Tuesday, March 11, 2008

spinning around three times and spitting over my left shoulder

At the risk of being bludgeoned to death in my sleep by some of you malcontents poor bastards in the east who have endured record snow falls and some truly nasty-assed weather this winter, I have to pose the question: is it safe to put my winter boots away in the basement yet?

I ask because people are golfing here. Some of the courses opened on the weekend.

Those of us who have been here for a couple of winters know better than to be fooled by a few weeks of shirt-sleeve weather and we are not doing anything hasty. I, for one, remember sitting in the stands at the Calgary Stampede during the first July that we lived here and huddling under a plastic sheet because it was snowing.

I agree with the discussion on the CBC this morning that those nutty premature golfers are putting us all at risk of having the full wrath of mother nature descend upon our heads when we least expect it. They're gonna jinx us.

Around here, the rules are:
1. you don't plant before the first of June (although almost to a person we all foolhardily put those delicate plants in on the May long weekend)
2. you leave your windshield scraper in the urban assault vehicle until May at least
3. you park your snow shovels by the back door and then you just leave them there throughout the summer

I don't bother switching my winter and summer wardrobes around any longer, because I have learned the hard way that one August day, I am going to need that turtleneck, just as I know that one January afternoon I will feel like wearing capris.

Is there one surefire action that will jinx the arrival of spring where you live?


Allison said...

Anything before the May long weekend is pushing it. That's when my parents open their pool, etc. However I remember one long weekend going camping and it hailed. Really, who knows with the weather these days.

All I know is I'm terrified to go back home in a few weeks. You made the right choice heading south!

Karen said...

People up here are even running around in shorts and flip flops. The fools. I'm still waiting for the final big dump of snow of the year. It's only March for pete's sake, folks! Sheesh.

jim dandy said...

I'm in a weird place. (a little place I like to call Earth)
It has been spring several times since January. Since our last big snow fall 2 weeks ago, we have had warm and rain. Very heavy rain all last weekend and sun all week since. Today it's looking like it's back into snow mode. So, all I know for sure is that I'm sure I don't know!

JustRun said...

Your winter/spring rules are similar to ours. However, that doesn't stop anyone from having spring fever and getting out the first chance they get. It's just human nature when you've been freezing your butt off for six months, I think.

Bring on the flip flops!

BeckEye said...

I don't even have a good pair of winter boots. I'm like an alien woman - I have about 5 pairs of shoes and they're all past their prime. I really should go shopping for more, but I hate shopping.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Did your parents save some of the driveway for you to shovel, Al? I would be tempted to do that.

Karen - I firmly maintain that we will always get 5-10cm during the second week of May and then again during the final week of May. I have annual photo evidence.

Yoiks, you could make a giant slushy there, Jim Dandy! It sounds a bit messy.

I think it also has something to do with it no longer being dark when you get to work and dark when you get home, Justrun.
I have to admit I have been eyeing up my flip flops recently.

I do have some decent boots, but on shoes I am the same way, Beckeye, I buy a good pair and I wear them until they fall off my feet and crawl off to the dump.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

When March 15 rolls around it's spring here.


I hate golfers. It's the stupidest game invented next to Extreme Ironing.

I never put the boots fully away I just don't wear socks. To me there is sock and boot weather and no sock and boot weather. Ahhhh, life in Calgary.

My fear is if this IS Spring now, we're in for one hell of a shitty summer.


Gifted Typist said...

I know global warming's a really bad thing and all that, but right about now.... a couple of degrees of warming is looking pretty good

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That sounds pretty official, Dr M. Not a day later, eh?

I would like to see a sport that combines golfing with extreme ironing, Blondie. Throw in a little ultimate fighting and it could be almost interesting.
I trust we are not discussing snowmobile boots here, are we?

It's the wording that throws us off, Gifted. If they were to call it global extreme and volatile weather change, then we would have truth in advertising.

Deb said...

Snow in July!!! Oh dear, that's criminal.

I don't know that we really get a spring here anymore...more like sprummer.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Is it sprummer there already, Deb?
And yes, apparently it has snowed in every month of the year here. Lovely eh?