Saturday, April 05, 2008

high up above, aliens hover, making home movies for the folks back home

If you have any aspirations to be a music producer, now's your chance to try your hand at it.

Radiohead is hosting a contest for the best remix of their song Nude. The acclaimed Canadian improvisational electronica band Holy Fuck are currently leading the votes by a wide margin. I do like this band a lot, and not just because they have one of the more useful names in the music industry, although I do find myself using the name several times a day.

You can go here to listen to Holy Fuck's remix, along with a handful of others. A word of warning,
just don't Google "holy fuck nude remix", at least not at work. You'd be amazed what your search engine will turn up. Well, perhaps you won't be.

I voted for Holy Fuck's remix, but some of the others are pretty decent
too. If you've been feeling click-vote deprived lately, as I have been, you too can go and click away to give yourself the impression that you are doing something meaningful with your life.

Speaking of Radiohead, and who isn't these days, since they seem to be launching an armada of assaults on virtually every form of media, here's what the lads have been up to, by medium:

Thom Yorke was guest editor of Observer magazine recently, where he wrote the Editor's Letter, interviewed the mayor of London, and got all excited about bicycles in Paris.

On Thursday, Radiohead launched a new social networking site, called W.A.S.T.E. central. You too can become a member and post pics and invite the lads to be your virtual friends, just like on Facebook. Since I never did succumb to the siren's call of Facebook, I'm not about to sign up for this virtual bubblewrap either. Besides, with the exception of yours truly, Radiohead fans are all insane.

Radiohead have of course, always been highly computer savvy when it comes to connecting with their audience. Far from the fear of cyber-technology alluded to in their magnum opus, OK Computer, Radiohead have always embraced the technology, relying upon it rather heavily to produce some of their sounds, as well as offering the now famous business model of pay-what-you-want for the initial release of In Rainbows, right through to my favourite example of an excellent use of computer technology - the time they used an elaborate ruse to Rickroll their online devotees.

And now, Pitchfork is all excitedly announcing that Radiohead will be part of the debut of, a new music video site. Radiohead have reportedly filmed a performance, including an exclusive of Bangers and Mash, which will air on's Monday debut. Radiohead are no strangers to online video performances of course, having recently hosted several webcasts and mini performances on their own website, Dead Air Space, but it's quite another matter for them to be part of this launch.

Oh yes, and in January Thom and Ed were guest cohosts on BBC radio 6, when they took over hosting duties on Zane Lowe's show. They played a lot of great stuff too, including M.I.A., Sonic Youth, and none other than Holy Fuck.

Me, I'm waiting patiently to sign up for Radiohead digital phone service.


Allison said...

I heard about this remix and I'm excited to hear Holy Fuck's attempt. However I'm not able to access volume at the moment - I shall return though.

I did Google holy fuck nude remix and a flying pig and a robin came up in the image search! Found that curious! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Barb,
Love the name of the band. Unfortunately, big brother at work didn't.
My eye sight must be failing because I can't find any ad on your blog. I clicked on everything I could and I wait with baited breath to see what I accidently ordered.
Any idea what my vanity plate for my Jeep could read:)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

A flying pig and a robin, Al? That's truly disturbing. You can't say I didn't warn you!
Holy Fuck did a really nice job on the remix, it sounds quite pretty. I'm planning to buy their album, the nicely titled "LP".

I think the vanity plate you inadvertently ordered will read HLY*FCK, Bruno. But what are you doing at work on a Sunday?
I took that ad down last night. On Wednesday I put it up for a supposed one-day trial and did not hear back from the bastards, so off it went.

Gifted Typist said...

Between you and Beth (REMhead Beth), I all a flutter with Radiohead and REM. This is a good outlet for your OCDness, otherwise you'd be putting all that energy into waxing floors, like women did in the 50s

Deb said...

Great band name.

I am not computer savvy so I don't participate in anything that requires more than typing text.

God, Radiohead's on fire these days...they obviously own the internet.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You may very well be onto something there, Gifted. Another reason to love Radiohead - they have saved me from kitchen floor waxing! Although my OCD tendencies lean more toward painting walls to perfection at a nano-particle level.

Does that mean you won't be submitting a remix, Deb? Now that is a real shame, because I hear you rule at guitar hero.
Yup, Radiohead is pretty much taking over the world these days.

bloody awful poetry said...

Heyyy me no insane! At least. Just insane enough to function.
And I'm terrible with peer pressure. Gimme two months, three tops, and I'll have my very own Waste profile with my own virtual and free Thom Yorke to play with. Oh joy of joys.

phlegmfatale said...

Holy Fuck link is not working for me.
Fucking hell.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I do hope that you get the option to make him dance, BAP. That would be well worth succumbing to peer pressure for. Okay, maybe I do fall into the insane Radiohead fan category after all.

The remix page can be really slow in loading, I've noticed, PF, but Holy Fuck's myspace link should be okay.

justacoolcat said...

Radio who?

dguzman said...

there's a band called Holy Fuck?

Holy fuck, am I out of it or what?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Quit dissing my boyfriends, JustA.

You've been busy Dguzman,what with making the world a more equitable place one couple at a time and all that.
But Holy Fuck are pretty awesome!