Sunday, February 03, 2008

premium dancing alert

Radiohead helped celebrate the 200th episode of Later ... with Jools Holland (as well as Jools' 50th birthday) on Friday by performing several songs from In Rainbows on the show. You can enjoy video clips of Bodysnatchers, 15 Step, Weird Fishes/Arppegi and House of Cards here. In addition to the expected head swiveling and premium dancing, you can check out some hip swiveling action on 15 Step.

Thom appears to have given up his attempts at the Grizzly Old Man of the Mountain look and has hacked his facial furniture down to a more ambivalent I took the week off to finish building my garage and haven't had time to shave image.
Ed, on the other hand, appears to be totally committed to his facial hair, and has it neatly trimmed into a full but tidy growth.

And huge props to Jonny for a BAFTA nomination for his soundtrack to There Will Be Blood!

I have a sneaking suspicion these Radiohead lads are no flash in the pan.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHA,oh, Thom!
Those hips don't lie!

Anonymous said...

I think you turned GOB into a House of Cards fan. We were listening to In Rainbows the other night whilst knitting & he got all misty, like you described when you first heard it after downloading the cd. I was watching one of the videos off the link you provided, the one of Radiohead live in San Diego, & he sorta wandered over in this funky daze, hahah... :D

The Superbowl is MUCH funner when the Seahawks play!

phlegmfatale said...

wot? No more facial topiary from Thom? What's the world coming to?

word verification?

Toccata said...

More importantly, is he keeping his shirt on?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Ain't that the truth, Anony? Thom is Shakira!

Awww, Michelle, I now love GOB utterly! Any man who cries to Radiohead and can move in a funky daze has got my vote.
Superbowl was no fun at all without the Seahawks.

He's still rocking the I'm too badass to shave look, Phlegmfatale, never fear, but he has pulled back from the ZZ Top factor. (thank you jeebus)

And a very nice shirt it was too, Toccata, which I am happy to report stayed firmly in place.

Will said...

Thank you for the video link ... you are my #1 source for Radiohead information.

Many congrats to Mr. Greenwood - you know if things ever hit Marr/Morrissey territory with that Yorke kid, it's good to see that he has a backup plan. Let's hope (and pray and sacrifice sheep to see) that doesn't happen.

Gifted Typist said...

Oh, how I long for Later with Jools Holland. It really is a great show for music heads and Radiohead heads like you BB.

Dale said...

I love Jools too, why don't they air it here the wankers?

Beth said...

These new kids are doing okay.

phlegmfatale said...

Got me ticket to Weakerthans today. Woohoo!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

The sheep has been sacrificed, Will and an offering made to the goddesses of keeping Radiohead together forever and ever. So we should be good.
They are each so talented on their own, together they are a force of nature.

Yeah, would it kill them to let us watch Later...with Jools Holland, Gifted Typist? Do we have to watch MuchMusic for the rest of our lives?

They are wankers, Dale. It's a conspiracy, nothing but a bucket of wank, as far as I am concerned.

It's a little early to call still, Beth, but I think they might be onto something with that rock n roll music.

Yes! Good going, Phlegmfatale! You will not regret it, I promise. And check out some of the Weakerthans songs I just posted as a little appetizer.

BeckEye said...


Barbara Bruederlin said...

He's 50 now, Beckeye and still has one of the best jobs in the world.

phlegmfatale said...

Tasty, that!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Indeed, Phlegmmy!