Saturday, August 30, 2008

and open roads of eucalyptus, westward bound

Even though our visit to Seattle is starting to fade into fond memory, it will forever be a place that has a firm grip on my shriveled old heart. It has the ocean, brilliant greenery, and it actually rains there - what's not to love? Visiting Seattle made me wonder all over again why it is we live in landlocked, semi-desert Calgary.

First stop - Museum of Flight.
That's me paying what I consider to be proper American tribute in front of our rental car which for some reason had Florida plates. This came in handy later, as we were not then expected to know what the hell we were doing in Seattle traffic.

I love a man in uniform!

My favourite moment of visiting a coastal city is always the first glimpse of the ocean. Something in my DNA just immediately switches on the joy gene.

Look at me, I'm drinking a beer oceanside!

Me too!

Although some of us are not impressed.

Oh wait, now we are.

Seattle is a city of many layers.

Sea otters!

Never pass up a chance to sit on a sea otter bench.

And don't forget to grin like an idiot.

If life gives you a cliff, build stairs.

Couldn't you just picture me working in this office building?

Seattle Centre, steps from our hotel, and home of the Experience Music Project, the steel colander fountain, and Ride a Duck.

Like a Simpson's episode come to life, it's the Monorail!
This was one of the astounding views from our hotel window - the monorail entering the weird fungussy EMP/SFM building.

Beautiful and historically fascinating Pioneer Square.

Accordion busker and his busker dog.

Arty shot of my beautiful Michelle-made scarf and recycled water bottle Radiohead shirt. Practicing my pensive look on my last day in Seattle.

I miss you, Seattle.
I will return.


Anonymous said...

Hey Barb, great pics! I agree about the lure of the ocean... I have a little plastic bottle of East China Sea water with me to contemplate upon when I'm back on the prairies.

Dale said...

Next time I insist you take us all along. Looks like fun.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Hide that water well when re-entering the country, Berni! I wish I had thought to do the same, but I'd probably be writing this from Gitmo then.

Personally, I am still waiting to take that west coast trip in the vw bus with you, Dale. Aren't we supposed to drive to Coachella?

Bridget Jones said...

OOh love that scarf! Like you, I need the ocean too. Seattle sure looks green and leafy...and fun.

I'm with Dale. Take us along next time!

Will have a beer tonight in your honour.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

You guys are adorable. Thanks for coming to ur fair nation and spending all your hard earned money.

Allison said...

Lovely photos. I meant to say to you earlier, how kick ass that Radiohead shirt was! Excellent purchase.

I love the photo of Jerry and Eva, and also was admiring to choice of jacket. Looked plaid-like. I approve. ;)

Seattle really seems like a place I need to add to me list. Thanks for sharing your adventures!

Dale said...

Oh Jesus Barbara, I forgot. We need to do that and then maybe go on tour with Gogol Bordello.

Anonymous said...

omg omg, I loved the picture of Jerry in the space suit so much I had to add it to my family album!!!!! That's priceless!!! Hope you don't mind, I also snagged all of the pictures of Ms. E & you, too. :) Good goddess that girl is beautiful.

Hey, that scarf looks fab on you - I'm a fan of really long scarves, it delights me to see that you had ample wrapping room. Short scarves are so... inadequate.

How did that picture of you posing with Spock outside the comic book store at Pike Place turn out? Weren't you pinching his pointy little ear for the shot? (heehee)

You really captured the feel of the city awesomely, especially in the "city of layers" shot. Very artsy!

...wait, what's that? Oh, hey Barbara, the ocean just called. She misses you, too. (wow did that sound pompous or what?)

John Mutford said...

Everyone otter have as much fun. Geez, sorry. I got nothing here.

Except maybe those drinking beer oceanside pics. I notice an absence of beer in either photo. What brand were you imbibing?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I had a glass of red wine in your honour last night, Bridget Jones, what a coincidence! We just have to draw straws to see who gets the border crossing driving shift and we are good to go.

Just doing our part to support our neighbours in the basement, Dr M. I mean somebody has got to buy those Jimi Hendrix lunch boxes.

We were discussing why we felt so drawn to Seattle, more so than to anywhere in California, Al, and decided that it is rather less exotic and foreign feeling. It feels like home, only better.
My Radiohead shirt is amazingly comfy and soft. Who knew that water bottles could be so wearable?
That is certainly a plaidy hoody that the RO is sporting. I figured you would approve.

I'm seeing them in October, Dale, I'll ask them if they need some backup dancers or something and sign us up.

I keep hearing the ocean calling me, Michelle, I'm sure you are only half kidding there.
Snag away at any photos you desire. I looked particularly dorky in the Spock photo and was running out of room, but I'll send it to you.
I LOVE my scarf! It really does wrap around quite spectacularly and I am not even that bummed that it almost went down to freezing last night. Cause I have a kickass scarf.
The RO took 99% of the photos, including that great layered Seattle one. She's got a good photographic eye, that one.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I actually WAS drinking a beer, it was just out of the shot, I guess, John. It was something on tap, so I couldn't tell you what, but it was very tasty and the bartender even came out and dried off the tables and chairs for us. (I was going to do it myself.)

Gifted Typist said...

And Seattle will miss you too.

I felt that way when I left. You just clutched onto the real estate flyers, thinking that maybe someday....

BTW, nova Scotia is not land locked

Anonymous said...

seattle traffic is a joy isn't it? I know what you mean about the ocean calling you...I just got back from spending a week in Medicine Hat...Its good to be home. Took the dork dog to the beach this morning at low tide...

JustRun said...

"Something in my DNA just immediately switches on the joy gene."
I hear ya, sister.

And sea otters are so cute-- if I saw one in person I'd want to kiss it. And then I'd probably get my face ripped off.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You get that too, even though you live on an ocean already, Gifted? Hmm, a trifle greedy, aren't we? I guess it's the lure of the Pacific. I thought I had those real estate brochures hidden.

Yup, Medicine Hat is pretty much the complete opposite of Vancouver Island, Kelly. I'm glad you made it back intact and sane.

You've got the right idea, Justrun, by acting on your impulse to go to the ocean as often as you can. That will keep you sane as long as you avoid your impulse to smooch any marine animals.

mister anchovy said...

An accordion busker...Har!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

He was really good too, Mister Anchovy, and his dog was really cute.

phlegmfatale said...

I'll swear y'all are the cutest damned family ever.

I mailed you some crap last week, btw.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oooooooh, really? Thanks, Phlegmmy! You're way too sweet, I shall be on the lookout for it.

phlegmfatale said...

Well, hopefully they'll deliver it. It was packed circa the era of you slicing open thumbs and whatnot, so there are some bacon strip bandaids as well as some jolly roger bandaids, I think.

Oh, did you mention(did I miss it?) You've got to go to Archie McPhee next time yer in Seattle. It's, like, mecca to an unraveled soul like my own.

word verification: sfecklhg

fer feck's sake.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Bacon bandaids? Well if there is anything cooler than that, I am certainly not aware of it, Phlegmfatale.
But ackkk! no, I did not get to Archie McPhee, although now that you mention it, I recall it being mentioned on the blogs. Well, I simply must go back now.