Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Don't know much about clothes but my hair looks fierce: the great Seattle odyssey day one

Seattle is gorgeous - brilliant green, trees growing on rooftops, funky walkways built into cliffs while traffic flows over the bridges that span the whole thing. It's a vibrant and slightly surreal place that is at once energetic and laid-back. And then there is that ocean. God I love being back at the ocean!

Things I learned after one day in Seattle:

- my hair is really really big in Seattle and sports the fiercest ringlets in the history of my hair.

- Phil Collins apparently once flew on a Concorde, as did Rod Stewart's hairdresser. We of course, toured the Concorde at the Museum of Flight whilst singing Flight of the Conchords songs.

- there is no skim milk in America. But there is non-fat.

- Seattle is a very walkable city because there is always something that you must see in the next block, something slightly hidden under that canopy of trees. So you keep walking.

- my friend Harrison has the most awesome laugh - a really machine gun burst of joviality. I think the man lives to laugh.

- sea otters are way bigger than river otters and, if this is even possible, are even cuter and funnier too. What a bunch of showoff otters they have at the Seattle Aquarium!

Our hotel room is perfect and we have an amazing view of both the space needle and the
Experience Music building which looks disturbingly like a multi-coloured collapsed fungus. And our window even opens, just like a real window.

- it doesn't matter if it rains because it's a nice rain (so far anyway).

- Seattle is way hillier than I expected it to be and we got way more exercise yesterday than we expected to. I suspect the same thing will happen today when we tour Seattle Centre and the Experience Music Project.

- the Resident Offspring had to warn me to stop feeling all the plants we passed by, with the threat that I would eventually touch something that would give me a rash and then I would be sorry. But it's really hard to resist when you have just arrived from a place where the grass is now brown and crunchy and the leaves are already turning yellow. Those lush succulent plants
are just begging to be touched.

- there are just as many Starbucks in Seattle as there are in Calgary, but today I will be searching for some independent coffee houses. Yesterday it was beer.

- hanging out in the hotel room, eating some pretty fine pizza and drinking wine you bought at the corner store while watching Simon Whitfield come from behind to take the silver in triathlon, on a CBC station, is the perfect way to end the first day in Seattle.

One more sleep till Radiohead, two more till I get to hug the crap out of Michelle and Harrison and family. I am conflicted as to which is more exciting.


Allison said...

Really, there is no skim milk in the US? Interesting.

I'm glad to hear that Seattle is such a lovely place. I'm with the RO on the not touching the foliage. My friend has a habit of running her hand along vines, etc and then whines when she gets a prick in her finger. ;)

There is nothing better than wine bought at the corner store and relaxing in a hotel room.

Enjoy today!

Anonymous said...


"my FRIEND Harrison..."! I read that like, oh, one-hundred-sixty-four times. Heh! I am SO touched!

1 sleep 'til Radiohead, 2 sleeps 'til hugz! We are so looking forward to seeing you, Jer, and the RO! Our ROs are giddy with anticipation. We may have to sedate them.

Pizza and wine with a view of a building that looks like a metallic skin growth? Welcome to Sarda!


BeckEye said...

I believe Phil Collins flew on the Concorde during Live Aid, when he played in London and Philly on the same day.

Ta-daaaa. And there is some more of my useless knowledge.


Still no Eddie?

Strawberry Blondie said...

Seattle sounds lovely! I've always wanted to visit (this is largely due to my love of Frasier) and you make it sound wonderful!

I was just about to warn you about touching the plants, but I see that Allison has beat me to it. I believe it's me she's refering to with the thorn stuck in my finger for a good two weeks before it became dislodged. Listen to the RO and don't pet the local foliage! ;)

Looking forward to more stories! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That's pretty much always the perfect ending to the day you freshly arrive in any city, Al. Corner store wine is always tops.
Yeah I had to laugh when I asked if they had skim and was told, no only non-fat and 2%.

Only Sarda's finest will do for us, GOB - and that is one fine ugly building. It does look like it could use a good coating of calamine lotion.
It's going to be so amazing to meet you guys. The world will implode or something.

We saw Eddie references at the Experience Music Project, Beckeye and naturally thought of you.
And ding ding ding! you are absolutely correct about the Live Aid thing. I read about it in the Concorde.

So you know what I mean when I say that it is near impossible to resist petting the plants, Strawberry Blondie? I believe one of them has given me some sort of weird red-eye condition, so I guess our friends and family know of what they speak.

Bridget Jones said...

Seattle sounds like my kinda place.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I could live here too, Bridget Jones. The lack of ability to forecast the weather is more than compensated for by the presence of an ocean.

Dale said...

What a great start except for the accidental exercise. :-)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I hate it when that exercise business sneaks up on you like that, Dale. Seattle kept sneaking us into walking.