Thursday, November 27, 2008

so that's how you found me

fart soft

my cat eats Blistex
easy at home lobotomy
why cats puke on clothes
songs that use the word sweater
danny the gote
nancy drew help wallpaper scraper
the first time you show guys your breasts
10 fany things to consider during your Christmas shopping
stopping woodpeckers from eating the house
And that's why I love the keyword activity function on my stat counter.
Found anything good on yours lately?


Wandering Coyote said...

Man, I love these kinds of posts. What are people thinking? What are they DOING?

Anonymous said...


ohh..your word verification is so close to being a real good one..


Karen's Mouth said...

So this is what folks type into google and then your page pops up? I'm new to all this stuff. So someone's cat was eating blistex and they googled it????? "OMG I've not been taught how to deal with this very specific set of circumstances...what do I do? Take the blistex off the cat and hide it in a drawer? Film it and put it on YouTube? Try reasoning with the cat? Apply the blistex to the cat's tiny lips? Google will know"

Karen said...

Ha ha! At first I thought you were writing some sort of bizarre blogger haiku. How strange...

Sean Wraight said...

I agree with Captain Karen. Your words do have a real pentameter. I honestly thought you were attempting collage poetry.

Heck Barb, we could finally write that album we talked about with some of those titles!

Very interesting stuff!

Gifted Typist said...

I've long dreamed of launch the Do-it-yourself-frontal-lobotomy kit.

Joe said...


I found one this morning from the Polish Google translator site. I'm trying to figure out what they were looking for.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

So true, Wandering Coyote. Still, it does make me wonder which of my google searches are ending up on someone's weird list.

I had a touch of that last week, Kelly. I'm all better now, though.

How on earth did people figure out what to do before Google, Kees? I guess they wrote letters to the editor asking what to do about their cat eating Blistex.

Hmmmm, it is rather haiku-like, Karen. That gives me an idea...

Think of the possibilities, Sean! With the entire internetz contributing to our album, we will take over the world.

Looks like you'd have a market for it, too, Gited. Somebody is looking for one, anyway.

Probably porn, Bubs, or perhaps alligator attacks.

Allison said...

This made my morning. Thank-you, I needed a laugh. :)

p.s. I stole the idea for my post today, hope that's okay.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Be my guest, Al. I'm looking forward to seeing what brings people to your blog.


Off to check my stat counter. Then I'll post it too. Whew! Saved me from coming up with an idea for a blog today!

Dale said...

I was thinking of resurrecting a 'how the hell did you get here' post myself, so many weird searches, so little time!

Bridget Jones said...

Uh...not me!!!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh sure make me do all the heavy thinking, Urban! Can't wait to see what brings the sickos to your blog.

I know, and I have forgotten some of the best ones already, too, Dale! I love the statement ones: Noel Gallagher is ugly, like that.

I find that hard to believe, Bridget. No weird searches at all?

Cormac Brown said...

"Stopping woodpeckers from eating the house"

Simply enough, send Blistex-eating cats after them. I never get any of this good stuff, just illiterate perverts making unsettling combinations of my posts.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I get the illiterate perverts as well, Cormac, but the illiterate earnest ones are far more interesting.