
I'm pretty sure swabille can be used as both a noun and an adjective.

Never be afraid to ask a lot of questions, BAP. So glad to have you on board, and I can't wait to hear what you bring to the party.
In his comment, Splotchy has given a link to a great description of just how the whole procedure works, but essentially you post your song and artist choices in a comment on this very post. (I'll keep linking it, don't worry.) Then Splotchy does all the work and posts all the songs on his blog. Once you write a post about your choices, he will link your post on his blog.
I don't think we've established an exact deadline yet, have we, Splotchy? But don't leave it too long, please!

Hi Imaginary Reviewer, welcome! Of course you are welcome to play! We love to get some new DNA in the gene pool. Besides, with eyelashes like that, how can I refuse you?

Thanks for the clarification, Splotchy. You are the king of clarity.

I'm delighted that you will be joining us, Sean! I expect to hear a great assortment of 70s porn music in your offerings. Okay, perhaps not.
Blogger is getting rather too sentient, I think - "meltsme" is downright eery.

dguzman said...

I'm so bummed. I miss a day or two, and I miss soooo much. Can't wait to hear the no-doubt great collection of tunes, though!

Splotchy said...

Barbara, how about a week for the deadline?

Just get your selections added in a comment on this post by November 21st, so's we can stuff this bird before I sit down for Thanksgiving.

Gifted Typist said...

This sounds like such a great idea. But it requires thought and memory and I'm in a wee deficit on those at the moment so I'll sit this one out and enjoy your eargasm moments

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You'll definitely have to join in on the next one, Dguzman. I sure hope that you'll enjoy some of the offerings about to come, though.

I forgot about American Thanksgiving, Splotchy! Deadline of November 21 sounds perfect to me, and I'll spread the word.

You just sit back and let us do the work then, Gifted> Maybe next time?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Okay, I'll start things off. Here are my six eargasm songs (pared down from a much longer list, obviously):

Exit Music (for a Film) - Radiohead
O Mio Babbino Caro - Puccini
Old Bloody Orange - Hawksley Workman
Bones - Radiohead
Bleeding Heart Show - the New Pornographers
Buona Sera - Louis Prima

Anonymous said...

Hi Barb
Exit Music is a film?? Would that be based on Ian Rankin's fabulous last and final novel?? You must read it!

domboy said...

I'm late, and you are oversubscribed, but my ears are practically dripping down my shoulders. Can I play too? (ps, I just sent you a virtual tumbler of Talisker)

justacoolcat said...

Good call. I hear it's impossible to fake an eargasm.

Karen's Mouth said...

Fantastic. I shall sit in the corner with a big virtual gin and watch/listen. Probably wearing a feather boa.

Bridget Jones said...

Wow that is so damn cool. OK count me in.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

No, it's not a film, Berni, well not exactly anyway. Exit Music (for a Film) is a Radiohead song that was written for the soundtrack of Luhrman's Romeo and Juliet.
I shall have to read the Ian Rankin novel though. I've been meaning to read another one of his.

Hi, and welcome, Domboy! Such a nice virtual tumbler it was, too. I really wish we could squeeze everybody in, but there are fire regulations and such that we have to follow, and the people that we have already turned down would likely turn on us and kill us.
Can you hold off till Splotchy hosts the next GMMP? You can also post your choices on your site, sort of as a satellite posting. I would love to read them!

It can be done, JustA, but why would anyone want to? Musicians have big enough ego already.

You simply have to wear those fishnets with the feather boa as well, Kees. Add a touch of class to the place.

Argh, sorry, Bridget, the dance card is already full. Will you play along with the next one though? Or post your list so that we can at least read it?

domboy said...

I will live vicariously through you :)

BeckEye said...

It's "Sulk" came on my iPod and I thought of you for obvious reasons. And then I thought of you again at the end when Thom sings the chorus the last time and his voice gets higher and louder. I always get little goosebumps at that part. I thought, "hey there's a song I could've used for Barbara's mix" but I realized I already passed. Ah well. Maybe you can use it for your portion. I'm sure there will be at least ONE Radiohead song on there.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Bless you, Domboy! You are such a good sport!

Ooooh that's a good one, Beckeye! I get goosebumps there, too. I have trimmed my list down from 3 Radiohead songs to 2, so I am exercising great restraint here.

bloody awful poetry said...

