Tuesday, July 22, 2008

lives are digital

I'm sure that by now you have seen the finished product, and if not, Thom is even offering you a higher quality version than the ones that are floating amongst the webosphere. It is worth seeing, this House of Cards video.

The story behind the making of the video threatens to eclipse even the awesomeness of the video itself. The images were produced exclusively with lasers, resulting in a video that is simultaneously abstract and beautiful and other-worldly. The video about the making of the video is a fascinating excursion into the world of those who are even more deeply immersed in digital culture than you are. I still wouldn't have minded being in that party scene, just for the bragging rights, even though nobody would ever be able to recognise me.

If you've always secretly wanted to direct, you can even download the data and play with the images yourself. Or you can just play with Thom's head in 3-D.

Hours of fun brought to you by the good folks at Radiohead. Vapourization!


Gifted Typist said...

Very post modern! But then, R'head is very PoMo.

mellowlee said...

Whoaaaaaaaa, that is sooo soo cool! :O)

Allison said...

Its not letting me watch. I shall try again later. How cool though that you can play with the images yourself. Oh Radiohead, how ahead of your time you are. ;)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Some would even call them PoPoMo, Gifted. I just call them my boyfriends.

I know, Mel, it's the full meal deal, too! You get to watch, you get to play, you get to create.

It really is very inventive, Al, and playing with the 3-D images is better than bubblewrap. To be honest though, the idea came from the digital filmmakers, Radiohead just embraced the idea they were pitched.

Sean Wraight said...

Thank you so much for posting those links Barb. It's very curious stuff and kinda cool to be able to manipulate Thom's head in 3D.

Radiohead are so ahead of the mark on every front now it's great to see them experimenting with this stuff. It's encouraging, as a fan to actually be a part of the process and not be taken for granted.

Great post!


BeckEye said...

That's pretty cool. Much better special effects than that old video with the guy who kept putting his face in one of those metal thingies that shape to your face. I can't remember what the thingy is called or whose video it was. I think it was either Paul Carrack or Midge Ure. One of those balding, round headed British dudes.

Evelyne said...

Have to love Radiohead for things like this. And it's a pretty cool video, thanks for posting I hadn't seen it before

Barbara Bruederlin said...

They are indeed so far ahead of the pack on inventiveness, Sean, and combined with their concern about carbon neutral touring, it's surprising they have not yet invented hologram concerts. Perhaps for the next album.
It is fun to play with Thom's head, isn't it?

Oh yeah, those face-shaping metal things! They were sort of fun, but a little limited to watch as a video, I agree, Beckeye. And they couldn't vapourize either.

Just when we thought we had figured out all the reasons to love Radiohead, Evelyne! What will they come up with next?

phlegmfatale said...

the link didn't work, but i found it on yootoob - fab!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's quite glorious, isn't it, Phlegmmy?

bloody awful poetry said...

Mucho congratulations on The Radio Heads' nomination! I bet you feel like a proud mommy. Or something..