Wednesday, March 12, 2008

If you didn't get enough Hedwig the first time ...

Good news for all the Hed-heads in Calgary, especially if you missed out on tickets for Sage Theatre's production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

Hedwig Has Been Held Over!!!

Due to popular demand, Sage Theatre's runaway hit Hedwig And The Angry Inch has been held over until Saturday, March 22.

Four special performances have been added (all shows at 8pm):

Wednesday, March 19
Thursday, March 20
Friday, March 21
Saturday, March 22

You can buy tickets online at the Sage Theatre site or call 263-0079, ext. 2.

And if you know at least 9 other Hed-heads who want to join you, you qualify for a special $20 rate.

Still not convinced? I sure loved it, and so did the Marthas plus the Martha-in-training.


I'm starting to get really excited about our upcoming California trip.

After a few panic-stricken moments, I did manage to retrieve our passports from the super-secure spot I filed them in a few months ago and then promptly forgot the location of.

AND I booked our tickets for Alcatraz today too. Our hotel looks to be about a 5 minute walk from the pier where we board the ferry to the island. Of course map 5 minutes often translate to real life 45 minutes, but we shall see.

I can't wait to meet my longtime blog buddy Will in real life.

PLUS I have my books all picked out for the flight. Oh it's going to be grand!


mellowlee said...

I'm excited for you too!!! Oh I do wish we had time to meet up too though!!!!!

Deb said...

Oh, I've missed so much here! I've been lazy, tired and lost in hockeyland somewhere.

California! How exciting.

I'm excited for you too.

Anonymous said...

walk much to see there and even though much is get to stop and see many things

Allison said...

You're going to have so much fun! I loved San Francisco, and Alcatraz was much fun too.

I did the hunt for my Canadian bank cards last night. Like you with your passports I put them in a secure place, only to realize I couldn't remember when. Funny when considering I live in a box. Glad you were able to recover them.

I'm with Mel though, I wish we could meet up as well. We need a bloggers getaway. ;P

Beth said...

Hug Will for me! I love SFO; wish I could meet y'all out there. Let me know if you need restaurant suggestions.

justacoolcat said...

"super-secure spot I filed them"
Aha, another squirrel person!

We had the same dilemma, luckily the spot the WIfey squirreled them away was in the old house and we know the renters.

Normally I'd be jealous of your trip, but since I have one coming up too I guess I'll let this one slide.


I would so like to be going in your suitcase to San Fran.... lucky you!

I would also like to go to Hedwig heard tons of great things from people who've gone but my significant other balked when he heard the audience participation thingy.

Never fails, no matter where he's sitting he always gets picked! LOL


Dale said...

Busy busy but in the best kind of way. Sounds pretty nice!

Will said...

Look forward to meeting you too!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous! Have fun fun fun Barb, Eva and Jerry. So what books are you taking? I just finished Shakespeare's Dog-verrrry interesting.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Me too, Mel! It seems such a shame, since we will be in the same city and all for a couple of hours, but you never know, there could be another trip in the works this summer.

Lost in hockeyland - that sounds more terrifying than my sock drawer, Deb. Hope at least your team is winning.

If much of it is uphill, I would suspect that an equal amount would be downhill, Kelly, so I'm looking forward to that part. I am certainly bringing walking shoes though.

A bloggers' getaway weekend sounds exactly like what we all need right now, Al. Where do I sign up?
I knew our passports were in the filing cabinet, but it's weird how one can lose things in a three foot box.

You should come meet up with Will and I, Beth, but I will pass along the hugs if that's not possible. Restaurant suggestions are ALWAYS welcome!

You left your important papers in the old house,JustA? Wow, you've got me beat, but I am not going to chastise another squirreler. Are you getting all excited for your trip too?

HA! He would no doubt become the lap dance recipient, Urban Blondie, and would never forgive you.

There's always some non-fun business kicking around too, Dale, but I try to avoid that as much as possible.

I'll email you later, Will and hopefully we can find a date/time that works for you.

I read Shakespeare's Dog many years ago, Berni, so naturally I recall very little about it.
I'm bringing The Gum Thief (Douglas Coupland) and A Spot of Bother (Mark Haddon).

phlegmfatale said...

That's an impressive if angry inch, if it may be "held over" an extra week. A grower, not a shower.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

HAHA! I'm surprised that no one else has made that particular penis pun yet, Phlegmmy. Well done, you.

Tanya Espanya said...

We went to SF two summers ago and loved it. Where are you staying?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

We're really excited about it, Tanya. We're staying in Fisherman's Wharf.