Wednesday, April 02, 2008

in a town so small there's no escaping you

The clerk in the paint store certainly earned her wages today, when I went in with the world's smallest paint chips. No, those are not insect larvae that you see taped onto that 7x4 inch pad that one over-zealous real estate agent keeps leaving in our mailbox. Those are paint chips.

We are replacing the toilet in the downstairs bathroom and the new tank is smaller than the old one. And as a testament to my OCD tendencies, as evidenced when I painted the walls the first time, these nano-chips were the only bits of
excess paint that I could scrape off the baseboard. Sometimes perfectionism is over-rated.

But kudos to the clerk for finding what seemed to be a perfect match to the paint flakes, and in very short order as well. The true test will come when I paint the wall tonight. So if you ever pee at my house, I don't want to hear any complaints about the badly painted wall. The finest efforts of a paint professional went into that wall.
One thing that I am not making much of an effort on at all is generating any personal interest in the upcoming Juno awards. They are being held in Calgary this year and, with my interest in Canadian music, I really feel as though I should be making an effort to at least feign interest in the goings on. After all, the city has been ramping up for this thing all month, with concerts and contests and yadda yadda.

But, in the end, they are still the Junos. They still celebrates sales and not quality. I can't make myself believe in these poor cousins of the Grammys just because they are being held in Calgary.
Something that I can wholeheartedly celebrate, though, and shout out my love for to the world, is As It Happens. The flagship CBC radio program is, I readily admit, where I get most of my news and current affairs information. It has been using the same phone interview format highly successfully for the past 35 years, and I admit to having serious girl crushes on those sassy As It Happens ladies, Barbara Budd and Carol Off.

Today they outdid themselves when they revealed that the interview they ran yesterday with an official from the Canadian Mint, who revealed plans to do away with the five dollar bill and replace it with a three dollar coin (because it makes more sense mathematically), was indeed an April Fools Hoax. But not, of course, before playing some of the myriad of voicemails and emails that they received from outraged and perplexed listeners commenting on the inequity of having to carry yet another coin around and making suggestions for names for said proposed coin.

Oh you sassy As It Happens ladies! How you toy with our minds!
Coming up, I wholeheartedly participate in a meme tag naming my Top 15 Sexiest Male Musicians. I am working on cutting down my list as we speak.

Also coming up, more vacation photos (don't you dare yawn), this time from San Francisco. There'll be sea lions cavorting!

Oh yeah, and a review of Douglas Coupland's latest novel.


bloody awful poetry said...

Oooh me still awaitings the meme =)
I know right?? It's so mucho hard to keep that list down to just 15. I had 30 originally. And i didn't really wanna break the Internet so I cut that by half. And i still think fifteen isn't quite enough.
I need to post a second part to this thing.

mister anchovy said...

I can hardly bear awards shows, and the Junos are just about the worst. Who are this Nickleback people they keep giving awards too? Are they for real?

Gifted Typist said...

Oh BB, you and me, we are so at one with

1) painting OCDness. I only discovered my inner OCD when I set out to paint the living room. It turned me into a monster that I hardly recognized. Never again. It's not healthy

2)Junos awards sales. Ho hum.

3) AIH. My CBC true love, along with Michael Enright who used to do AIH. Always funny and witty, smart and interesting. A real (reel!) lifeline to the world. And I fell for the $3 coin thing too.

Tanya Espanya said...

I only heard them last night talking about the coin, so I wasn't able to be fished in...although I would have totally fallen for it.

And please get rid of the penny.

Allison said...

Just the thought of a 3 dollar coin...shudders.

Sounds like you have a lot of fabulous posts in the mix. I'm looking forward to the musician one especially!

John Mutford said...

The coin thing would probably have gotten me, too.

I'm looking forward to your list. Admittedly it's to see how you reconcile Thom Yorke.

I was on CBC News (NewsNorth) for April Fool's too. I was playing a Manitoban biologist in search of the new species of Arctic beaver. My TV debut!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Yes,part II would be exceedingly useful, Bloody Awful Poetry, and I do expect to post my top 15 within the hour or so. I hope you enjoy it.

The Junos are just so sad, aren't they, Mister Anchovy? Now the Polaris prize, that I can (and do( support.
Accchhhh, Nickelback - don't even get me started on how much I hate them, I just wish they were imaginary.

Oh I fell for the coin thing too, Gifted! But I really think that AIH is the perfect format, don't you? For it to be so relevant and fresh after 35 years, that's perfection.
And I do believe there is something about the painting process that brings out the inner OCD. It's all that prep work.

I was almost upset when they dropped our coffee prices at work from $1.59 to $1.55, Tanya because now how do I get rid of those 4 cents every day?

And they had me believing that the 3 dollar coin made more sense mathematically too, Al! There's one born every minute.
This sexy musician meme is a really fun one to ponder.

Oh my goodness, look how famous you are becoming, John! How very cool, it's all that acting background paying off, I guess.
Reconciling Thom, hahahaha, yes that took some thought, trust me.

Joe said...

After seeing those taped paint chips, I have to tell you that you missed a perfect career in crime scene investigation

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I always knew I was cut out for something more sexy than lab manager, Bubs. But I never knew my OCD tendencies were marketable. Damn, I need time machine.

Deb said...

The paint chips made me laugh...did the clerk have to haul out a microscope? Love it.

As for the Junos...usually don't bother but this year I will tune in to see Rusell Peters and Matt. I have earplugs ready at my side for Avril, Nickelback, etc.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

The clerk took it in surprisingly good stead, Deb - very unflappable. It was impressive.

I think I'll tune in to the Junos for a bit. Did Matt actually plan to attend this year? He's mellowing, isn't he?

I have tomatoes (canned) ready for Avril and Nickelback.


LMAOPMP at the paint "chips"

Would you mind if I renamed them Paint Specks? I know I'm getting old and the eyes are not what they used to be but I did have to enlarge the photo on that one.

Kudo's to the paint guy!


Oh Shit, I forgot to add we always deface that a$$eS notepads LOL

Barbara Bruederlin said...

hahhaha! He drops off a notepad every other week, I am sure, UB! He is just asking to be defaced with all those trees he is killing.

Paint nano-flecks would be even closer to the truth.