Sunday, March 23, 2008

the great California odyssey: day one

take home points of the day:

- sign at US customs stating that we must declare all liquor, fragrances and maple syrup

- Calgary airport bathrooms are waaaaay better than Vancouver airport bathrooms

- it was nearly 29 frickin degrees in San Diego when we landed! That's 84 in American! Had to buy flipflops at the bottle store

- our first new best friend was the shuttle driver from another hotel who offered us a ride after we had been waiting in the sun in front of the airport for half an hour for the lazy bastard from our hotel

- swam outside and drank a beer by the pool

- Old Town is really touristy but we had a tasty Mexican supper there, outside, whilst being serenaded by a Mariachi dude

- the ghost tour of San Diego was sold out tonight, but we stumbled upon Whaley house, supposedly one of the most haunted places in America, so we toured it at dusk

- it's dark here by 7:30pm

on the cards for tomorrow - a trolley tour of San Diego with stops including the Midway aircraft carrier, more Old Town, the zoo and a whole bunch of other destinations which currently escape me. Also a walk along the harbour in the evening to see the yachts and sailboats

I'm posting partly for myself so I don't forget what we did, so I apologize for not visiting over at your blogs. I'll be back soon!


mellowlee said...

Wow, sounds like you are having a great time already!!!!!

PS only half of the Vancouver Airport bathrooms are remodeled..some of them are quite swanky LOL!

Looking forward to hearing more of your vacation adventure :O)

Deb said...

For a city that's hosting the Olympics, we suck in overall indoor cleanliness. Never mind the airport washrooms, our hospital is worse! We just totally failed on the cleaning inspections and were rated the worst in the lower mainland. Go Richmond.

Ah, a beer by the pool. I want to do that so badly. Hope you guys have a wonderful trip...I'm glad you took along your laptop so we get a peek at the good life. :)

Deb said...

Ha comment posted at the exact same second as Mel's....great minds.....

Anonymous said...

Coronado Hotel...good place for a drink and its a neat old Hotel

Allison said...

One of my favourite meals was in San Diego, I think in Old Town! Glad to hear you arrived safe and are enjoying your time in the sun! :)

justacoolcat said...

I am only slightly jealous.

Anonymous said...

Hope Whaley House was good and scary. Please think of me when you're having the next beer by the pool, Barb. It snowed the whole morning here in western Manitoba.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Have a great time, you kids all desreve it.

Gifted Typist said...

Great idea to post for one's self to keep track of the trip.
Glad you're getting the well-deserved sunshine and beer by the pool

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I must have been using the non-swank ones, Mel. I shall specify I need the good ones next time I am through there.

Yikes, remind me not to get ill there, Deb. That's sure not the sort of thing you want to hear about your local hospital.
I will have a beer by the pool for you, although it would be better if you joined me.
And yes, you and Mel - quite the team!

We went there today,Kelly - beautiful spot, but we didn't stop for a drink, it was a little crazy around there. The beach is lovely though.

I can't imagine it was at Fred's Mexican Cafe,which is where we were, Al, because although it was good and really fun, it wasn't the top meal I have ever had. I'd be curious to know where you went though.

Because soon you will be toasting your buns in Jamaica, JustA, and then I shall be jealous.

Berni, sorry, although I feel badly for you, I can't help feeling delighted that we are basking in the heat and sunshine. So I shall just have to have more beer by the pool for the poor souls dealing with the snow.
The Whaley house had some eerier spots for sure!

We do, don't we, Dr M? And we are trying our best.

I'm really glad I brought the laptop, Gifted, it just makes it so much easier to journal the day. I love that I got to wade in the ocean today. sigh.

Toccata said...

Deb is right, Vancouver is known for their almost nonexistent and crappy public washrooms.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I was pretty shocked, Toccata, and with the Olympics coming up and all too.