Tuesday, April 22, 2008

zombie footprints

things I do right:

- turn down the thermostat, put on a sweater
- bypass the dry cycle on the dishwasher

- shun excess packaging
- open a window instead of using air fresheners
- pull weeds by hands
- shun chemicals in the yard
- installed a low flush toilet
- turn off the lights
- look after my trees
- shovel the snow onto the lawn
- take the stairs at work
- open the oven after it's turned off to heat the kitchen
- manipulate windows and curtains in summer to cool the house
- take short showers
- reuse plastic bags
- don't flush after each pee (in my own private bathroom only of course!)
- use two rain barrels
- rescue spiders and ladybugs
- bought an energy efficient washing machine
- turn off the tap while brushing my teeth
- clean the shower while showering
- berate people who don't recycle

things I do wrong:

- drive, quite a lot
- live 30 kms from work
- gave up on my composter after it stopped working
- use an electrically powered elliptical instead of running outside
- keep the computer on all day
- use incandescent light bulbs
- own a dishwasher that requires prewashing of dishes
- use plastic grocery bags
- use a gas mower
- still have a lawn
- use some commercial cleaners
- buy imported produce if necessary
- live in a city that doesn't recycle plastics except milk and pop bottles
- stomp on ants
- fly to Seattle to see Radiohead (not my fault! If they played Calgary I would happily take transit)

You didn't really think I would get through two posts in a row without mentioning Radiohead, did you?

So how did I score on my Earth Day report card? Feel free to judge me and offer me advice for self-improvement, everybody else does.

Speaking of Radiohead and being environmentally conscious (because if anybody is, it's Radiohead), my new blog friend at Everything is Pop, Pop is Everything alerted me to the fact that Radiohead will be the virtual musical guests on Late Night with Conan O'Brien on Wednesday night. I'm telling you this because EIP,PIE is a great blog, and also because the Late Night with... news bears repeating, not only because you can see Radiohead perform House of Cards, but also because they are performing from London, to spare the environmental toll of flying to New York for a single performance.

And if you want to see Radiohead's performance of Creep as the first ever musical guests on Late Night with... in 1993, those purveyors of all things Radiohead - Green Plastic Radiohead - have the video clip up. It's well worth the click, if only for the bleached blonde mullet and the emoting.

Happy earth day to all my earthling friends and those of you of other persuasions!


Evelyne said...

Great list, should try it, but I might end up realizing that even if I'm studying in Environment, I don't always do what I'm studying. However, I think that you shouldn't feel too bad about the incandescent light bulbs: if you don't dispose the new light bulbs properly they can pollute quite a lot and there are a bunch of chemicals in them (such as mercury) kinda freaky when you read what you have to do if you break one. I think that you score higher than a lot of people. And the commercial cleaners are not all that bad, if they are phosphate free it's a good start

Anonymous said...

I get plastic bags from the grocer, too... but I use them as liners in my bathroom garbage cans. That's my excuse, anyway.

Having a lawn is like having your own mini rain forest. Does the same thing, just on a smaller scale. ;)

Well, driving to Radiohead would be FAR less earth friendly!

Happy Earth Day Barbara, peas on earth and Goodwill Games for all.

Unknown said...

Great list. I share many.

Loved your music list(btw). You have more of my favorites listed than I do. Ha.

I need to budget more time and come by more.

Orphanage? On my to watch list. (That and ILS(Them).)

Hope it was good - I'm counting on it.

bloody awful poetry said...

Micehall is soo right. Better to fly to Radiohead than to drive to them =)
And you have a pretty awesome list going there! I mean, I barely do half of what you do.And I don't actually need heating (it's hot as hell here).And I'm sorta proud to say that my family doesn't use air-conditioning or air-fresheners and stuff. But I'm pretty good at unplugging stuff and turning off taps. And recycling paper.

Aaaah I'd love to get it ON with some emoting and bleached blondness, but my computer is a stupid ass and will not let me watch videos. Boo!

John Mutford said...

You have a much higher grade than I. I'm guilty of most in your bottom list (though not the electric excerise equipment- I just don't exercise, period), plus some in your top list, and I replaced all the energy saving bulbs at work with the old kind because they're more aesthetically pleasing to me.

Gifted Typist said...

Excellent post Zombie.

I'm less frightened about greenhouse gases than I am about oil supplies. And water.

