Friday, April 18, 2008

Summertime (doesn't) roll

It began to snow late morning.

I ran out and stocked up on supplies before the white stuff really started to pile up. It's supposed to snow all weekend and right through Monday, and even on Tuesday there's a 60% chance of snow. It's snowing like a sonofabitch right now, with at least 4 inches on the ground already. Another 3 or 4 days of this will mean a rather significant accumulation.

Guess I don't have to run out to the nursery to buy any bloody bedding plants this weekend.

Instead we are hunkering down with some books and dvds and the new Holy Fuck cd, and partaking in some serious chowing down - lasagna tonight, beef ribs tomorrow, and turkey on Sunday (to make up for exchanging our Easter turkey dinner for a package of trans-fat laden cookies on the plane). That part is going to actually be rather glorious, and I fully expect to have plenty of time for internetzing, so expect me to stalk you all weekend
long, waiting for you to entertain me.

I also came across a new Q magazine in the store today, which boasted a 32-page Radiohead special, so I'll be curled up marvelling at the On a Friday haircuts and chortling at stuff like this:

At the age of 10, he formed an unnamed duo with another Standlake pupil. Setting the template for what was to come, his first song wasn't a fumbling ditty about girls. Rather, Yorke penned Mushroom Cloud, about the dreadful beauty of a nuclear explosion.

Oh Thom, even at the tender age of 10, you were super awesome.

Evidently the nearest thing to summer that we will see this weekend is a photo stolen off the internet, so to minimize the pain, I will indulge in a Favourite Five Friday, which this week celebrates the Five Favourite Songs with Summer in the Title:

I Know Where the Summer Goes - Belle and Sebastian
Thing (Summer in 6/4 Time) - the Cape May
Summer Please - Chixdiggit
Summer Is No Man's Land- David and the Citizens
The Other Side of Summer - Elvis Costello

Has anybody used mydatabus lately? I was going to offer up mp3s of these songs, but mydatabus seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth. Those bastards better not have taken my $10 and pissed it away on booze and hookers! And I am far too lazy to find another file-sharing site right now, but if mydatabus decides to turn itself in at the border, I'll put up the mp3s.

No matter what the season where you are, I fully expect you to be living la dolce vita. Weather be damned! Pass the wine.
Update: mydatabus has been nabbed at the Mexican border with a sack full of Canadian ten dollar bills and playlist to die for. The mp3s are now up. Go nuts!


Toccata said...

Oh my goodness. I just told you on my blog that we too had snow. Of course ours only lasted for about 7 minutes but it was white. Oh, turkey dinner. That sounds good. Enjoy your magazine.

Allison said...

I only noticed mydatabus wasn't working this morning when I tried to download that uber fine playlist over a A Cup of Coffey. I hope it goes back up soon.

Sorry to hear about the snow. I won't mention what the weather is like here. Enjoy the new Holy Fuck (and let me know how it is ;)).

Gifted Typist said...

I was going to say: Check with Beth over at A Cup of Coffey on the Data Bus thing.

That snow is soul destroying. It's sunny and warm here, like Victoria is supposed to be.

Allison said...

*Enjoy the new Holy Fuck CD is what I meant to type. :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I was listening to the national news report last night, Toccata, and chortled when they mentioned that Victoria received some snow. Meanwhile we are sitting here with snow up to our knees and much more to come, but that wasn't newsworthy enough!

I think Beth finally broke mydatabus, Al. I'm blaming her.
hahaha I am glad you clarified that it was the album to which you were referring. I mean, we're pretty close, but not that close.
Enjoy some glorious British spring weather for me.

I'm actually dealing with the snow rather well, Gifted. At least this time we received warning and were able to batten down the hatches. Besides, I really feel like reading. Maybe I'll even mess about with some paints.

Sean Wraight said...

You poor woman... Snow would pretty much collapse my psyche after the winter we just endured.

Look on the bright side, no yard work for at least another two weeks! And any excuse to stay at home and listen to Radiohead or Holy Fuck is all right in my books.

Trust me, it won't be long and we will be complaining about the heat.

Hang in there.

Deb said...

Wow, the eatin's good at your place.

Our would be something like this:

Lasagne (of the Stouffer's variety)
Beef Ribs (from the Safeway deli)
Turkey (leftovers from the freezer)

See, I told you not to let mydatabus extort money from cheap like me. :)

Yes, as tc said, we had snow too. And now it's sunny...what gives?

Anonymous said...

Snow still, I can't conceive it. It has been in the low 80s here the last couple of days, the spring flowers are withering. I'd ask to trade but somehow there is just no going back to the cold now. I'm geared up for gardening.


