Sunday, May 18, 2008

when the sun is shining on my head, it makes me feel like a peaceful animal

Twenty-four things I have loved this Victoria Day (May Two-Fer) long weekend:

1. the whole family getting Friday off as well
2. temperatures in the high 20s
3. capris and sandals
4. watching the buds on the cherry tree outside the window explode into life
5. those unflaggingly friendly, polite, sweet, and adorable sushi guys
6. first outdoor meal of the year

7. reading the paper on the front deck on a quiet Saturday evening
8. Coop sushi which is way too fresh and delicious to be supermarket sushi
9. hearing the man next door call his sons "darling"
10. sleeping in for 4 consecutive days
11. outdoor blogging
12. club soda and tonic with a wedge of lime
13. men with accessory babies strapped to their chests
14. watching Dog Day Afternoon, thinking I was going to be watching Reservoir Dogs (where the hell is Mr Pink?)

15. shopping for a summer purse and rejecting them all as supremely fugly.
16. bare feet with hot pink nail polish
17. all the windows and screen doors wide open
18. putting up summer curtains in the dining room

19. watching Muriel's Wedding again 14 years later and still finding it sweet and charming
20. matcha smoothies at the coffee house in Kensington
21. hauling the lounge chair out of the garage

22. ABBA
23. sour cream and 0nion chips
24. lounging around outside with the cat

What have you loved this weekend?

I hope you are all having a blissful weekend, and if you are lucky enough to celebrate Victoria Day, why don't you help yourself to an extra serving of bliss? Very few calories in the new improved variety.
Here's some bliss for your ears:
Sunshine Snare Hits - Chad VanGaalen


mellowlee said...

Sounds like you are having a lovely long weekend Barb :O)

This weekend I loved seeing a fat skunk walking down the sidewalk along Broadway (one of the busiest streets in Vancouver) in the middle of the afternoon like he/she owned the place.

Watching my cat try to capture a chip in the bathtub and freak out when he couldn't catch it.

I loved coming in to work this morning and finding that my co-worker Sojy did all the Thursday and Friday daycare charts for me, so all I have to do is loose filing and Quantitive Analysis. WOOOOT! Sunday Sweet Sunday

I also loved that it didn't rain, although hot sunny days in Vancouver which aren't spent at the beach feel a little like being inside a giant tupperware container being microwaved with the lid on....really!

Deb said...

I have loved:

1) Laughing as my son put together and cursed me for buying a $10 "stainless steel" barbecue.

2) BBQ'd steak and grilled veggies

3) The air conditioned buffet room at Hastings Park (to watch The Preakness with my family, or at least 2/3's of my family)

4) Getting reacquainted with Slurpees

5) Having people stop by as they are driving by...sunny weather makes people do that more often.

6) No work. No thoughts of work. No phonecalls from work. Hell, I'm even avoiding Safeway this weekend because it's too close to work.


Gifted Typist said...

I have loved reading this blog post this wk/end! So glad you are having a well-deserved warm and sunny Vicki Day.

At the newly reno-ed cottage this wk/end, opening things up and eating fresh lobster. Weather glorious right now. Life is good.

Moxie said...


1. The fact that I am not at the office for 2 days
2. A fun dinner out with friends that included steak fajitas and 2 Cadillac margaritas
3. Good chat with my stylist about man troubles (had to catch her up on the happenings)
4. My stylist cursing about how shitty the ex-BF was to me and insisting she would give me the best f***ing haircut EVER
5. Getting an awesome haircut and having her color my hair for free
6. Getting a ride from my stylist to my next errand, then a ride home
7. Having a delicious T&T this afternoon at a local dive bar
8. Chatting with some friends at said dive bar
9. Getting a ride home from said friends
10. Anticipating the deliciousness of some carne asada I bought at Trader Joe's (will cook later this week, or maybe save for next weekend)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

We have got to get you out of that giant microwaved tupperware container and off to the beach tomorrow, Mel. It's the only decent thing to do.
I especially love hearing about the big old sidewalk owning skunk, that's the sort of thing I love for.

I'm staying the hell away from Safeway too, Deb! I stocked up yesterday and don't plan to go back until Tuesday or maybe even Wednesday, which is practically unheard of for me.
Your weekend sounds divine. Did the steak and veggies get bbqd on the $10 grill?

A newly reno'd cottage and fresh lobster? Gifted, I would guess that you are pretty much blissed out right now. It all sounds so divine. No more bliss for you today. Tomorrow you can have some more.

How did your hair turn out, Moxie? i have learned never to discuss relationships with my hairdresser. A friend of mine asked her about her husband without knowing she had just split from him and ended up with a butchered haircut.
Sounds like you had a boffo weekend though, even if it was only two measly days.

Anonymous said...

Dog Day Afternoon is one of my favorite movies of all time. Damn near anything with Al Pacino is a favorite movie of mine - that man knows how to dominate a scene like no other.