Everyone says "technology" will get us through the coming energy crisis, but it won't get us through with the same lifestyle we have now.

Allison said...

Excellent list. Share many of them. This year I've switched from the plastic bags and bring a cloth one to the store, or I try my best to reuse them as often as I can.

D'oh! I'm glad you were alerted to Radiohead on Conan I made a note (actually in my agenda) to tell you that! :)

Gifted Typist said...

Thanks to your post, I've just located the "air dry" button on my dishwasher and set it.

I never realized you could do that

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Honestly, it doesn't take too long to get used to carrying cloth bags to the grocery store. Those plastic bags are so awful for everything and everyone. But thanks for doing some good stuff! (Change out those light bulbs though!)

Sean Wraight said...

Thank you so much for the mention Barbara. Kudos too on your "Eco-goodliness". I think you should consider peeing and brushing your teeth in the shower by candlelight whilst humming Fake Plastic Trees though.

Just a suggestion.


What is so twilight zone about your list Barb is I actually wrote one almost identical yesterday on my blog but blogger ate it.

Perhaps we are living in a parallel universe ... except in mine I always flush.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Well that's good to hear from an environmental expert, Evelyne, that I am not in fact single-handedly killing the planet.
I have heard some horror stories about breaking those fluorescent bulbs. Yoiks.

I use those plastic grocery bags in my kitchen garbage can too, Micehell. I don't really know what I would do without them. Buy plastic bags?
I use my lawn as a gage for whether or not my trees need water, so yes I can see the mini rain forest analogy.

Isn't it great when you run into someone who shares your musical tastes, Busterp? Always a treat. And now I have to check out your music list.
Orphanage is well worth seeing - very haunted.

Your family deserves big kudos for not using a/c, BAP in such a hot country. That takes stamina!
So sorry you can't see the young blonde Thom - you'd love the performance I'm sure!

hahaha when you get to my age, you will be forced to exercise, John! Enjoy yourself now!
It's hard to read by those fluorescents, innit?

You must have a way better dishwasher than I do, Typist, although that's actually a given. I have to wait till the wash cycle is done, then cancel and open the door.
I don't limit myself to fretting about greenhouse gases, I let myself fret about water and gas as well. I'm an equal opportunity worrier.

How sweet of you to look after and condone my Radiohead addiction, Al! Remind me to do the same some day.
I have lots of canvas book bags, I should use them.

But what do your put your kitchen garbage in, Dr M? I've never been able to figure that part out. Without grocery store bags, then what? Also cleaning the litter box. I'm afraid I'm addicted.

I already DO all that, Sean! It's kinda creepy how you know that!
Happy Radiohead on Conan Day!

Yes, but you have a puppy, Urban, making flushing mandatory.
Aren't you glad I wrote your list for you though?

Toccata said...

I made the switch to cloth bags about a year ago but so far plastic bags still seem to make their way into my house. I also made the switch to the new lightbulbs thinking myself very superior only to find out that they have concerns about them as well. That's where it gets tough. So much conflicting information.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

There is a lot of, if not always conflicting, certainly confusing, information, Toccata. If I didn't need garbage bags anyway, I would use cloth, but.

justacoolcat said...

Things I do right: Write.
Things I do wrong: Try to destroy the world.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

But if you succeed in destroying the world and then write about it, what side of the line does that then fall on, JustA?

Anonymous said...

Fine list, Barb and I'm happy to say I share many of your quirks. I've also started air-drying my laundry and then using the dryer to finish them off.
I missed Radiohead - was Conan pleased?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I don't know, Berni, we turned off the tv immediately after Radiohead was done. Thom did a goodly amount of head swivelling though, so that kept us happy.

I like hanging out clothes with you when we visit!

Karen said...

Sure there are improvements you could make but I'm guessing you're greener than most zombies. Good on ya.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thanks Karen, that means a great deal to me, coming from you, as I know how eco-aware you are.

Johnny Yen said...

Hey, a dishwasher, even with a prewash, is better than hand-washing, regarding water use.

I try to bring a bag with me to a store whenever I can. However, since I drive a Chevy Blazer, that doesn't mean much. I'm already looking to the future for my next car-- it's got to be something with better gas effeciency, especially with gas hitting four bucks a gallon here in Chicago.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Gas is getting pretty pricey here too, Johnny Yen. I wish I didn't have to drive as much as I do - for many reasons. Maybe I need to quit my job.