Monday, October 27, 2008

Yeah, I've got some candy for you

come and get some

Beth's hosting a Big Wicked Online Pageant for the most beautiful child in all their Hallowe'en glory.
Ideally, we were to post photos of ourselves as wee ones, but the fourth child does not get her picture taken. Fact.


Conky said...

that is some sexy zombie shit!

Beth said...

Girl, you sure can rock the undead look!

Westcoast Walker said...

I always knew that the whole Zombie thing wasn't just some online persona for you!

mister anchovy said...

got any favourite Hallowe'en songs, Zombie?

BeckEye said...

I was the 5th child and had plenty o' pics taken!

I think you just don't want us to know that you dressed like a pretty princess when you were little.

Anonymous said...


Dale said...

Mmm! I Want Candy!

katrocket said...

Yeah! I'm super-duper impressed that your shirt matches your blog!

Gifted Typist said...

say, are you one of those Tory politicians from Calgary cuz you really look like one in particular, only you aren't wearing the blue sweater vest

Karen's Mouth said...

Barb this is hilarious. I have very recently started blogging again. Tentatively. It's mainly a science blog. Anyhow, yesterday I posted about the new Big Brother zombie thing on TV. Which made me think of you. Which reminded me I've not been here in a while. And this is what I find! Awesome. You look f*cking fantastic. And I read some stuff about freelancing!!! No more science!!!? I'm so pleased for you, what exciting times. Very much looking forward to hearing about it all. Muchos love, Kees x

Joe said...

You know, there's something about just a little bit of blood and a deathly wide-eyed stare that makes a perfect look!

dguzman said...

Man, I couldn't get a hold of any of my childhood (or adult) pics. Dangit.

You can definitely rock the scary zombie look, baby.

Allison said...

I love this picture! I remember it from Hallowe'ens past! You rock green plaid like no other. :)

Sean Wraight said...

Man oh man Barb you gotta quit staying up late for those Chad VanGaalen shows!

Excellent, excellent picture Barb. Truly zombieriffic.


Bridget Jones said...


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm sexiest when I am gnawing on an arm, Jen.

I only look half alive at the best of times, Beth.

You have found me out, Westcoast. Now you know what to serve when you invite me for dinner.

Indeed I do, Mister Anchovy, although they are technically not strictly Hallowe'en songs, but they are sufficiently creepy:
Furnace Room Lullaby - Neko Case
I Will Kill Again - Jarvis Cocker
Ghost - Neutral Milk Hotel
Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner - Warren Zevon
Dead Man in my Bed - Nick Cave

Stop spreading lies about me, Beckeye. It's simply that your parents loved you more than mine did.

I think I am pretty foxy, Justrun.

You need to sing that, or the door stays closed, Dale.

I'm always on the cutting edge of fashion, Katrocket, although not nearly as wild as your costume!

That cuts me to the bone, Gifted. TO THE BONE!

Kees!!!! How great to hear from you again! And even better news that you are once again blogging. I shall be able to get my science fix from you now.
We have a lot of catching up to do, girl.

I come by the deathly wide-eyed stare naturally, Bubs. Too many hours spent in meetings one upon a time.

I'm sad to hear that, D, because I would have loved to see your costume offerings. Frankly, this was the only one I could find as well.

Zombies always tend to wear plaid, don't you think, Al. And the green goes nicely with the gore.

hahaha it's true, Sean, that is almost exactly what I looked like after the Chad VG concert. Zombies need their sleep.

It's my wedding photo, Bridget.

mellowlee said...

Hee hee! I love that photo! I wish I could've found one to post. Now here's an funny word verif for you "ungorth" it sounds like it coudl be a real word...but what would it mean?

Anonymous said...

Uh, mom??

Flannery Alden Jenny Shaw said...

Ah, zombies! You've inspired me to be one for my work party.

Happy Halloween!

Flannery and Doc

Cormac Brown said...

Are you sure we didn't work together?...

...seriously, I could've sworn I saw you last Monday. Nice costume though.

umbrellalady said...

Guess this truly shows that beauty is only skin deep. lol

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I think it means to dig up, Mel. Oh wait, that's unearth. Never mind. It's a good word though.

hahaha, Suze! What a terrifying sight to come home to after school.

Have a zombierific day at work, Flannery and Doc! It's always in good taste.

Anyplace that would hire someone like me is not someplace that I would ever want to work, Cormac. Although I am sure that you are an exception.

Ugly goes right down to the bone, though, Kathy.

Katie Schwartz said...

You give good zombie.


After I wet my pants in fear, I realized it was just you without makeup.

Off now to show it to the SO so he has an idea how you look before meeting you on Saturday.

GETkristiLOVE said...

I hear ya there... I'm the youngest and my mom barely filled out the first page in my baby book. :(

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That's my every day look, Katie Schwartz!

Now you know why our 20th anniversary is such a big deal, Urban. Poor spousal unit has to wake up to that every morning.
Let your SO know I will be on my best behaviour.

Exactly, Getkristilove! They would have been lousy pictures anyway, seeing as we wore nothing but hand-me-downs!

Toccata said...

Ha ha, I certainly know about the fourth kid not getting their picture taken! The number of pictures taken of children goes down exponentially with each kid! With each kid the excitement of the first step loses some of its charm.