Friday, February 29, 2008

we are accidents waiting waiting to happen

This is almost exactly what it looked like to us when we were involved in a police takedown the other day. Well except for the guns. But I still felt like Starsky and Hutch, and that's pretty bad ass for a Wednesday afternoon.

We were driving home from school, stopped first in line in the far right lane at a red light on a major thoroughfare, when out of the blue three cops cars pulled into the intersection, facing us at an angle, lights flashing. I started to put the urban assault vehicle into reverse so that I could get closer to the curb to give them room, when one of the baby-faced cops came over and told me to leave my vehicle where it was as there was a takedown about to happen and they wanted to use the traffic to block the bad guy.

While I felt like a pawn in a giant cosmic chess game, it was pretty cool and I was pissed that once again I left the camera at home.

I was getting all pumped and planning my escape route (with the best possible view of the action) in case some bad shit starting going down, when it just all fizzled to a close. One of the cops listened into his shoulder walkie-talkie, said "okay, we're done", and they got into their vehicles and drove off.

I can't speak for my fellow pawns commuters, but I felt a little like I had been wined and dined and bedded, only to have my partner leave the room to go watch hockey before we really got started. Certainly less exciting than what I had been led to expect.

But what I am excited about and which I expect will be utterly fullfilling:

- this weekend with the Marthas, starting tonight

- getting Hedwigged at Sage Theatre, also tonight

- election day in Alberta - will Monday be the day we kick out the Conservatives after almost 40 years? I am voting strategically in the hopes of doing just that.

- Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanimo Bay - I've been waiting for this since the brilliant and stupid H&K Go to White Castle. And Neil Patrick Harris is back.

- Eastern Promises nominated for 12 Genie awards

- filmaker and CBC Radio Calgary's very own Jim Brown nominated for a Genie (along with film-making partner, Gary Burns) for their documentary on urban sprawl, Radiant City ("if you looked through that window of that guy's house and if he had his front door open, I think you could see the mountains")

- more Radiohead announcements - San Francisco's Outside Lands Festival on Aug 22-24 - perhaps we should postpone our San Francisco trip a few months.

And how the mighty have fallen. After bragging that I have picked the Canada Reads champion two year running, plus correctly identifying the first book voted off this year, all my predictions have since gone south.

My predictions (in order of dismissal):
From the Fifteenth District
King Leary
Brown Girl in the Ring
with the winner being Not Wanted on the Voyage

The reality:
From the Fifteenth District
Brown Girl in the Ring
Not Wanted on the Voyage
with the winner of course being King Leary

Congratulations to Paul Quarrington. I'll need to add your prize winning book to my reading lists.
I will be incommunicado all weekend, being held entirely against my will by a gaggle of sassy Marthas, so play nicely this weekend, I don't want to hear that anybody has been picking on anybody else. Ta ta for now!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the street scene was in need of a Galvano-Electric Regenerator.

Have a fantastic time!

Karen said...

We'll miss ya Barbara. But mostly I'll be jealous. Police takedowns, weekends with the girls.... you're awesome.

Gifted Typist said...

A polizei takedown. You will have somezink to talk about with ze Marthanators.

Toccata said...

For starters a very happy albeit belated birthday tummy rub to Sputnik.

Secondly, have an awesome time (oh maybe I too overuse that word) with the Marthas. No doubt you will. I'll keep my ear tuned to the CBC Calgary for any shinanigans involving the sassy Marthas. Hopefully you guys will not cause any traffic delays in forcing the police to take you guys down!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Once again "the man" used you for his nefarious purposes. Damn "the man." Good luck on voting out the conservatives.

justacoolcat said...

Wow, you can really pick books. Traffic routes? Not so much.

Sorry you didn't get to kick the bad guy's ass, but that's what you get for getting your camera.

Always bring the camera!

BeckEye said...

Were any of the cops hot? That would've been my primary concern. Unless bullets started flying.

Allison said...

I hope you are having an awesome weekend with the Martha's and partaking in karaoke goodness as I type. (I really don't know when I became such a karaoke pusher, honestly ;)).

Evelyne said...

Hope you'll have a great weekend. Police takedown sounds kinda cool, but you also wish that nothing bad's gonna happen to you. But it's a good way to take a normal day and make it more special.

John Mutford said...

I saw the poster for Harold & Kumar 2 last night. It had Neil Patrick Harris on a unicorn and underneath the caption read "What would NPH do?"

For that poster alone, I want to see it. Too funny.

Deb said...

my God, what an exciting life you lead.

Suddenly my crossword puzzle just isn't fun anymore.

Have a great weekend Ms. Martha.

phlegmfatale said... you were basically the equivalent of the frontier hausfrau peeping out the window in hopes of seeing the shootout on the main drag of town... Coolness!

John Mutford said...

Btw, any interest in signing up for the next Canadian Book Challenge?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It was certainly in need of something along those lines, Leazwell.

I just get caught up in these things, Karen - no planning on my part.

There really is never a shortage of discussion with the Marthas, Gifted, but yes it's nice to have something coolish.

We steered clear of police involvement this weekend, Toccata. I know you find that hard to believe, but tis true.

I voted as hard as I could, Dr M!

I really should have my camera surgically implanted into my arm or something, JustA. At least maybe I would then have an excuse for the awful pics I take.

They were mighty decent looking, Beckeye, certainly decent enough to hide behind in the event of flying bullets.

I'm almost afraid to tell you this, Al, since you have become such a karaoke-pusher, but we never made it karaoking. That does not mean there was not a great deal of public singing, however.

It certainly did turn that ordinary day into something memorable, Evelyne, and I was just as glad that it didn't make the front page news.

What would NPH do? - too great, John! I think that will become my new mantra.

Crossword puzzles can be pretty badass, Deb. Have you tried strip-crossword?

That's exactly how it felt, Phlegmfatale, my urban assault vehicle was suddenly a covered wagon.

I will check into it, John, and see how fast I can read. Thanks for the headsup.

Will said...

... or you could just simply come back to San Francisco. Looking forward to meeting you!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Well, why didn't I think of that, Will? Simple but effective. I'm really looking forward to meeting you as well!