Friday, July 18, 2008

bad-ass local CBC host makes waves nationally

Just how bad-ass is Jim Brown anyway?

You remember Jim Brown? He is the criminally clever host of the Calgary Eyeopener who has taken over summer hosting duties for the Current on the national network.

Well, this is how bad-ass Jim is. Not only did he co-write and co-direct the subversive and Genie-award winning documentary, Radiant City, with film-maker Gary Burns recently, but he has been unabashedly pronouncing the word "issue" as "ish-shew" instead of the CBC-approved "is-see-oo".

What a maverick.

Does anybody have any idea how to cut the sleeves off a t-shirt without making it look like a wife-beater?

We are encouraged to personalize our folk festival volunteer tees (and make them more comfortable for those long hot days serving the public). Last year I tried to make a tank out of mine and then had to sew up the big gaping armholes that resulted when I cut the sleeves off.

With my sewing skills, the resultant tee resembled Frankenstein after a botched mastectomy.

I have one weekend to learn how to sew.


mellowlee said...

I can't sew worth a damn, but I am pretty good at tshirt cutting. You could try leaving a little bit of the sleeve and make the edges jagged, or a bit more fabric on the top side of the arm, sort of like cap sleeves..
I like chopping up the neckhole too, but so it's lopsided, or assymetric (sorry, can't spell worth a damn either)
I think Im going to go cut up some defenseless tshirts now haha! Have fun

Allison said...

We had to personalize our tees in Frosh week - I suggest cap-sleeves...or as another voice in the room is telling me - you could always turn it into a halter top. That might be considered uncool at the Folk Fest, but you could say you're making a statement. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Barb,
I suggest just sweating it out...... or getting a couple of ty raps or velco straps and pulling back the top of the sleeves to the neck opening. Works good and is far more fashionable than the significant spouse beater look.
The girls ball team I coached a couple of years ago did this because it was so stinking hot in those nylon jerseys.


I would take it in at the sides, cut it across the bottom just above the navel, carve out a nice v neckline and a plunging back, then take off the sleeves at the seams, realize I've fucked the whole thing up, roll it in a ball, huck it in the garbage, retrieve it from the garbage, carefully cut off the logo and stitch it on my favourite tank top.

mellowlee said...

PS you could always saftey pin under the gaping arm holes too.
I really love Urban Blonde's idea of stitching the logo onto a fav shirt. I am stealin that idea!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh no, look what I've started, Mel! My apologies to butchered t-shirts everywhere. Leaving a little of the sleeve on is a good place to start, I think, I can always keep trimming if I don't like it. The neckline will end up being lopsided anyway, I can guarantee it.

Although I like the idea of a halter top, Al, we can't alter the artwork on the front or the writing on the back at all, so that would make for a pretty weird looking halter top. Cap sleeves are a definite thought, though.

I was thinking of doing that to save time, Bruno, but hadn't considered velcro straps! That would be uber-stylish!

hahaha - you sew like I do, Urban Blonde! Far too many things have been hucked into the rag bag around here. I was considering a v neckline this year though, I may give that a try still.

Oh I do like the safety pin idea, Mel! It has got to look better than my jaggedy attempt to stitch them up. And it would give the shirt a certain punk attitude, providing I don't end up getting stabbed in the armpit at some point.

Tanya Espanya said...

I have ish-shoos when they say is-see-oo...that is just dumb!

I can't help you with the shirt, sorry.

Gifted Typist said...

Gotta love the ish-shoe peeps. Good for him

And the wife-beater, botch massy franko tees ... I'm dying over here Zombie, really, I am

Anonymous said...

I once knit a baby sweater for Ash, it turned out really cool 'n all, but it required a zipper to be sewn on to fasten it up the front. So... what I did, because I detest sewing & all things seamstressish, was to use a cold glue gun to, well, glue the fucker onto the garment. Worked like a charm, it never fell or wore off in the entirety of its lifetime.

It might work for you, too... make like you're hemming up the rough edges & carefully glue it down so it looks neat 'n all. Wash it, maybe, before wearing it to soften up the glue?

You could always test it out on an old hankie or something to make sure you don't end up with chafing on the sides of your boobs. OUCH.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Our latest moment of increduality with CBC-speak is when they prominently pronounce the H in words with a WH, Tanya Espanya. We've even caught them throwing in an H where there is none.

You are perishing in style, though, Gifted. And leaving a beautiful corpse.

That is an amazing tale of conquering the world with a glue gun,Michelle! I love how you think. Sadly, we live in a glue gun-free environment, or I would give it a whirl. Although the thought of side-boob chaffage scares the crap out of me, frankly.

umbrellalady said...

What a scream to find Bruno giving advice on modifying a t-shirt - way to go Bruno!! The straps really do work well and you can get them anywhere they sell baseball equipment - they are quite reasonably priced as

Barbara Bruederlin said...

He's a man of many talents, Kathy. I actually finished the shirt last night, and I was able to thread the needle and everything!

Anonymous said...

When I had my frosh week in 2006 we were all given size XXL t-shirts and told to make them fit. The theatre majors, of course, all had their costume sewing kits and made amazing looking things. We music majors were like "What?!" and so I went with the tested-and-true method:

- cut the sleeves off (you can either leave the collar as is or cut along the bottom edge to make it wider)

- cut the shirt into two pieces by slicing along the side seams

- make tons of little tiny strips by cutting in an inch or two evenly spaced all the way down both sides

- tie both sides back together and voila! awesome t-shirt. I cut the ends off the strips as well so they don't flop around so much.

This is pretty easy but I still managed to mess it up - you have to make sure the cuts are the same length on both sides, or at least fairly close to each other (it's DIY, no one measures anything, right? :P) otherwise your collar ends up REALLY lopsided. haha.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Lopsided collars are all the rage now, Ruh! That sounds like a really failproof idea, actually. I am going to try that next year.

You could have used the XXL shirt as a tent or something.