Tuesday, February 26, 2008

there will be snacks, and giggling

The Marthas are breaking with tradition this weekend.

We've come to our senses and realized that an annual Womanly Weekend is not sufficient to nourish our souls. One weekend per year of busting our bad selves out to terrorize the town and then retiring to a hotel room for noshing and quaffing and soul baring merely starts to chip away at the crust of responsibility that the world has slathered upon us.

And this weekend, world, I am giving you fair warning - the Marthas are coming to town.

On the agenda:

Friday night - Hedwig and the Angry Inch at Sage Theatre
The Resident Offspring has graciously agreed to share play night with a gaggle of Marthas. I think she secretly enjoys being an honourary Martha; she is after all, the first minor to break into the sacred inner sanctum.
Should we dress up, do you think? Suggestions for outfits to wear to a production of Hedwig?

Saturday afternoon - playing with clay
I think we are just painting pre-made bits, not actually getting our hands dirty, but it's still immensely satisfying.
This is a plate that I painted a few years ago on a Martha weekend and it still hangs on my kitchen wall, where it continues to please me. We've been spending the last few Womanly Weekends schlepping about town and shopping and personally I am looking forward to the change.

Saturday night - dinner and karaoke
This is not written in stone, but much interest has been expressed, to the point where I sussed out karaoke bars in the vicinity of our hotel. I rather expect that my first choices in karaoke songs, Fairytale of New York and Two-Headed Boy, will not be available, but I am willing to dig deep and belt out some standards, like Mac the Knife or Beyond the Sea. Or anything by ABBA, of course. I would rather scoop my eyeballs out with a rusty melon baller than warble along to the Eagles or anything from Grease, though.

later Saturday night through to Sunday morning - pyjamas, food, wine, board games, girl stuff

Sunday afternoon - undetermined
No doubt this will involved some shopping, we are talking about the Marthas after all, and I am a bit of a black sheep with my non-shopping gene. It will be well worth it, provided Sandra starts cackling like only she knows how (and you know she will).

Sunday supper time - teary goodbyes
We'll head home, exhausted but with rejuvenated souls. The Marthas will have saved the universe once again.


Beth said...

Wonder if I have time to get a decent air fare ...

justacoolcat said...

Oh noes, a gaggle of Marthas unleashed.

I'll keep a fire extinguisher handy.

JustRun said...

Woo hoo! Live it up!

Dale said...

Rejuvenated souls and possibly pottery. And a scar. You should wear something leather or at least studded (try to avoid bedazzled goods) or maybe something ripped to Hedwig. I'd enjoy the play I'm sure since I love the film.

Allison said...

Sounds like much fun, I wanna join too! ;)

You must to karaoke! It was more fun than I imagined, especially with the right group of people.

Look forward to hearing about all the shenanigans.

phlegmfatale said...

omg - I'm having Martha-envy. I hope your Martha blow-out is plumb eat-up with stank. Take one for the team, for those of us out here, we repressed souls who have never connected with our inner Marthas. Okay, mine's a Hazel, but, anyhoo. Have fun.

I wish you could wear my hologram platform pump oxfords - they might just be wild enough for a Martha event.

You definitely need to make a teeny effort with the coiffures for the Hedwig show, at the very least.

BeckEye said...

Oh, for a minute I thought that you were going to be playing with Clay Aiken.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

you must dress up! leather is a fine choice but i'd go with feathers myself.

i saw hedwig a few years ago live. very awesome.

tee hee.. clay aiken.

Gifted Typist said...

Not sure what brings this to mind: The Marthanators.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Pay full fare, Beth! We'll make it worthwhile!

It's forward planning like that which makes you tough as granite Minnesotans tough as granite, JustA.

Justrun, you know it, girl!

You should really be my Wardrobe Advisor, Dale. I wonder if I have time to run out and get a studded leather dog collar? That would look fab with ripped fishnets.
You should join Beth and head out here too.

Consider yourself in, Al! In fact, I am taking the liberty of naming you Karaoke Advisor. You know, to keep people from singing choices they will regret in the morning.

hologram platform pump oxfords, Phlegmfatale? Can you see me drooling right now? Those sound incredible, I do hope you have posted a picture.
We shall totally pimp out our coiffures, and tip a glass in honour of the Hazels.

I don't even think that will be allowed during the karaoke part, Beckeye, even if he does sometimes pretend he has Thom Yorke hair.

Ooooooh, feathers! Yes, teamed with animal prints! Would consider being Wardrobe Advisor as well, 668? And I'm pretty sure you know all the words too.

That's when we strap on our AK57s and thigh-high boots and hit the town, Gifted Typist. We are scary awesome. Or perhaps awesome scary.

Beth said...

Do I need to pack a sweater?

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I hope your hasband will be doing something manly while you gals hook up.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Sweater, definitely, Beth and bring your karaoking outfit as well. We will be counting on your vocals.

He certainly will be, Dr M, buying groceries, cooking meals, laundry, all the manly stuff.
Glad to see you back on the blogs. How are you feeling?

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

only if i get to be wigmaster as well!

Gifted Typist said...

Marthas and the Bad Tempered Muffin.

I'll stop now.

dguzman said...

You Canucks are wild beings. Have a blast, eh?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

But naturally, 668, we certainly need a wigmaster! And who better?

I am groaning loudly, Gifted Typist while singing Echo Beach under my breath.

It's all the wildlife we have around here, Dguzman, it rubs off on one after a while.