Friday, November 07, 2008

finally, proof that I haven't just been lounging about eating bonbons

File this under shameless self-promotion.

Here's the link to the November issue of BC Musician Magazine. You can read my story on page 4, while Jen's column (Jen hooked me up with this magazine - thanks babe!) is on page 18.

They spelled my name wrong in the table of contents! I am so famous.

Read em and weep, kids!

Does anybody else get Monday AND Tuesday off next week? We're going to be sleeping in like pigs for the next several days! Oink! Oink!


mister anchovy said...

I clicked the link but ended up at the October issue?? Help please

Barbara Bruederlin said...

All fixed, Mister Anchovy!

Volly said...

Verry nice!!

Remi said...

Nice work. And some nice plugs for Mr. VanGaalen as well.

Dale said...

I'm one of the few morons who forgot to request Monday off ahead of Remembrance Day. Can you believe it Brabarra?

Karen's Mouth said...

Good skills lady. Great article. I feel geographically enlightened. Love the header pic also.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Why, thank you, Volly!

I do believe in pimping for my homies whenever possible, Remi. Although in this case, it just sort of fit in with the story.

Oh, Dale, how is that possible? Well at least you'll get a seat on the train (while the rest of us are sleeping).

Thanks, Kees! Geographical enlightement R us!

Todd said...

Remembrance Day is a holiday for you?! wow. so lucky. :P

Here it seems people are forgetting about the day more and more. A girl at work the other day asked me when Remembrance Day was... Call me silly, but that seems like one of those days that should be burned into your brain by the time to leave elementary school.

And congrats on the article! :)

John Mutford said...

So happy to hear your lancing is free.

Great article. Took me back to a trek through the Rockies on a February night about 6 years ago. What a spectacularly bad idea that was.

Gifted Typist said...

well done

I wonder if obama will do something about this problem at the border

I wonder if you want him to

Conky said...

dont feel too bad they called me Jen with 2 N's for a few issues b4 i finally made a stink.....haha
Man i got edited down pretty bad this last one too.....fuck. I wish they were obligated to tell u ahead of time.

bloody awful poetry said...

My computers effed-upness has apparently evolved to the point where I can't read your links either. BOO!
But you're awesome, so I'm quite sure that was terrific article you wrote there =D
I shall go and stealz a new computer now.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

We do get Remembrance Day off here, Todd, but I certainly remember it being a work day when we lived in Ontario. But how someone can forget what date it is floors me - all those 11s!

Your sentence made me shudder, John! I don't like driving the Rockies during the summer in daylight hours!

Well, I think he has to concentrate on some bigger issues first, Gifted. We'll just keep welcoming BC musicians to Alberta instead.

Really, they editted you? That sucks donkey balls, Jen with one N! There certainly are some issues with communication around there. I hope you have a better time of that with the new mag.

First priority, a new computer for BAP! We can't have you missing out on all the fun, BAP!

Anonymous said...

Hey Barb,
Yes I am also taking the two days off. But I will not be sleeping like pigs. How do pigs sleep?
With the amount of livestock(pets) we have, sleep is not an option. Oh well.
Also ironically, November 11 is the start of deer rifle hunting in Manitoba!
I also tried opening up your link and my Comador 64 was buzzing for a long time and finally told me it was an invalid something or other. I attempt to use a more updated one. #%##% technology.
%#%#%# Bombers

Allison said...

Great piece, Barb!

Who would have thought even with a work visa its still hard to get into the States to play.

I especially enjoyed the "about the author" blurb at the end. :)

I think Remembrance Day should be a national holiday.

Anonymous said...

Well, look at you!

mellowlee said...

Going to check it out now, how exciting!!!! I booked all week off as vacation days woo wooo.

Anonymous said...

Fine writing, Barb! And such glowing promotion of a segment of Calgary...I'm sure the mayor will call soon.
And I also get the next 2 days off!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Those Commodore 64s, the just don't make em like they used to, Bruno.
I figured you would be taking Remembrance Week off. The cats/birds/dog will be overjoyed to have a lap to sleep on all day.
Tell those Bombers to smarten up.

It's weird that it's not consistent throughout the country, isn't it, Al.
I'm pleased you liked the article. I was sort of taken by surprise when they needed an author blurb, but I think I pulled it off.

I know, Justrun, I will always be thrilled at seeing my name in print. NEver gets old.

That was smart, Mel! I hope you get glorious weather all week!

You know you are not retired enough when you have to comment on the days that you are taking off, Berni. I'm pleased you liked the article, am keeping the phone line free for the call from city hall.

BeckEye said...

I'm very impressed, madam!

Westcoast Walker said...

A great article from my favourite undead journalist!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I am merely following in your exalted footsteps, Beckeye! Although my writing will never be as sassy as yours.

I guess I have the undead journalist niche pretty much wrapped up, Westcoast. Thanks for the sweetness.

justacoolcat said...

Congratulations! Now that you're a famous writer don't forget us little people.

Sean Wraight said...

Great article Babarubababa. (Hope I got that right.) A writing style that is unmistakeably yours. I hope this is first of many.

Perhaps to avoid future spelling mishaps you could consider a pen name. Imagine, your very own monicker christened by you and or your ever so helpful blogroll. Hey something like Barback Obreuderlin and you could ride that political wave a bit or Bharb Yorke, just because you could.

Just full of suggestions today.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

One of the little people, you are not, JustA! Plus you are pretty unforgettable. I know, I've tried.

I like this idea very much, SeaUn! I'm particularly partial to Bharb Yorke (short for Rhubharb, of course).