Friday, March 14, 2008

all this talk of blood and iron (and decapitation)

Last night at supper the Resident Offspring was regaling us with a story of how her math teacher had warned them not to play with the window blinds, as the day prior a kid had been decapitated by them and another one had his jugular vein cut and was rushed to the hospital where he was spared within 30 seconds of dying. We laughed and laughed and agreed that Mr C was quite the jokester and bad-ass.

Except this morning on the radio, I heard that IT REALLY HAPPENED! Well, except for the decapitation part and the being within 30 seconds of death bit, but a kid was messing with the blinds and did have his throat cut when the safety mechanism was over-ridden and the massive blinds came crashing down on him. His mom was called and she took him to the hospital
for stitches, so he obviously wasn't in that much imminent danger of perishing.

The Resident Offspring, thrilled by this turn of events, googled her school name + decapitation and kept getting hits for Anne of Green Gables.

Yesterday I was thrilled to receive a postcard from that tropical hot-spot destination, Johnson City, Tennessee. I would show you how lovely it is and all, and what a pithy message that master of pithiness, Dr Monkey, wrote upon it, but I still haven't figured out how to use the scanner. I'm still working on figuring out the myriad of remote controls for the tv.


But this being Friday and all, and the sky is still relatively clear even though they predicted 5-10 cm snow to start this morning, I am pleased to offer you two Friday lists for the price of one.

The Post-Punk Lives Friday Random Ten
1. I never wanna be young again - Gogol Bordello
2. If I live or if I die - Cuff the Duke
3. Movin' on up - Primal Scream
4. No fucking, just kissing - Hefner
5. Ambergris march - Bjork
6. Exiles among you - the Weakerthans
7. Same old drag - the Apples in Stereo
8. She's losing it - Belle and Sebastian
9. Jingle jangle - Hot Hot Heat
10. Rhythm of cruelty - Magazine

And to help you perfect your introverted tortured artist persona, I am pleased to bring you this Friday's Favourite Five -

Top Five Post-Punk Bands
1. Joy Division
2. Gang of Four
3. Wire
4. Magazine
5. Echo and the Bunnymen

Think I am way off the mark? Who would be on your list, and would you base the criteria on their influence upon the evolution of music or on the fact that you love those bands, or those haircuts? Let's have a smack-down!

Or we could just sit in the corner together and talk about how the world sucks.
Have a great Friday, my preciouses.


BeckEye said...

I would probably put Echo a little higher up that list. I've never been a huge Joy Division fan. There was a song I used for one of my Sonic Sundays recently by the Wombats called "Let's Dance to Joy Division" and it's much more danceable than any of their songs!

John Mutford said...

Siouxsie and the Banshees would make my cut. I don't know anything about Wire.

John Mutford said...

I'm also not sure how far you want to stretch your definition of the genre, but I'm a big Talking Heads fan.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I remember that song, Beckeye, and while I agree that it was certainly more danceable than most Joy Division, I would argue that unless you can dance like Ian Curtis, you shouldn't be trying to dance to Joy Division anyway.
For the record, I've been loving Echo and the Bunnymen lately.

Siouxsie and the Banshees came very close to making the cut for me, John. A top five list does not give you a lot of wiggle room. I don't know a lot of Wire's music personally, just the impact that they had.
And I'm not sure I would count Talking Heads as post-punk, but that's sort of a grey area innit, what with yer post-punk influenced and yer post-punk revival and all.
Hell of a band, regardless.

Gifted Typist said...

Yup Talking Heads and Billy Idol

Allison said...

Yikes, that is a pretty scary story about the blinds. I'm chuckling at the googling and getting Anne of Green Gables though.

Thanks to you I've been grooving out to Echo tonight. Although once I started playing The National all else stopped. I'm in strong like with those guys, walks the line of love. :)

Have a great weekend Barb.