Here's mine. I hope I am not too early, but I have to post my choices as soon as I think of them or else I'll end up not being able to choose at all:

1.(Antichrist Television Blues)- Arcade Fire
2.Svo Hljott - Sigur ros
3.Teardrop (Massive Attack cover)-José Gonzales
4. Cold Days From The Birdhouse - The Twilight Sad
5.Untitled #8 - Sigur ros
6.How To Disappear Completely - Radiohead

There! *beams*

Splotchy said...

Here's mine.

Dig For Fire - Pixies
Good Times - Sam Cooke
Eye Know - De La Soul
Maria Bethania - Caetano Veloso
Sweet & Center - US Maple
Indian Summer - Luna

Dale said...

Cain't hardly wait to see what everyone comes up with.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Perfect timing, actually, BAP! And I know what you mean, if you overthink it, you will drive yourself mad. I only know 2 songs on your list so am excited to hear the rest. Glad to see my boy Thom in there, how can anyone resist the lure of that voice?

Sweet, Splotchy! I only know 2 songs on your list as well! This is shaping up to be pretty fantastic.

Me too, Dale! It's going to be the sexy party of the year.

The Imaginary Reviewer said...

Okay, I've given this some thought, and I have the selections that make me shiver.

Maybe Tenderness - Gintare
Untitled #3 - Sigur Ros
Southern Accents - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Helicon 1 - Mogwai
Nandodemo (何度でも) - Dreams Come True
Concerto de Aranjuez (Adagio) - Rodrigo

Apologies in advance if the Japanese characters don't turn out properly.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Intriguing selections, Imaginary Reviewer! And I am only familiar with 1 of them. Interesting how Sigur Ros is so well represented among the various participants. I came this close to adding them myself.

Westcoast Walker said...



1. Catherine Wheel - "Black Metallic"

2. Pink Floyd - "Interstellar Overdrive"

3. Cocteau Twins - "Cherry-Coloured Funk"

4. Roxy Music - "More Than This"

5. DeVotchKa - "The Last Beat of My Heart"

6. My Bloody Valentine - "Only Shallow"

I'll be waxing poetic about these blissful tracks in a few days on my blogs - can't wait to see the rest of the list!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Very intriguing list, Westcoast! Such interesting choices. My Bloody Valentine? I cannot wait to hear what you have to say about their song. And I don't know that particular DeVotchKa song, but their stuff is so glorious that I can't wait to hear it.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I've made me list.

This was actually really hard, six is not enough! I imagine when I wake up tomorrow the list will have changed, but oh well. Here are mine:

1. (Antichrist Television Blues) – Arcade Fire
2. This Heart’s On Fire – Wolf Parade
3. Age of consent - New Order
4. Fake Palindromes – Andrew Bird
5. Always Crashing in the Same Car – David Bowie
6. Price of Gas – Bloc Party

New Order edged out Kate Bush, by a hair.

Sean Wraight said...

Hello Barb,

Here are my six official choices for the GMMP Eargasm Mix. All of these songs are capable of whisking me off to that special sublime place that only music can seem to do.

Bob Dylan – “Simple Twist of Fate”
Paul Westerberg – “It’s a Wonderful Lie”
Neko Case – “Deep Red Bells”
Loose Fur – “Elegant Transaction”
Sonic Youth – “I Love You Golden Blue”
Roberta Flack – “Angelitos Negros”

I look forward to writing a more detailed synopsis of each, explaining the ‘secret of the song’. Thanks for this opportunity it was great, slightly torturous fun!


P.S. The one that just dropped off the list by the narrowest of
margins… The Stooges – “Loose”

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Nice list, Al! I love that Andrew Bird song too, have been listening to him a lot lately.
This was hard to do, wasn't it? My list could easily be 100 songs long and only 70 of them would be Radiohead ones too.

Deep Red Bells - exquisite choice, Sean! I am very pleased to the Replacements represented in a fashion, and I cannot wait to read your dirty little secrets about these songs.

Joe said...

I'm late as usual:

Peter Gunn Theme Henry Mancini

James Bond Theme Monty Norman Orchestra

Fear is a man’s best friend John Cale

Heartbreak Hotel Elvis Presley

There’s no home for you here White Stripes

She Said, She Said The Beatles