Monday, May 12, 2008

best thing you'll read all day

if you're a Radiohead fan that is.

Actually even if you are only mildly curious about them, you may enjoy this stellar interview that The Word did with all the members of the band. Much as I love Thom, I really want to hear what Colin and Jonny and Phil and Ed have to say as well. And they all have some very thoughtful, irreverent and pithy things to say. Let's hear it for deadpan British humour.

This is a long read (6 pages), but utterly enthralling.

My heart goes out to the poor sods who failed to make it to the Bristow, VA show last night due to a combination of torrential rains, flooded and grid-locked roads, and a nightmarish scenario at the Nissan Pavilion parking lot where people had to queue for hours to park and then latecomers were turned away by the parking Nazis while the show was still ongoing.

I'm surprised nobody died.

But I understand that Radiohead did their best to put on the show of their lives for those rain-soaked fans who did make it and then spent the night shivering in the cold.

The pneumonia will only last a couple of weeks, the memories will still be there for tormenting your grandchildren with years from now.


Anonymous said...

I had no idea Thom Yorke had a boxing background from his dad. That's fascinating. Sing like an amnesiac, sting like an IV. Ok, that's just lame.

It's cute how Colin (can we call him by his first name on your blog now?) is a technological dinosaur. I don't know why, but it tickles me.

Ed O'Brien..."I think a lot of what drives Radiohead's music is a longing to be in the place where you're not" - I cannot agree any more.

And to be able to be so secure in your job where someone asks you a question and you can reply, like Thom, "Oh just shut the fuck up, will you?" -- personally, I'd feel both empowered and... fired.

What I meant to say a long time ago was that this is an excellent Radiohead article! It's rather difficult to not find all that unabashed honesty sexy.

bloody awful poetry said...

My mind is reeling from the awesomeness of the Radiohead.
But it is kinda true, that you sometimes forget Thom Yorke has a sense of humour at all. Like, I just expect them to be morose all the time.

And yes, it's a FABULOUS Radiohead article.

Sean Wraight said...

Thank you Barbara, that was indeed the "best thing (I'll) read all day. The piece went a long way to really humanize Radiohead, at least for me. I loved the part where they described Nigel Godrich's "magic" role in their recording methods. I truly consider him to be one of the most integral components in their creative process.

And who knew Ed O'Brien was quite THAT tall?

Very good.


Anonymous said...

I think I "get" the Radiohead fascination only to a small extent. But your dedication is impressive! :)

John Mutford said...

Your label made me smile.

Unknown said...

Best thing I've read all week, or month, year possibly.

I've always had a lot of time for them, but after that piece I think I'm falling for them in a more profound way.

adored this quote from the writer:

"this rock music that challenges itself without falling into the mirror-image cliches of 'challenging music" "

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, that's me again.
Sorry, must sort out this problem.


As one of the mildly curious I did enjoy this article.

Very well written indeed and while I'm not about to join your cult (yet) Barb, it certainly has left me interested enough to make me look them up and give a listen.

Will said...

Maybe the other guys in the band are forbidden to speak. Sure Thom seems like a nice guy, but he's really a tyrant, enforcing a strict no speaking at shows or to the press rule. Could it be true? Maybe they're all just super shy and the other members force Thom to speak because he's the frontman. Maybe that's why he's so twitchy in interviews.

BeckEye said...

You're just reminding me that I'm slacking where my own obsessions are concerned. I haven't mentioned Michael Johns in a few days, and Pearl Jam....dear God. It's been a while. Possibly an entire month or more.

Allison said...

When I get back home, I will have to click on the interview and give it a read.

I love, "The pneumonia will only last a couple of weeks, the memories will still be there for tormenting your grandchildren with years from now.

And your label. Thanks for making me smile. :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Michelle: apparently Thom's dad taught him to box when he was being beaten up at school, poor lad. But I think it taught him feistiness. Do you mean to say you don't tell people to shut the fuck up at work all the time? I'm shocked. We obviously need to get you working with Thom's dad.
They are one sexy band, no mistake - all that honesty and talent and being good guys and all.

I actually find the morseness pretty funny, BAP, but it is lovely to have some intended humour as well, isn't it?

I cannot argue with you, Sean, Nigel is an enormously important component of their creativity. In Rainbows was essentially stalled until he came back and worked his magic on both the mixing and the band's psyches.
Yeah, I was surprised at just how tall Ed is. I guess Thom's not quite as wee as he appears then.

haha, Justrun, "dedication" is your code word for "insanity", isn't it? Guilty as charged!

I was hoping you would see the humour in it, John. I mean it's not like I called you a Michael Bolton fan or anything.

That "challenging music" bit is a nice turn of phrase, isn't it, Gifted? I also find it interesting that you admit to "falling for" Radiohead a bit more now. Something akin to a romantic infatuation does develop and I have been on my honeymoon with them for far too long to be proper.

I'm really glad you are keeping an open mind, Blondie, as their music is even more compelling than their lives. Your kids likely have some Radiohead, or I will be happy to give you a copy of the Radiohead primer I once mixed for another friend, if you like. Just say the word.

Will: Thom did once say "We run the band like the UN, and I'm America". Personally I think it's his boxing prowess that keeps the others in line.

What have you been doing, then, Beckeye? We are nothing without our obsessions! You of all people should know that.
Now go to your shrine and do penance.

I'm happy to be able to make you smile, Al. I'm not sure if those folks who missed the Bristow concert are able to smile about it yet. Maybe they were all sent a nice fruit basket or something.


Barb am I incredibly brain dead or do you have an email link on here? Wait a minute don't answer the first part.

Email me at urbanblonde at hotmail dot com

I'll forward you the info.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Looking forward to it, Blondie.

Strawberry Blondie said...

"The pneumonia will only last a couple of weeks, the memories will still be there for tormenting your grandchildren with years from now."

What wise words to live by! I'm going to apply that to my own life more often. I'm sure it offers some consolation to the Radiohead fans defeated by the rain and the parking Nazis.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's the motto by which I try to live my life, Strawberry. If some untoward occurence carries with it the potential for future tormenting of granchildren, it's not all a wash.

And Radiohead's management are encouraging people to contact the venue with grievances. Could be a dog fight!

John Mutford said...

Do you have a copy of SadKermit doing Creep?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

HAHAHAHA, John! I do now! Thanks guy. And he sings the original version too. What a badass that Kermit is.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

HAHAHAHA, John! I do now! Thanks guy. And he sings the original version too. What a hardass that Kermit is.

John Mutford said...

If you think he's bad doing Creep, check out the video of him doing Hurt at or perhaps you've already seen it?

Anonymous said...

oh god...will she never get off this radiohead thing

Anonymous said...

oops was that out loud

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I just watched it, JOhn, it was a thing of utter amazement.

Not this year she won't, Kelly. It's Radiohead year after all.

justacoolcat said...

I thought it was a Portishead year.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's an all-Head year, JustA. Have you heard the new Portishead album? It's pretty great.