Re: the Blinds at HWW
Actually that kid is still in critical condition in hospital as it sliced his jugular vein. Such a FREAK accident!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Aha, you like the Billy Idol, do you Gifted? All that peroxide! I'd be tempted to call him more new wave. Fortunately I'm a big fan of new wave.

The National and Echo&tB really do have a lot of similarities in mood, don't they, Al? I like Boxer way more than Alligator, but I can hear how one led to the other. Currently LOVING Echo and the Bunnymen though, especially the live album.
Just be careful if you attend an Anne of Green Gables production.

I'm hearing some conflicting information on this accident, Urban Blonde, but yes, it was a shocking freaky occurrence. I sure hope he's okay.

Johnny Yen said...

I've been listening to Primal Scream more and more lately. Country Girl is a favorite.

A few years ago, my landlord had new energy-efficient windows installed. The guys took down our blinds but never put them back in. I put them up, but couldn't find the hardware to secure them. I pulled the blinds down on my head about a dozen times and really rung my bell.

phlegmfatale said...

Well, doctor doctor,what's in my shirt?

Love the de-crapitation story. Poetic, that.

Yays! Gogol Bordello plays dallas on the 19th! WOOHOO!

justacoolcat said...

If only irony had more "iron" and less "ic"; that is I hear less is more and twice the fun when it comes to rocking. I have no idea what that means. Sort of.

I was blind to the danger of window blinds.

File this under monkeys love to touch poop.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Hooray! My postcard if famous now!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I can never quiet figure Primal Scream out, Johnny Yen, they put out some really great albums, and then they can also put out some real stinkers. Consistency is not their long point.
I hope you eventually found the securing hardware for those blinds! One does not need one's bell rung more than a dozen times imo.

I knew you would catch the Gang of Four reference, Phlegmfatale. You know your GOF lyrics!
I'm so jealous that you get to see Gogol Bordello AGAIN! I expect a full report.

We live in the Iron(y) Age, JustA.
Why do you supppose monkeys are so taken with poop touching? Is it the 8 year old boy factor?

It's almost as famous as its world famous author, Dr M!

BeckEye said...

Billy Idol's post-punk? Oh, well then he tops my list. Man, I had a crush on him FOREVER.

BeckEye said...

Oh, by the way, you will love this:

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Not to be a genre-Nazi or anything, Beckeye, but Billy Idol is new wave. Have you told Glenn yet?

That clip is too funny, and I love your comment about Britney singing Just: Can't get the stink off, he's been hanging round for days - yup that's her song all right.

Anonymous said...

The world is a dangerous place! We were told about a kid who used to tip his chair back,lost his balance and cracked his head and DIED! I hate to show my ignorance, but who is the little cutie in today's blog?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Yoiks, that's awful, Berni, you sure don't expect to be killed from sitting in a chair.

I'm assuming you don't mean the little cutie in the first picture, but the other one is the late Ian Curtis, frontman of Joy Division.

Anonymous said...

I keep discovering bits of blinds and am noticing that they are slowly being torn apart but I have yet to see any blood except yesterday on the cat's fur but that was from a squirrel.

BeckEye said...

Well, Billy was in Generation X prior to going solo and they were a little more post-punk, or maybe even pop-punk. I think Billy was New Wave early on ("Dancing with Myself") but then just fell into plain old Rock. Whatever his genre was, I had all kinds of dirty, adolescent thoughts about him.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Our living room blinds are being slowly torn apart as well, Leazwell, but they are cloth. I sure hope yours are as well. Mind you, our cat also ate a large portion of her wicker basket.

I hereby appoint you Resident Billy Idol Subject Matter Expert, Beckeye.

phlegmfatale said...

I'm so effing exhausted, don't know if I'll make it to GB tonight. *le sigh* BUT... I have friends who will be there, so it's still tempting...

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Down a couple of cups of expresso, or a Red Bull if you must, and do go, Phlegmfatale. Of course you HAVE seen their show a couple of times before...