Sunday, November 09, 2008

rest assured that I insisted that everyone admire the clean ceiling

"Shut up! You did not just drive 12 hours to come to the party, did you?"

Check out that spider web-free ceiling.

My sibs! I think I'll keep them.

Sure there's room, everybody get in the picture.

Even friends from my old job showed up.

And the Marthas sent a representative.

They even named a beer after me!

Eventually everybody ends up in the kitchen.

Sometimes dancing breaks out.

But usually just a whole lot of leaning happens.

A more sedate post IKEA supper the next day.

But I've still got some custom-labelled beer.

What a fun party (and weekend visit) that was!
I sure hope you make it to the next party. I can't guarantee that there won't be spider webs on the ceiling, but there will be plenty of room for you to crash.

I haven't promoted myself shamelessly for a couple of days. What is wrong with me? Please check out the first in my series of long-overdue book reviews at the Bookworm Collective.


Allison said...

I've never seen a muskoka chair with a rounded back before. Interesting!

I love the picture of your brother (third one down), he looks mischievous with that raised eyebrow. Also, love your plaid, tie!

Looks like a great party, and the beer bottle label is such a brilliant idea.

Oh, and your kitchen cabinets look gleamin' :)

Toccata said...

A beer of your very own! Now that's what I call the perfect gift.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that is QUITE the eyebrow, Bruno! Could it be the Jagermeister/Redbull affecting it?
Enjoy Lucinda W.'s concert tomorrow, Barb. Which CD of hers do you recommend?

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

You are such a knock out. Happy belated birthday from a lovestruck monkey.

bloody awful poetry said...

I am blinded by the awesomeness of your plaid tie-thing.

Joe said...

What a clean ceiling!

And a swell-looking party, too!

I don't know if the word verification was set to "party" but it was "hemporbs"

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's a garbage chair, Al! Honest, I found it in the garbage in London.
That's my brother's standard party look, he has perfected it over the years.
You said exactly the right thing by noticing how grease-free the kitchen cabinets were. At least now they are good for another 10 years.

Isn't that the coolest thing, Toccata? I was completely blown away.

The spousal unit is actually the Lucinda Williams expert, Berni. I quite like Essence, but I'll get a recommendation from the expert.
Hope you don't mind that I used a lot of your photos. Ours didn't turn out all that well.

Awww, you're so sweet, Dr M, even if you must be half-blind to say that.

And it's a fake tie, too, BAP! I try not to eat soup while wearing it, but otherwise it's lots of fun.

As far as I know, there were no hemporbs at this party, Bubs, but what a great word! I shall try to use it at least a dozen times today.
Bonus points to you for noticing the clean ceiling.

justacoolcat said...

Eventually everyone does end up in the kitchen. What a great party, now I want my own beer.

Gifted Typist said...

insightful music article, book reviews, clean spider-web-free kitchen ceilings, Martha-like entertaining - is there anything you don't do?

Sean Wraight said...

Looks like a wonderful time Barb. And your own beer to boot. What more could a girl ask for? Looks like a very happy time for everyone.

I would like to leave you with a wee challenge though... Just what is it about the Canadian proclivity to eventually gather in the kitchen at every party? My theory is the proximity to the "eats and drinks" but I could be wrong. In your case it might be the draw of that immaculately clean kitchen!

So I put it to you then. Why do 'we' always end up in the kitchen? (International theories and stories would be welcome.)

Oh, and don't get me going about extended standing at the door when saying goodbyes to party goers.

Great post!
Curious Sean

Anonymous said...

You are so right about the kitchen. And the leaning!

Looks like a great time.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You need to get a beer rep to move onto your street, JustA. Many wonderful things happen after that.

I've got a price list for just about anything you care to name, Gifted! Also for some things that are better left unnamed.

I would suspect that the ending up in the kitchen phenomenon is pretty universal, SeaUn, and of course, this only justifies my mad kitchen cleaning prior to the party. Those people that were sitting in the living room never even noticed the scads of cat hair until they got home.
I wonder if having access to a drawer full of spoons (for the inevitable music-making session) is one of the reasons we are drawn to the kitchen.
And, yes, as you can tell by the photos, there is always time for extended goodbyes at the door, which is when the majority of photos seem to get taken.

You lean at your parties too, Justrun? That's awesome, I feel such a kinship with you right now.

John Mutford said...

When I grab the camera and say, "This is going on the ol' blog!" everyone cringes. Glad your guests were more supportive.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I think my guests were just more drunk, John. If they have any vestige of sense left, they would have run screaming.

Remi said...

The kitchen is just the natural destination for Canuck partygoers - especially after it has become too cold to hang out on lawn chairs in the garage.

Looks like it was worth the war wound.


That is so cool having personalized beer. And I really wish I could have met the sibs.
You look really happy, glad you had such a great time!