Thursday, November 20, 2008

frankly, the thought of ten lords a leaping scares the hell out of me

I may have mentioned this in previous years, but it continues to flummox me. Every year for the past six years we have received a mystery parcel on our doorstep a few weeks before Christmas. Sometimes it is postmarked, sometimes it is not. Once the return address was Edmonton, once it was somewhere out east, and once it was Chicago. This year it was postmarked, but had no return address and we couldn't tell where the post stamp had originated.

This year, I expect it will be six geese a laying. It's always a very well-crafted largish ornament depicting one of the Days of Christmas. There is always a kidnapper style note saying simply "on the __ day of Christmas, my true love gave to me ___". We have queried family and friends and neighbours and they all disavow any knowledge, and quite convincingly too. Convincingly enough to pass my bullshit detector anyway.

This year's parcel arrived a couple of days ago, and sits, unwrapped, as it will remain until Christmas Eve, driving me mad that I can't figure it out. Somebody is sure in this for the long haul.

And of course, we are launching our own Secret Santa this year, the First Annual All-Blogger Non-Virtual Secret Santa Exchange, and it promises to be mysterious and titillating and creative and highly satisfying. We have a lovely little group of brave bloggers signed on so far, but there is still room for more, and there is still time too. Deadline to sign on is next Thursday, November 27.

What could be more fun than bamboozling a blogger? Drop Sean
(sean dot thisispop at gmail dot com) or me (bbruederlin at shaw dot ca) an email with your mailing address and get ready to freak someone out.

All the cool kids are doing it, you know.


John Mutford said...

I swear I was going to write, "at least it's not Gwyneth Paltrow's head" but then I noticed your label. You beat me to it, word for word. Damn you.

Cool idea though. I wonder if they'd mind if I stole it? Of course I don't remember the whole song, so they'd likely get "Seven Pumpkins Pumping" at some point.

mister anchovy said...

your mystery parcel is very interesting indeed...

Strawberry Blondie said...

I love that you get a mystery parcel every year -- that's awesome!

It reminds me of a co-worker's friend's wedding where a mysterious (unwrapped) gift of a spectacularly hideous giant garden gnome appeared on the gift table. The bride and groom were trying to politely ask the guests who is was from without offending anyone. Turned out to be a gag gift from someone in the wedding party.

In short, mystery gifts rock!

Allison said...

Oh man, it would drive me mad not knowing who sends the mystery parcel. Heck, it does and its not even for me. I reckon it has to be someone who know/knew though...

Still, a lovely gesture and we should all do something in that spirit.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

We share a brain, I think, John, although you obviously got the larger half.
I would go ahead and steal the idea. Maybe if they get mad enough, it will flush out the mystery giver. Wouldn't it be Seven Pumpkins Smashing, though?

Was it you, Mister Anchovy?

A spectacularly hideous giant garden gnome is precisely what every wedding needs, I think, Strawberry Blondie. I do hope it received a place of honour in the new home. Perhaps in the front hall.

I am amazed that they can maintain this every year, Al. I am sure that I would forget once or twice or end up sending it in January. And yes, it drives me insane(r).

Remi said...

Are you sure it's not Gwyneth's head? She hasn't really been in the spotlight lately.

justacoolcat said...

I wish I had a stalker. The creepy love is the best.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Excellent point, Remi. I assumed she was busy raising babies, but then again, I have not actually opened the parcel yet. It smells okay though.

I'll put your stalker request out to my vast army of creepy stalker friends, JustA. Soon you will have all the love you can handle.


What a cool thing getting those mystery presents! Neatest thing ever!