Sunday, August 10, 2008

make a new cult every day to suit your affairs

Far too overdue to be anywhere near approaching decency, I have finally reviewed the last book I finished reading, the biography Belle and Sebastian: Just a Modern Rock Story by Paul Whitelaw. Please head over to The Bookworm Collective to read my review and also to check out some fabulous reviews by the other blog members, most of whom are much more prolific and punctual readers than I am.

And to pique your curiosity about this biography of one of my all-time favourite bands, here is a video clip from their appearance on Live With Jools Holland, which is discussed in the book. This performance of I'm Waking Up to Us is noteworthy for the fact that Isobel Campbell performs a solo spoken word segment on the song, a viciously bitter song that is disputably about her. Regardless of whether the song is actually about her breakup with Stuart Murdoch or not, many people believe that it is, and for Isobel to have performed it must have taken a no small amount of courage and it has certainly given me a great deal of admiration for her.

Although The Stars of Track and Field is the Belle and Sebastian song that has actually been stuck in my head for the past two days, if you must know the truth.

Last night we attended a 50th birthday party. Curiously, we turned down another invitation to another 50th birthday party for the same night, being thrown in Saskatoon.

I made the rather sobering discovery last night (no pun intended, although I was the designated driver) that there will be a startling number of 50th birthdays celebrated amongst our circle in the next two years. My own will be in a couple of months. Some would argue that perhaps I should take this as a sign to start acting my age, but to that I reply bollocks, if Stuart Murdoch can turn 40 this month and still pen songs about school yard bullies, then why can't I still get all fan-girly over them?


Allison said...

Stuart Murdoch is 40?? Wow.

I enjoy this song, its so heartbreaking. I haven't listened to B&S in a long while. Thank-you for the reminder. Me and the Major is my favourite tune o theirs.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

With that great crazy harmonica at the end! Me and the Major is a fab song, Al! I'm not even sure I could pick out one favourite B&S song, there are so many great ones - maybe The Boy with the Arab Strap.
But yes, Stuart turns 40 this month, Thom Yorke does in October, and Colin Greenwood already did back in June. Don't ask me how I know this when I can't even remember my family's birthdays.

bloody awful poetry said...

Thom Yorke! October! Just like me! I must resist the urge to gloat!

There are dozens and dozens of awesome B&S songs, but the one track that always always cracks me up beyond belief is their live radio recording of the 12 Days of Christmas, which features various questionable sound effects, and also Stuart Murdoch giggling like a school girl.

BeckEye said...

Good Lord, woman. A Smiths post followed by a Belle and Sebastian post? My eyes!! My eyes!!!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You're October too, BAP? You, me and Thom must get together for a Libran birthday party! It will be a great evening of not being able to make decisions until every possibility is thoroughly explored and insisting that every detail is absolutely perfect.
That 12 Days of Christmas recording is mentioned in the book, but I haven't heard it myself. It sounds delightful!

It's an elaborate plot to make you gouge out your eyes with a rusty spoon, Beckeye. Just wait until today's post!

zombie said...

Great review Barbara...and let me be the first to wish you a happy Bday (albiet, considerably early...but I never remember birthdays, so I always make it a point to wish happy bdays as soon as I'm reminded...even a couple months early).

Anonymous said...

Ha ha!!! Amen, Beckeye! Er - sorry. Hey I hope you liked the tracks I posted, I can give you the entire Buck 65 album if you want it.

justacoolcat said...

That's a great song and I hear 50 is the new 25.

Gifted Typist said...

Ahh, Jools Holland. What don't we have a music-in-the-round program like that here. The closest we ever had to that was the Rita MacNeil variety program which I used to quite enjoy

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thanks, Zombie. I quite admire your approach to wishing Happy Birthday as soon as humanly possible, as my memory slips more and more with each passing year. I shall be adopting either that approach or wishing everybody happy birthday on January 1.

What? Okay, Ruh, I can accept you not liking The Smiths, but Belle and Sebastian??!! I thought you were all about the big collective bands. I am shaking my head sadly, but admitting that yes I like the tracks posted very much, and I would love to hear more of my boy Buck 65.

Okay you are in my will, JustA, I've been telling people 50 is the new 30, but since I feel closer to 25, I'm going with your version.

I'll bet you used to watch Jools Holland when you lived in the UK, Gifted. There have been some incredible guests on that show. You know, I'm not certain if I ever watched Rita McNeil's show.