Club soda, tonic & lime? Really?? That sounds tasty... tonic water & lime is one of my favorite summer refreshers, but I've never thought of adding club soda to the mix. Oooh, thank you for a new beverage to try!

Cherry blossoms are so beautiful. Like your Victoria Day (two-fer, right?) weekend! Bliss out, chillax to the max, and enjoy your family! :)

phlegmfatale said...

omg omg omg! Just found this delectable clip of Simon Pegg from a bbc show called Hippies. You're gonna lurve it

BeckEye said...

I love "Muriel's Wedding" too!

I wish I could outdoor blog, but alas, I have no laptop. So I will either do something fun this long Memorial Day weekend or I'll sit inside on my ass and blog about how much fun I could be having.

bloody awful poetry said...

Muriel's Wedding is so freaking awesome.
And glad you enjoyed your weekend so much! My brother has dengue fever now, and he's in the hospital, so I've been spending my days alone at home and my entire evenings at the ward. I did enjoy bits of the weekend though, like my Marry Me Jakey G. post, and that 22 oz green slushie I drank all by myself last night. Fabulousness.

Allison said...

I'm glad you're having a good weekend Barb! With you on the sour cream and onion chips, in fact, I think I'm going to hunt for some now. :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I can't believe I had never seen Dog Day Afternoon before, Michelle, what a fabulous film! And I had no idea there would be so much humour in it. Pacina absolutelty rocks in it.
Yea, I actually started out with club soda and lime and ended up adding a little tonic accidentally one time and really liked the combination. Love those summer drinks!

Hey thanks for that, Phlegmfatale, I am certainly go to watch that. It's hard to get tired of Simon Pegg.

While the first option would obviously be more fun, Beckeye, think of the massive contribution you would be making to your fellow bloggers by doing the second. I vote ass sitting!
As someone who does not understand the lure of weddings ONE IOTA, I still think Muriel is adorable and I don't even want to smack her.

Oh no, BAP! I'm really sorry to hear about your brother. I sincerely hope he makes a fast and full recovery.
Now what flavour would green be I wonder? Regardless, that is still one large slushie. You must have sloshed as you walked.

I don't normally keep chips in the house, Al, but the SU brought these back from his fishing chip and they were taunting me so much that I ate them all.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

We loved Muriel's Wedding so much that I bought the DVD for our collection last December.

justacoolcat said...

I am jealous on multiple fronts. I haven't had an outdoor meal or an outdoor concert this year.

Instead, when I'm outdoors, I get to destroy my body with gardening.

Will said...

I am especially jealous of:

7. reading the paper on the front deck on a quiet Saturday evening
(sounds very nice)

11. outdoor blogging
(haven't ever done that but would like it)

16. bare feet with hot pink nail polish
(because I think there is a first time for anything)

Steffi said...

Sounds like you had a wicked 2-fer weekend Barb! My weekend has been full of gardening, bright orange toe nail polish for my bare feet, crocheting and eating outside, and blowing bubbles with my pretty wicked itself :) I finally got my own blog, so after 2 years of me reading yours, you have a chance to get to know me :)

JustRun said... Jealous...of....Canada. Something...seriously...wrong.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Muriel's Wedding really does stand the test of time, doesn't it, Dr M? It's as lovely as it ever was. Good gift to yourselves.

Just slow down, Just A. The yardwork will always be there. Enjoy a few alfresco meals in your not quite perfect yard and be nice to yourself for a while. (I am much better at handing out advice than I am at taking it.)

I think you really should give the hot pink polish a try, Will. It'll make a nice change from the purple.
And you have to give outdoor blogging a try sometime. It's da bomb. Honest and for true.

Well it sounds as thought you squeezed every drop of goodness out of your long weekend, Steffi. Well done, you. And congrats on taking the blogging plunge! I shall be over to visit.

Being ... buried ... by ...periods ...
Justrun, I sure hope yo can hold on until the upcoming long weekend when we Canadians will have completely forgotten that we just had out own and will be all jealous. That'll make you feel better, right?

Sean Wraight said...

What a wonderful long weekend Barbara. If yours was anything like mine it was a stunner. Favourite foods, punch drunk sing-a-longs, fireworks and no snow!

Could life get any better? Only a few more weeks til Canada Day!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

We sure live for those short months of summer, don't we, Sean? It sounds like you had a stellar weekend, and I do hope that the punchdrunk singalong wasn't a lovesick one.


Decided to steal your idea Barb, although my weekend wasn't quite as tranquil as yours.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

No I should say not, Blondie! I just read your list. tsk tsk tsk

Dale said...

I love especially that my long weekend started on Thursday and ends after today's done. I know I'm now in danger of upsetting the love cart with this pronouncement.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You know I could never hate you, Dale! Lord knows I've tried, but it just doesn't take.

phlegmfatale said...

I LURVES me some Muriel's Wedding - one of my faves.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's always delightful, Phlegmfatale. But why do so many Australian filmmakers have ABBA fixations?