Wednesday, May 14, 2008

everything in its right place

For someone who prides herself on being pretty organized with paperwork, I sure spent a lot of time rummaging through the filing cabinets tonight, becoming increasingly sweaty and panicky as I tried to find the Resident Offspring's social insurance card (which I knew I had put away in a safe place). Some of those safe places are safe even from me.

Today the Resident Offspring landed a summer job at a living history park close to our place. I am enormously proud of her of course, but I have to admit that I'm actually a little envious, as she gets to do a rotation of various jobs around the park and wear a historical costume and everything. Who knows, maybe next summer I'll be asking her to give me a reference so that I can work there as well.

Scooping ice cream is starting to look pretty good right now.

I'm starting to feel increasingly like a pawn in the escalating power struggle at work and I'm starting to get the distinct impression that I will be considered disposable once all the dust has settled.

Ah well, time for a change anyway.

And I have to send big props out to my musicologist blogging buddy, Sean from Everything is Pop, Pop is Everything, for the fabulous dvd he put together of Radiohead's In the Basement sessions. The production quality is astounding, the content is mesmerizing. Next to the Resident Offspring scoring her first summer job (and me finally finding her blasted SIN), receiving Sean's thoughtful parcel was the highlight of my day.


Anonymous said...

I have a rule to tell myself, every time I find myself telling myself, that "I'll put it someplace I won't forget" means I will so totally forget it... so I'll put "it" someplace obvious, tell everyone, and if I forget it's everyone else's fault. Works like a charm, and the internal guilt ends up working itself out as uncontrollable giggles. You oughta try it! :D

Congratulations to EvaOffspring for procuring such awesome summer employment! They'd better give her time off in August, tho. Your girl is quite the Girl of Pride... hell, I feel prouder knowing her mama.

Employment seems to be a very liquid state of existence these days - fight & you'll lose, which is NOT in the spirit of life whatsoever. I truly hope things look up for you workside... I know it's tough.

You put ABBA on your sidebar. I dunno, I'm thinking you got the balls, girl. :D No worries for you, luv.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Way to go Resident Offspring! As Elvis Costello would say, "Welcome to the working week!"


Kudos to the RO!!!!! One of my piano students is also working there this summer. She will love it.

She will also start to hate the lovely costume when the weather hits 30C.

If you unfortunately become disposable at work you could become a FULL TIME Radiohead groupie. Bet you never thought of that one.


I just realized I've been mentioning Radiohead in every comment lately and yet I couldn't hum a tune of theirs if I had a gun held to my head.

Am I being sucked into an evil vortex?

Allison said...

Kudos to Eva! Nice to be outside and not stuck inside for the summer. Hopefully her costume isn't too cumbersome, I have a few friends working in living history museums and their costumes are quite elaborate.

My parents have my SIN somewhere (hopefully) I've just memorized the number. :)

bloody awful poetry said...

Oooh Congratulations to the Resident Offspring! Although it made me feel just a tad weird, thinking about how my new blog buddy has a kid who is around my age (I'm assuming? Or is she much younger?) Oh well. Diversity!

Oh and I've just discovered a song Thom Yorke did with PJ Harvey,quite some ago I believe. 'Tis the awesomeness!!Jeez. Where has THAT been all my life??

Anonymous said...

Scooping ice cream sounds like a perfect job for me right now. And in costume? Life would be gooood.

justacoolcat said...

The kid gets a job and you get a Radionhead DVD, it seems like everything is coming up Zombies; so I wouldn't sweat that work situation.

Sean Wraight said...

Thanks for the "props" B. ;-)

Nice to be a part of the tribe.

I'm glad you enjoyed the disc.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I am usurping that rule immediately, Wa Michelle. That is the only sensible approach. Now when something goes lost I can just glare at the others. Brilliant!
Not to worry, Eva has already booked off that glorious week in August when we descend upon your state, as well as Folk Festival time. All the important stuff.
You know, I'm not even sweating it about the employment front anymore. Whatever will be, will be has always worked for me in the past.

Oh yeah, Dr M, I think she's in for a bit of a culture shock soon - heh heh.

She was thinking that the boys will suffer more, with those tight vests and such, but I'll bet the long skirts get sweaty too, Urban Blonde.
I wonder what sort of qualifications one needs to be a full time Radiohead groupie? I'll have to check into it. Evil vortices are my specialty.

I'm not sure where my actual card is either, Al. I was fine till they told us not to carry it in our wallets.
Eva is awaiting a call from the costume people! It's like Jr High Drama class all over again!

She is actually only a year or so younger than you, BAP. That's one of the things I love about this internetz business - by the time people find out you are an old fart, you have already wowed them with your charming personality. Having the mentality of an 8-year-old helps somewhat too.
I'm continually finding Thom/Radiohead rarities, it really is astounding and lovely.

I could get behind that sort of thing too, Justrun, well the ice cream part anyway.
Life would indeed be blessed.

You are so right, JustA, and today I am completely over all that work angstiness. I always land on my feet somehow.

You are officially welcomed as a valued member of the tribe, Sean and I'm going to watch the dvd again tonight because it is so perfect.

Barbara Bruederlin said...
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Gifted Typist said...

ach! just looking at that pile, whether it's yours or not, makes me break out in a cold sweat.

I love the name Eva. Almost called my firstborn Eve....

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I got the sweats from that photo stolen off the internet too, Gifted and it's actually much worse than my house, thank god.
I'm really happy that we chose Eva, and it was something both sets of grandparents could pronounce,important when you are talking about immigrant grandparents.

Will said...

Congrats to the resident offspring on the summer job? And where might I obtain a copy of In the Basement.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

She's pretty happy about the prospect of a paycheque, I'm not going to lie, Will.
The In the Basement sessions were recorded by Sean off an HDtv. I don't know how one goes about copying those, though.

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