Saturday, August 09, 2008

Keats and Yeats are on your side

I am trying to decide on my favourite Smiths' album right now. I mean, The Queen is Dead is obviously brilliant, such a landmark. But damn, I do have a soft spot in my gnarled old heart for Strangeways, Here We Come.

Such a dilemma. I mean what if somebody stuck a tv camera into my face right now and asked me "what's your favourite Smiths' album?" I need to have a
definitive answer in the event of such a situation.

I'm going to attempt to switch over to itunes as my music player again, I think. And this time, I won't click on anything weird that will erase all my files. I am sick to death of Media Player. It is so obviously for chumps and I am no chump, buddy.

I have started investigating things to do whilst in Seattle. Obviously the top items of importance are meeting with Michelle and GOB and their fabulous crew, and then there is also the matter of a little date with some guys from Oxford. I think they're in a band or something.

Pike's Market, the Underground Tour, the rock museum, a tour of Boeing, the aquarium - these are all contenders. I think we'll just admire the Space Needle from the ground. Can't see it being worth the cash or the effort to actually ascend to the top.

I can't believe that we are leaving in just over a week! Excited I am!

Any suggestions for things I must see/do in Seattle?

Do you remember the uber-cool video for House of Cards, filmed with lasers? Here's a version someone did with Lego.


Dale said...

See their mini version of the CN Tower! I'll bet your theme is 'Strangeways, Here We Come'.


Just relax and have lots of fun. Walk everywhere. Take lots of pictures. Breathe in the fresh sea air and eat lots and lots of seafood. Delicious fresh seafood.

That's what the SO and the son did this past week while in Vancouver.

And then come back to Calgary and rub it in my face about how good it all was. Just like they did.

Allison said...

Funny, in the pub I frequent they have been playing The Smiths non stop for the past few weeks. Perhaps the owners are trying to decide such a question.

I'm a little tired and for a second I pondered - what guys from Oxford? The ah-ha moment came a few seconds later.

I've never really spent much time in Settle, and the time I did wasn't too memorable, so I hope you get to see some of the good sights. I might have to ask you to steal some sweet n' low for me though, it being the birthplace of that horrible institution. ;)

Allison said...


mellowlee said...

Of the things you listed to see in Seattle, I would def go with the Rock Museum!!! OMG, I am excited for you!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Do all those things in Seattle that I told you to do when you were in SanFran.

mellowlee said...

and iTunes is for sure better than Media player...even if it does try to organize things for you (which drives me nutso) I will decide where my music goes, and how I like my folders, thank you verrrry much haha! Have you ever tried winamp? It's not bad....

Anonymous said...

OK I have to admit that I really dislike the Smiths. I hope this doesn't mean I can't comment on your journal anymore (hahaha).

The Space Needle is pretty fun. There are a lot of Frasier souvenirs to be had.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I hate to admit it, Dale, but that is far too often my theme.

I like the part about lording it over you when we get back, Urban Blonde. And the seafood!

Yon pub owner may very well be pondering what I am pondering, Al. It's one of life's perpetual questions.
Liberating Sweet 'n Low for you is already on the must-do list. Is Seattle really the birthplace of SnL? Oh, or Starbucks! Ah, I get it. Delayed ah-ha moments are going around today.

The Rock Museum sounds utterly cool, Mel and it's got a Sci Fi aspect to it! I'll take lots of pictures for you.
No, I've not tried winamp. I think I will go with itunes, I just won't say yes to any queries that I am uncertain about. This time.

Was it go to wineries and eat seafood, Teddy, cause I'm thinking that's pretty good advice wherever you go. Except maybe Regina.

Oh Ruh, this saddens me, but I can understand your viewpoint. I mean we are talking Morrissey here.
Frasier memorabilia? Okay, that's funny, if a little sad.

Anonymous said...

Morrissey is mostly the problem, it is true. I do like Johnny Marr a fair bit.

bloody awful poetry said...

I think if anyone did actually care enough about The Smiths to accost you and get in your face about which one is your favourite album, you should just say Meat Is Murder. No reason, only that you mentioned The Queen Is Dead and Strangeways already,and MIM was the next thing that popped into my head. What DO you think of Meat Is Murder anyway?
Oh gosh.Did I say anything remotely helpful there?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Morrissey's vitriol is getting harder to take all time, Ruh. I used to be able to overlook it, but he has stepped over the line too many times now.

Not in the slightest, BAP, but thank you for caring. And because you asked, Meat is Murder falls into the top third of the Smiths' album, as far as I am concerned.

mister anchovy said...

where was I in the 80s, anyway? I'm sure that if you were to play a bunch of tunes for me and ask me to identify which were by the Smiths, I wouldn't be able to tell you. No clue. Don't know what they look like, how they sound, nada. Do they have banjos? I must have been lost in a time warp or a crinkle in the fabric of the universe, or perhaps abducted by aliens. I might be beyond saving here.

Sean Wraight said...

"what's your favourite Smiths' album?"

If the camera were in my face Barbara I would definitely have to say 'Hatful of Hollow' their odds and sods compilation from 1985. I think I wore my vinyl copy out as a tortured 'youth'ster of the 80's. A record that still remains in my pantheon of must owns. The Smiths were such an important band in my musical life quest; I recall real sadness when I heard they were breaking up. I was lucky to see them perform live twice.

Now, while in Seattle be sure to check out the plethora of record shops in that city. There are some great ones particularly towards the University area. I came home with many souvenirs on my last excursion. The Underground Tour is also very much worthwhile.

I'm looking forward to hearing about all of your adventures.

Take care,

zombie said...

Ah Barbara…you gotta check out Seattle Underground and Deception Pass on Whidbey Island.

Apparently when Seattle burnt down back in the late 1800’s, it was decided, because of the flooding of certain sections of town, to regrade the city and rebuild one or two stories up, so there is part of the entire city built underground, at what once was the ground floor. Shop entrances, sidewalks all in underground tunnels.

Deception Pass is a narrow straight between Whidbey Island and Fidalgo Island; there is a narrow bridge that is built over the pass, but the water pours so strongly it appears to be a fast running river. There’s a walkway down towards the water, but occasionally you’ll see a sailboat taking on the pass…now that’s something to watch. Imagine a blue water sailboat running down the Colorado River and that’s almost what it’s like.

Have a great time!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I was the same with a lot of 90's music, Mister Anchovy, although I have since come to love the music from that decade, as I was up to me arse in dirty nappies for a while. Sometimes it is hard to keep up.
Don't think the Smiths generally used a banjo, though.

Record shops near the University. Got it, thanks, Sean! We shall certainly make that pilgrimage.
You saw the Smiths twice? I would love to hear about that sometime. I quite like the alternate version of This Charming Man on Hatful of Hollow.

I've been hearing some fascinating tales about the Underground tour of Seattle, Zombie, and it is certainly on the list of must-sees. I was not aware of Deception Pass though (what a terrific name), and will add it to the list - thanks.

justacoolcat said...

I suggest you smoke some of their Seattle . . .umm I mean there are some beautiful parks along the Sound.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

heheheh I like both of those suggestions, JustA!

John Mutford said...

Hey, did you ever switch to iTunes? If you did, here's a thought for a Fridays post idea-- instead of a random top ten (which is still a fine idea), how about using the Top 25 Most Played setting, to get a peek into everyone's top 10 most played songs? While I've always enjoyed random music, it's what we choose to listen to that counts, right?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I like that idea, John and you are right, that is much more revealing than a random list. Still haven't made the switch to itunes, but it is getting higher up on my list of things to-do. Thanks for the suggestion.