Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm going to have trouble calling it Seattle from now on

Jerry was trying to explain to his mom today where we are travelling to tomorrow. But she simply could not get her tongue around the word "Seattle". The closest she could get was "Sarda".

Whatever you want to call it, I am really excited about spending some time there. Almost everybody who has ever been there just gushes about what a great city this is. And I am a huge fan of great cities.

I shall keep a log of our odyssey to the great northwest, and fill you in on all our adventures. So far we are planning to tour the Museum of Flight soon after we land. Viewing the first Air Force One jet will be rather cool, but what I am really jonesing to do is to go inside the Concorde. I can't imagine ever getting the chance to do that again.

The Underground Tour of Seattle is also a must do, and I think will be perfect for a rainy Monday afternoon as we wait to check into our hotel.

I think we'll leave ourselves plenty of time to explore the Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum. It's interactive and shit!

And while the forecast is calling for a pretty good chance of rain for the duration of the week, I don't think that will impact our trip one iota. I don't mind a little moisture while I am sightseeing, and I'm not even that concerned about the possibility of rain washing out the Radiohead concert. Because, according to the latest reports, not only are Radiohead the saviours of modern music, but apparently they can now control the weather as well.

And all manner of excitement is going to ensue when we meet with M and H and their girls. We're meeting up at Pike's Place market where we will throw fish at each other as a token of our mutual esteem. I understand it's a Puget Sound tradition. Wonder what they do for weddings?

And with any luck, I've be able to meet up with Stephanie at the Radiohead concert too. Too much goodness for one little zombie, really.

It's going to be an early morning, so I'd better finish packing, cuddle with the cat a bit, and head for bed.

Sarda, here we come!


Todd said...

Yay - your trip sounds like it is going to be loads of fun!! I do have to point out the timing of when you'll be visiting the museum of flight - right after getting off a plane. Coincidence? :P

One of my friends says that there is no such thing as bad weather, only a poor choice in clothing. So dress for the weather and don't forget your umbrella! :)

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Have a great time!

Stephanie said...

I hope I see you there!

I'm off to Vancouver in the morning! Yay for two days of Radiohead goodness!

Deb said...

Aw, I've been missing you and now you're leaving so I'll have to REALLY miss you.

I've been watching the Olympics all night (I'm a little behind here so I'm going to get caught up...I'm assuming you have been).

I've laid low for particular reason, other than sheer laziness. Tyler said "Mom, you never post on your blog anymore". When he asked for a reason and I didn't have one, he threatened to hack my account and post as me. We can't have that, so I'll be back soon.

If you see a lot of "fuckin douchebag" talk, it's Ty. Ignore him.

Have a kickass time. Say hi to the greatest band in the world for me.

Allison said...

I hope you all have a blast this week! And I completely agree with Todd's friends advice - I would have never got to do anything this year if I didn't have an umbrella.

Not that I have to tell you, but soak up as much Radiohead as your brain can handle. :)

BeckEye said...

Have fun!! As Butthead once said (and I may be paraphrasing here) "If you go to Seattle, everyone you see will be cool."

If you see Eddie just strolling around, give him a big kiss for me.

Will said...

Sounds like a lovely trip you have planned. Seattle is not a place I have ever been, but would certainly like to go. Hope the Experience Music Project is cool - I've always wanted to see that.

Dale said...

Have an excellent time which shouldn't be too difficult since you'll be there and wherever you go, there you are! I know what I meant by all that.


" I am not for Sarda, I am for my house"

Sorry couldn't resist. ;)

Have loads of Zombie fun!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Those are wise words, Todd, and I loved the light misty rain we had here today - very refreshing. We figured it we didn't hit the flight museum while we were up by the airport, it wouldn't happen.

Great time being had, Dr M!

I can't believe that I am jealous when I too am going to Radiohead, Stephanie, but I am only going one night. I hope to see you in Auburn and have a great time in Vancouver!

We're watching Canadian tv coverage of the Olympics in a Seattle hotel room tonight, Deb. It's surreal, but great.

I am emptying my mind as we speak, Al, preparing to fill it to overflowing with Radioheadedness. Cannot wait.

I thought I saw Eddie down by the piers today, Beckeye, but it turned out to be just another cool guy.

We're going to see that tomorrow morning, Will, it's right across the street from our hotel!

I was walking down the street today, Dale, ansd there I was! It was so weird, like I was there, or something!

You've obviously met my mother-in-law, UB, because you just channeled her. We're having a blast.

Johnny Yen said...

Seattle is one of my favorite places in the world. Part of it is that one of my closest friends lives there.

I had one of the great moments in my life in the Experience Music Project, when I came face to face with the guitar Hendrix played at Woodstock. I was also amused to see an exhibit that had essays Dylan had written in high school.

My friend and I were walking past the Pike Street Market, on our way from one place to another, when I ran into a couple of my regulars from the restaurant, who were stopping in Seattle on a trip from Alaska to San Diego. It was surreal. What were the odds of that?

Gifted Typist said...

oh oh oh, zombie, I'm so excited for you.
Pike market is fantastic. Also, indie coffee houses. I made a tour of them and wrote a travel piece. Fine fine fine coffee. Fine fine fine baristas too

Barbara Bruederlin said...

We're going to the Experience Music Project this morning, Johnny Yen, it's steps away from our hotel practically. I can see why you love Seattle, it's great!

You have inspired me to check out coffee houses today, Gifted. Beer is so yesterday.
I would love to read your travel guide sometime!

Gifted Typist said...

Don't have it on me, Zombia, I did it for a british newspaper (Guardian) and never saw the clipping, but saw the ink on the cheque so that was enough for moi.

Capital district is the best place, if memory serves.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Capital district, Gifted, I will beat that in mind, although we primarily seem to find ourselves inan area called Belltown.

You wrote for the Guardian? I am impressed and humbled.