Sunday, July 06, 2008

I'll never be anybody's hero now

Singing is harder than it looks.

I know this because it has now been two weeks since they ripped the cd player/radio from the urban assault vehicle and I have been forced to provide my own entertainment while awaiting the replacement. And although I have always enjoyed singing along lustily, it is quite another story when I've got no backup singers, nobody to prompt me when I forget the order of the lyrics, no one to cover for me when I fall flat.

Frankly, I've been finding it too taxing to sing and remember the lyrics and stay on key for the entire 50 minute drive to work, so now I drive in silence. And the scary part is, I'm starting to get used to it.

Deprived of my mobile sound studio, I don't feel as though I have really given Með Suð í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust the proper listen it deserves yet. How am I supposed to brush up on my Icelandic now?

How do you amuse yourself on your commute?


mellowlee said...

I rely completely on my iPod to keep me entertained. Maybe I could send you my old iPod nano!

Tell them to hurry up and get that fixed! I have the Alan Cross Guide Vol 2 (5 disks with the mix I made up for it) All ready to send to you.

Anonymous said...

hmm..i really have no time for self-amusement during my commute...if I hit the one light it takes about 3-5 minutes

Allison said...

Wow, two weeks and a daily commute, I don't know how you're managing. Growing up my mom had the no radio rule in the car, so I can't handle the silence anymore. I hope you get your radio back soon. You can always create a celebratory playlist while waiting. ;)

bloody awful poetry said...

I cannot imagine how you stand it. I haven't been able to listen to my mp3 player for a week now (long story) and just like you, I am most terrifyingly starting to get very used to it. I need to re-condition myself.
And horror of horrors; Malaysian radio stations are now playing Sigur ros' "Gobbledigook". In daytime. When people are awake to hear it.

Strawberry Blondie said...

I commute by train, so luckily I have no small details like steering, navigating and avoiding pedestrians to deal with. I've learned to milk the commuting time to sneak in some extra sleep in the morning. Subway 1 - drink tea. Subway 2 - skim newspaper. Commuter Train - apply make-up.

Boo commuting! I hope your radio is back in place soon!

Gifted Typist said...

oh Zombie don't give up the car singing.
Cars are like showers - you are allowed to sing out of tune with the wrong lyrics

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm phoning them this morning and going all postal on their asses, Mel.
Yay! The Alan Cross Guide AND a Mel mix! How splendid, thanks! Hey, did you ever get that parcel for your birthday?

Shut up, Kelly, just shut up. Obviously you did something right in your former commuting life.

That is a great plan, Al. Except I have been putting off buying any of the new cds on the list because I have no mobile studio. So it's a vicious cycle.
I am still gobsmacked about your mom's no radio rule. I take it your family did not go in for the long roadtrips?

Dead mp3 player? Yoiks, BAP, my heart goes out to you. It's scary how quickly we let ourselves sink into the silence, isn't it?
Sigur Ros on Malaysian radio. It's the first sign of the apocalypse I think. But at least the sensors don't know what they are actually singing.

You joke about it, but your commute sounds insanely long, Strawberry Blondie. And you either have a very steady hand or very smooth commuter trains to be able to apply your makeup therein. At least in any pictures I have seen, you bear no resemblance to a circus clown.

But the acoustics are so much better in the shower, Gifted. I need to have my urban assault vehicle refitted with a stream of running water or something. Might be faster than getting my radio back.

Anonymous said...

oddly enough, I care little if there is music while driving. If it's a long drive, yeah put the cds in but usually I just listen to talk radio, or a language tape(my husband was annoyed to find the "woman in the box" ginving directions in German), or nothing, just my thoughts. Actually I think it is a good idea to drive without music etc. occasionally because it lets you know what your vehicle sounds like running in the right. Then when strange noises pop up you are better equipped to diagnose a problem that may be on the way. When I first get a car I never listen to anything while I'm driving except the car for a couple of weeks.

mellowlee said...

Yes I did Barb! Thank you :O) I have the new Portishead and the Devotchka on my new iPod :O) Most excellent!!! XOXO

Allison said...

No we traveled all over the place when I was young, but my dad drove. He loved the radio/cds and I'm pretty sure my mom medicated herself and slept. Just when she was in control of the wheel - silence.

Will said...

Much more fun to sing-along than to be the sole focus of entertainment. Generally ... since I am a passenger for the commute, I amuse myself by reading.

I had a friend with no car stereo so he just took a boom box with him.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'll just come visit. You'll be singing again in a heartbeat.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Just make up some new songs about what you see on your drive. It become addicitve after awhile.


The car I bought when my kids were young didn't have a radio. I loved the sound of silence when I was in there by myself.

Because when I wasn't, I was carpooling a whole bunch of kids. Whom I entertained every morning and evening with show tunes.

Sung by me. Proper lyrics be damned.

I suspect I scarred some of them for life.

heh heh

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That's actually very sound advice, Leazwell - please forgive the pun. I am sure though, that I could never stick to that. I guess I rely too much on sensors and warning lights to tell me what's going on in my vehicle.

So glad to hear that, Mel. They are good, aren't they?

It's odd how people can develop such different driving habits, isn't it, Al? What about when she is not in the car, how does your mom feel about music then?

Being the sole entertainer is way too much pressure, Will. I don't have the ego (or the voice to be a frontman).
Hmm, boom box would have been a good idea.

And I will let you take lead role in the songs, Justrun, as long as we get to sing some ABBA.

I do that ocassionally, Dr M, and they are abysmal, but strangely satisfying. Good plan.

Now we know the real reason for the all the damaged kids in the neighbourhood, Urban Blonde. It was the show tunes that did them in.