Wednesday, May 28, 2008

it doesn't make me a bad person

I went into an Office Depot yesterday. And not only that, I bought something.

Now before you slam your laptop closed in disgust and stomp off muttering something about never reading that hypocrite's so-called blog again, let me assure you that it was only a pack of cd mailers, and it was not at the offending store, but at the store that actually gave me the refund. Besides, it was right near where I had to pick up the Resident Offspring.

So fear not, I have not actually dropped my pants and bent over for the corporation. Well not very far anyway.

We're off to the M.I.A. concert tonight.

And while I was sort of dreading it yesterday due to having come down illish and also needing to go out four nights this week - an unheard of occurrence in the Zombie household, I am quite pumped for it now. Although I am pretty certain that Sunday will be declared a collapse in exhaustion day.

In a perfect world, M.I.A. would bring the Wilcannia Mob along with her. They're the Australian aboriginal lads who join her on Mango Pickle Down River on the Kala album. Those kids are beyond awesome, especially Keith, the one with the smoker's rasp.

But there is a Finnish electronica duo opening, which should prove pretty neat, although not as neat as the Toronto show, where Holy Fuck opened. Still, I'd be willing to bet that there will be lots of gun hands in the audience tonight.


Allison said...

I hope you have a good time at the concert tonight. My guess it will be very kick ass. She packs so much energy via her albums her stage presence can't be that far behind.

As always, take good notes, a review is waiting. ;)

Anonymous said...

a Finnish electronica duo opening?

Oh, that begs a Zombie review.
Have fun - hope it fills the tank

John Mutford said...

Enjoy the show. And this.

(My word verification is "fgtoy" That's just bad.)

justacoolcat said...

M.I.A was just in town and the word is her show rocked. Big time.

As for that other sordid little detail . . . shakes head.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm getting quite excited about the concert, Al, even though I am dog-tired and am starting to get that sexy cold voice. I imagine I will have no voice tomorrow.

Duly noted, Gifted. I shall pay close attention to the opener to see if I can determine any differences, subtle and overt, between Finnish electronica and normal electronica.

If you say it fast enough, it's really bad, John
That's a great link! And filled with so much useful information that even I didn't know. Now I know how to properly look after myself.

I know, JustA, I wasn't even going to mention the Office Depot indiscretion, but I figured I owed it to you to reveal myself, warts and all. Not that I have warts.
Yes! I'm happy to hear that her show rocks! I may even wiggle my way up to the front this time.

bloody awful poetry said...

Apparently M.I.A is like, one of the best live acts around today, so yeah I'm pretty sure it's going to be absolutely kick-ass. I look forward to a review!

(Two concerts, in what, FOUR days? Insane. I am SO moving to Canada).


Enjoy the show tonite, then concentrate on getting better! (maybe if you lose your voice singing you won't have to work tomorrow?)

BeckEye said...

I can't get into this M.I.A. chick. So, I approve more of your Office Max purchase than your attendance of this concert.

Sean Wraight said...

This "gun hands" thing sounds a lot more dangerous than my favourite gesture.

Looking forward to hearing everything about the show.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's feast or famine with concerts around here, BAP. Nothing all winter and then nonstop till November. But hey, you should move here!

I didn't even try to sing UB, I already had my husky CBC radio voice happening and did feel like pushing it. Still went to work though. Damn.

At least by you, I am forgiven my hypocritical ways, Beckeye? Yes! Tomorrow, the world!

Man I love wikipedia, Sean! Who would have thought that jazz hands would have their own wiki page?
I did see a few jazz hands, but more gun hands, and not a single spirit finger.

Anonymous said...

About the OM purchase, sometimes a woman has to do what a woman has to do...

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Sometimes we have no choice, Leazwell. Or no convenient choice anyway.