Friday, July 04, 2008

comic sans is not historically accurate

Happy Independence Day to all my lovely American friends.

For you, I present this Independence edition of
Friday Favourite Fives:

the five best photos I took in my garden today

- lady bug with droopy candle -

- resident flamingo -

- escape from the secret garden -

- garage in the evening light -

"oooo, 'garage'!"

"well, what do you call it then?"

"car hole."

- rhubarb harvest is overdue -

Wanna see a treasure map of Zombie Central?

Alberta Views
blog's June challenge was to submit a map of hidden gems in your community. I could think of no place I would rather be than my own yard, because all my treasure spots are right at hand.
Have a look.

I hope your weekend is shaping up to be as glorious as it promises to be around here. I am sure to be quaffing a few of my newly invented Glitter Gun drinks here at Zombie Central this weekend.

What's your poison this weekend?


Westcoast Walker said...

Your garden looks like a magical place where wee pixies and gnomes dance around at night to the sounds of one of your great mixed cds.

My poison this weekend is the very dry and wonderful Strongbow cider, savored after youngins' have finally passed out for the evening and I can sit in silence and breath in the summer air on my back deck.

Anonymous said...

mojitos perhaps

Barbara Bruederlin said...

There are certainly many strange creatures in my garden, Westcoast Walker, not the least of which are family members.
There's nothing quite like enjoying the silence and the fresh air of the evening outside. We've been invaded by mosquitos this year, so I don't lounge out as much as I normally do, but last night I managed to read the papers outside before they discovered me.
Strongbow sounds lovely, I will have to pick some up.

Mojitos always look so refreshing, Kelly; my kind of drink, clear and sparkly.

Anonymous said...

Thanks barbara! Your garden is magical, I know if I walked through that garage portal I'd be transported to a Narnia-like place, sans snow or evil villians.

It's been patriotic concerts all weekend for me.

justacoolcat said...

Your gardens are always so pretty and tidy compared to my jungle.

Very nice.

Allison said...

I can't get past your title to this post. :)

My poison this weekend was Sangria. So divine, only wish I had a lovely garden like yours to savour it in!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You have been working much too hard for a holiday weekend, then, Leazwell. It's true that we currently have no snow or evil villains, but we have no shortage of mosquitoes, oddly enough. You are still welcome to sneak into the garage portal though.

My garden is about 1/300th the size of yours, JustA, so this is not surprising. But thanks for the props.

Oh yes, the title came from a conversation with the Resident Offspring, Al.
Mmmmm, sangria, I hadn't had it for forever, and then had some last weekend and twas very divine indeed.
You need to get transferred here and then you could sip sangria in my garden to your heart's delight.

phlegmfatale said...

Thanks so much for the good cheer to those of us south of the border, and thanks for the always-welcome sight of your exquisite little oasis of a garden. I always love seeing a blue door. Dunno why, but it cheers me up. Someday, I'll have a garden again, and I hope it's half so inviting and soul-soothing as yours! Then again, I've always said the spirit of the gardener is often what is most on display, rather than good selection of specimens or any other factor. You're a lovely soul.

I've just been furiously cleaning and scrubbing my apartment for therapy, and listening to In Rainbows, which always, by extension, makes me think of you. I'm blessed with some lovely online friends. Thanks

Moxie said...

My poisons were all mixed up: a couple beers here, a little mojito mix there, a margarita, a couple shots of fine aged rum on some Johnny Depp lookalike's boat on Friday. God I love LA. And fortunately not too much pain today either.

Love the lush colors in the photos. Those are rhubarb leaves? Wow. Is it true that only the stalks are edible? Many years ago I made my dad a rhubarb pie - his favorite. Personally I prefer strawberry rhubarb pie - sweet and tart together, yum.

mellowlee said...

Heehee, I loooove your Zombie treasure map Barb! I hope you are having a marvelous weekend!

I was going to make Mojito's last weekend, bought all the stuff for them, and then couldn't find mint anywhere!!! Imagine that!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I always love a blue door too, Phlegmmy. I had one in our old house as well.
My garden doesn't always do so well, plantwise, but I fill it up with crap that I somehow end up with - yard art, I call it.
The pictures from your new place are fabulous, that place has got some tremendous bones, and of course you know that I am utterly chuffed that In Rainbows reminds you of me. Highest praise imaginable.

Drinks on a boat, Moxie? And no ordinary boat, by the sounds of it. Sounds like you had a fabulous Independence Day weekend!
Yeah, rhubarb leaves are toxic, apparently, but aren't they enormous? It's the only thing that grows around here.

I don't even know what goes in a Mojito other than mint, Mel, but they sure look refreshing. I tend to steer away from alcohol in the summer, as it doesn't mix with the heat, but I would not mind trying one of those.
The map was really fun to make!

Joe said...

What were those little flowers?

Your yard looks great. I can see hanging out there.

Gifted Typist said...

That hand in the final picture. A stunning specimen, zombie.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I think the little pink flowers are a type of stonecrop, Bubs. They grow really well here, needing next to no water.
Hanging out is pretty simple around here.

My hand or the rhubarb leaf, Gifted? Either way, thank you, thank you. And I still haven't harvested that rhubarb yet.


Your garden is very beautiful! I love the touches of blue. So European and so not cookiecuttercalgary.

Did you draw the map before or after drinking?

And sadly my drink of choice? these days is water, ice and a shot of lime juice. Sniff


Whoops there was supposed to be one of these ;) after my map comment.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thanks, I like the blue in the garden as well, Urband Blonde. A lot of my flowers are blue as well, it seems.
I did the map on nothing but coffee, although a stiff drink might have helped.
And my world famous Glitter Gun? NOthing but club soda, a generous splash of tonic water and a big wedge of lime. Delicious!