Thursday, September 04, 2008

the future according to itunes

Never having been someone to let absolute ignorance of a subject stop me from expounding endlessly upon it, I was intrigued when I saw that my friend GOB had developed a fortune-telling meme based upon the marriage of the Celtic Cross spread of the Tarot with the random spewing of itunes shuffle. Random shuffles I get, Tarot I know diddley squat about, but that won't stop me from gleefully playing along. I'll just pretend I understand, just like I always do.

Here's what itunes and those crazy Celtic card throwers have in store for me:

Basis of the matter, or that which brought you to now:

High and Dry - Radiohead

(are we talking about my career here? because I get that impression)


Where you are now:

Nothing Lasts Forever - Echo and the Bunnymen

(I do hope we are still discussing my career here)


Hopes and fears:

Till the Rising Sun - John-Rae and the River

(I'm assuming a job offer will be forthcoming tomorrow, then)


Present and passing:

Supply and Demand - the Hives

(it always boils down to basic macro economics)


Forces for or against you:

Let's Get Known - the Unicorns

(the desire for fame - a double-edged sword)


The near future:

Used to be a Sweet Boy - Morrissey

(now I am confused. let's keep our tenses consistent, shall we?)


How the near future will evolve:

Accelerator - Primal Scream

(will I need to know physics formulae in the near future?)


New turn of events and/or the effects of others on you:

Thing (Summer in 6/4 Time) - the Cape May

(the song mentions crows going murderous. should I be afraid?)


You in the environment of the future:

Should've Been in Love - Wilco

(again with the mixed up tenses)


Outcome or summation:

Illuminator - Gogol Bordello

(ultimately that is all we can hope for in the end - going back to the mother ship)


See? I told you I don't know anything about Tarot. Somehow I get the impression that I am mixing it up with Scientology.

Feel like playing? I'd love to glimpse into your crystal ball, big guy. Consider yourself tagged.


Bridget Jones said...

Am puzzled. Not sure how to interpret those cards...not that I'm any expert. Hope they're all the best news, or the news that you wanted to see.

John Mutford said...

Instead of doing the tag over at my site, why don't I piss in your pool, and you piss in mine?

Yours are pretty impessive how they apply to your unemployed life. When I read the "Till The Rising Sun" title though, I first thought it was "House of the Rising Sun." Thought, oh dear, I hope that's not where her career's headed. It's been the ruin of many a poor girl...

My reading:

Basis of the matter, or that which brought you to now: Booty- Erykah Badu (we could all make that claim, couldn't we?)

Where you are now: At My Most Beautiful- R.E.M.
(At my most egotistical, too, apparently.)

Hopes and fears: Summertime In The Void - I Mother Earth
(How about autumn listening to this song?)

Present and passing: What's He Building? - Tom Waits
(I've never actually known)

Forces for or against you: I'm In Love Again - Fats Domino
(Must be the booty)

The near future: A Lot of Drugs - Venetian Snares
(I am such a party animal)

How the near future will evolve: Next Best Thing - Endeverafter
(Better than booty and drugs? Geez, I can't wait!)

New turn of events and/or the effects of others on you: Bang, Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) - Cher
(That turned out pretty disappointing, didn't it?)

You in the environment of the future: Misty Mountain Hop- Led Zeppelin
(I'd think Stairway to Heaven would have been more appropriate after that last one. Maybe this is limbo?)

Outcome or summation:The Word - The Beatles(Ah, this must be St. Peter's Gate. And after all those wild parties? They're a forgiving bunch.)

justacoolcat said...

Those Celts sure were a complicated lot.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm nor sure if those cards are actually talking about me or about my itunes, Bridget. We shall see I guess.

Thanks for playing along so nicely, John. I shall certainly return the favour very shortly. Marco! Polo!
Just promise you'll use resstraint around all those drugs in the near future. I realise you are at your most beautiful right now, but you don't want to lose your good looks sooner than you need to.

Their cards were as hard to understand as their accents, JustA.

Moxie said...

fun little meme; will use on my blog. Me & my tarot geek friends will love it.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'll have to come over and check out your fortune, Moxie. You have tarot geek friends? Cool.

Dale said...

My best answers were for the first and last questions:

...that which brought you to now -- Submarine/Bjork

Outcome or Summation -- Wake Up Alone/Amy Winehouse

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You arrived in a submarine, Dale? That is so utterly cool, I cannot believe you would ever wake up alone.