Somehow we are already running out of food. Could it be having an 18 year old male in the house?

Perhaps you could throw a drumstick our way? :P

Toccata said...

Oh, I hope you found time to mess around with those paints! Nanaimo had 24 cm of snow today. Their record for the entire month of April had been 4.6 cm! It's crazy.

BeckEye said...

It's like 60s, 70s here.

I'm such a rubitinnsky.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Hi Sean, welcome! I can't argue with you. I'm actually finding the whole thing rather cozy, and we had a pretty easy winter so far. Now I just need to work on a way to make the days longer.

Deb, next time you're in town, you are coming over for a big feed.
And hey, mydatabus is back up. Seems they didn't steal my ten bucks after all.

I shall just come over to your site to enjoy some photos of real springtime, Leazwell. It's a shame we can't split the difference on the weather though.

I'd invite all of you to supper over here, Urban, but somehow I suspect that we don't have enough food for an 18 year old male either.

Why that's just bonkers, Toccata! I'm not sure why we had to wait until April to get any real winter this year. Somebody is going to pay.
And no, I still haven't read the papers yet today, let alone messed with paints!

That's okay, Beckeye, I'll remember that when it's 130 degrees with 90% humidity there and here it's ... still -20 and snow. Never mind.

justacoolcat said...

I hear that having your 10 bucks pissed away on booze and hookers during a Canadian Snowstorm is a rite of Spring.


Anonymous said...

Beef ribs, turkey, lasagne - dude, it needs to snow more often in the Calgarian Spring, you guys know how to FEAST when the white stuff hits!

We have cold. Just cold. It's so depressing. But we also have wine! Lots of wine! So that's not so depressing.

And yeah, to hell with those little annoying bedding plants. Fixing them into the ground is harsh on the knees anyway. ;)

Who needs all that annoying color when you're surrounded by snow? Just ask Kate Moss! oops, wrong snow.

Anonymous said...

Snow! We had a "weather alert" down here. Nothing came of it, but I saw a few flakes...but enough about my co-workers.

LOVE that you've got Radiohead on your show itinerary. Stay warm and safe and cozy. Croquinole anyone?


Barbara Bruederlin said...

It is, JustA, but we're usually in Florida at the time. Virtual pissing away feels different somehow.

We have so much food stuffed into the fridge and spilling over the waistbands of out sweatpants, it's disgusting, Micehell! Fortunately all this wine helps us to forget that we are disgusting, so it's all good again.
I hope copious amounts of wine are helping you battle the cold. It's important to stay hydrated!

Crokinole! Excellent suggestion, GOB!
And I love that I have Radiohead on my show itinerary too!!!! So excited!

Karen said...

I was hoping to gloat about your recetn batch of bad weather but ... alas we got dumped on too. It started snowing saturday and kept on going until I woke up this morning. What great weather to move boxes in. I think we had summer last weekend when it hit 25C. Short but sweet.

John Mutford said...

Why does old man winter always overstay his welcome. Time to break out the obnoxious music and blast the bastard out.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Holy crap, does it ever stop snowing in Canada? Is winter never over up there? If you can't take it anymore come on down to TN for awhile.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Argh! Are you moving this weekend, Karen? That blows donkey balls! (although some would say that's what you get for even thinking about gloating) I do hope you get a weather reprieve.

Obnoxious music! I did not consider that, John, good plan. Okay I shall scrap the pretty summer songs and switch to Celine Dion. And turn it up to 11.

That's all I was waiting to hear, Dr M. I shall be on the 3:00 flight, that'll give you time to get my room ready. Thanks.

Karen said...

Fortunately no, Barb. Next weekend is the BIG move (furniture). For the time being, we're just trying to move the boxes and smaller furniture by ourselves. I am glad we did it yesterday with a little snow rather than today with the blizzard I just went out in....

Dale said...

I almost feel guilty about hitting double digits with sunshine Barbara. Sounds like your contigency's a good one though! Thanks for the tunage!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I hear you, Karen. I just finished shovelling AGAIN! Although that is better than moving boxes in this weather.

Enjoy the tunes, Dale. At least around here, that's the closest we will come to summer for a while. Saves on A/C bills.

bloody awful poetry said...

You should pick up the soundtrack for the movie A Scanner Darkly.
Mostly Radiohead stuff, rare tracks and a bunch of remixes.
Oh and watch the moive while you're at it. Super awesome stuff. =)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I've seen A Scanner Darkly, BAP - damned fine film! Robert Downy Jr is awesome as always and even Keanu Reeves is well cast.
And the soundtrack is amazing, although I am surprised they did not use Primal Scream's A Skanner Darkly at all. Too obvious maybe.