Monday, July 07, 2008

return of the Jetta

It's actually a Nissan, but I've always wanted to say that.

I'm starting to get the impression that customer service is slipping somewhat at my Nissan dealership. The last time I brought the urban assault vehicle in for maintenance, I had to wait 45 minutes for the shuttle, which is understandable, they get pretty busy and can't always plan ahead. But then the work that needed to be done, which I was originally told was under warranty, turned out not to be, so I had to pay for it, and I've overheard a few other customers complaining about some work that wasn't done to their satisfaction.

But what really drove the coffin nail in was the phone call I made there this morning to ask about the replacement radio for which I had been waiting two weeks. Parts dude told me it had arrived a week ago.

When were they planning to tell me?

And I never did get an apology from the service advisor for the additional week of suffering (although he did wash my car).

But now I am all excited about picking out just the right cds to take with me on my commute to work tomorrow. I can't decide what to bring. The new Sigur Ros for sure, maybe a couple of mixes, a little Belle and Sebastian is always good. And I haven't listened to OK Computer for a long time. This is better than Christmas.

Any suggestions for my foray back into musically assisted commuting?
The Calgary Folk Festival have announced the Saturday and Sunday workshops and there are some wonderful combinations of musicians that I am getting increasingly excited about seeing. The Mainstage and Twilight stage shows look really great as well, but it's the workshops that always win my heart. There are some stellar and inspired match-ups on both days.

Tomorrow after work I will pickup my volunteer shirt and badge and get a sneak peak at my work schedule. And then I will need to start doing my homework, familiarizing myself with all this year's musicians, so that I can be the best damned record tent volunteer in the history of record tent volunteers.

What can I say? It's a calling.



Free Compost? Is that from all the Canada Goose Poop or the Port-a-Potties?

I'd pass too.

I need to look up the acts at the Folk Festival. You may convince me yet. You are making me think I may be missing out.

Westcoast Walker said...

I would quickly deteriorate into a road raging maniac without my beloved music to keep me company - I am glad you have survived thus far!

The new Sigur Ros is an excellent choice, as there are a few chirpy numbers on there to keep you happy - I would also recommend the recent reissue of The Replacement's "Let It Be" - some good old school punk rock to keep the car bouncing.

ooh, on a different note - I need your e-mail address so I can send you your prize from my little contest - send me an e-mail at;

(too cheap to set up a .mac account)

Allison said...

D'oh, my Replacements suggestion has been taken. I am currently knee deep in old teen music so that would have been my choice too. Maybe a little James as well?

I'm chuffed for you to volunteer at the festival, because I love hearing all the fabulous stories. I love the concept of the workshops, puts it on much more of a personal level.

Enjoy your musical commnute today!

Karen said...

I don't think it's just at your Nissan dealership. I think it's everywhere :) Customer service sucks nowadays. Sheesh.

I'm so glad to hear that you're volunteering again this year at the folk fest. If only we could get you a job doing that, you'd be set for life!!!!

jim dandy said...

As "common" as it may sound, I like to hit the road with Bad Company's, Movin' On.
For me, it takes me back to the olden days when I first got my drivers license and could take my car to school instead of the bus. It still gives me that liberated feeling. Problem is, you wanna just keep driving on, after you've gotten there.
(I been outta touch with the computer for a while but will try to catch up more often.)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

The compost is actually from kitchen wastes, Urban Blonde. The folk festival not only use reusable plates, they have a composting station where you return the plates for a refund. Yes, they really do everything right!
And you are missing out on so much if you do not go to the folk fest.

The Replacements! Yes. I don't have the reissue, Westcoast Walker, but I do have a few old cds that would fit the bill. I'm thinking Tim would hit the spot.
Address has been sent. And that was a great contest that you hosted. Not to be missed by music nerds or Joy Division fans anywhere (not that they are mutually exclusive).

I am still very curious about this old teen music which you have been hinting at, Al. Come on! Spill! James is a very nice choice. They always make me smile. I think Seven would fit the bill nicely.

That would pretty much be a dream job as far as I am concerned, Karen. It wouldn't even feel like work.
You could be right about the general slippage of customer service. It's the one factor I appreciate most when doing business, perhaps because it is so rare.

Glad you are back in the ether with us, Jim Dandy. You KNOW it's good road music when you don't want to stop driving. And when you throw a little nostalgia into the mix, deadly.

Sean Wraight said...


And here I thought I was the only one who went to such painstaking efforts to plan the music for 'roadtrippin'. I think we missed our calling my friend. Perhaps people could hire us as music consultants to plan their short term and extended road travels. - Carjamming Co. We could make millions!

Looks like the tribe has spoken though and I could not be any more proud. The Replacements it is... And I really will have to make you a mixed cd with their best stuff! Then again 'Let it Be' truly does belong in your collection.

Glad to hear that the music is back in your life.


BeckEye said...

You've gotta christen your radio with some of Bruuuuce's driving music.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Carjamming Co! Brilliant, Sean! You can be the ideas guy and I'll be the ... I dunno, I'll make cookies or something.
The Replacements seem to be crowd favourites for commuting. This crowd has good taste.

Hmmm, not a bad idea, Beckeye, ties in with that whole summertime nostalgia thing we had going a few days ago too.

Gifted Typist said...

Loved the headline Zombie. Brillaint.

Is Steve Earle and allison Moyer playing at the Calgary Folk? They're touring now, great act if you get a chance

Barbara Bruederlin said...

They were at the folk festival, I think it was 3 years ago, Gifted, which is where they announced their engagement. Isn't that sweet?