Thursday, February 14, 2008

my muscular organ in my thoracic cavity which pumps blood will go on

I do love chocolate, but when it comes to lovey crap, this is more my kind of valentine:

Sometimes - My Bloody Valentine

I did, however, love finding a real live postcard from the fabulous Allison in my mailbox today. From Scotland, nonetheless!

I do love postcards. You get pictures of places you have only dreamed of, you get those crazy foreign stamps, and because the message is open to scrutiny from the entire world, you usually get some pithy and succinct message from your pal. What's not to love?

Thanks Al, you da bomb!

And in the you guys are faaaassssttt category - all the pre-sale Radiohead tickets that went on sale this morning for the 8 southern USA dates were sold out by the time I got home from work today. Don't fear though, you can still get your groove on watching the lads do their groove thing, because the general ticket sales don't start till Saturday. I wouldn't doddle though.

I've gotta go canoodle me some chocolate now.


BeckEye said...

I didn't get any chocolate today.


Finally, a legitimate reason to use that line. Although, I really think that "cracking myself up" is quite legitimate.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

You better look me up if you go to any of those shows down here. I mean it.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I think you now own that line, Beckeye. Makes me feel like sending you a gift basket, with some critical items missing, of course.

The combination of the chance to meet the fabulous Dr M and see the most important band in the world is an almost irresistable draw to pull me down to the southern US, Dr M. Sadly, not this year.

Allison said...

I'm glad it reached you, and how quickly!!

I mailed another letter that same day, and as I was filling out the customs form the royal mail employee sat there and read the two postcards I was sending. And laughed. Of course this happens, but in front of the sender? How rude. ;)

justacoolcat said...

I wonder if they're playing in Mn?

Now I'm excited.

Beth said...

Damn, Barbara. You could have met Dr. Monkey AND me!

Mmmmm ... good MP3s are more Godiva than the chocolates in my world.

I keep hearing rumors that My Bloody Valentine is reuniting and will be touring.

Gifted Typist said...

I celebrated VD by watching my DVR'd American Idol with the little typists. All we could think about was how Drunky would be celebrating VD.

BTW, Drunky is BeckEye's term of endearment for Paula Abdul - it is forever seared into my headspace.

JustRun said...

I almost bought the CD at Starbucks this mornings. I predict it will be sometime in the next week. Just. Can't. Handle. The. Pressure. Any. More. :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Well it was a hell of a clever and sassy postcard, Al, but yeah reading it in front of the sender is awfully ballsy.
I guess you'll just have to take it as a compliment?

Not MN, Just A, but they are playing Chicago, Cleveland and Indianapolis. Indianapolis? Hell, the spousal unit does business there, I should see if he could arrange a trip.
We are planning to travel to either Vancouver, Seattle or Toronto to see them.

I have heard the same thing, Beth, and although I always have mixed feelings about band reunions, I am pretty curious about MBV.
I wish I was independently wealthy so that I could traipse around after my band and visit all my favourite bloggies, because you know I'd be knocking on your door.

Me too, Gifted Typist! In fact the first time, Beckeye used the name Drunky I thought I had died and gone to heaven! It's not quite enough to make me watch AI, but I sure do enjoy her recaps.

I was shocked when I first saw the cd at Starbucks, Justrun. All I could think about was Thom ripping pages out of his copy of No Logo.
The cd is worth caving to the pressure though.

mellowlee said...

Hope you had a great Valentine's day Barb. Postcards rock, YAY Allison! I used to have a wall full of them from friends, but they got lost in a move.

Toccata said...

Drunky is BeckEye's term of endearment for Paula Abdul! That's good.

It's weird to hear artists like Hem and Radiohead and Wilco in a Starbucks. I'm not sure I like it.
I was there over Christmas with my brother and we heard James Taylor's new album. My brother's review, "He took a lot of really great songs, slowed them down and managed to turn them into something truly boring."

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'll have to send you a good cheesy postcard, Mel, so you can restart your collection.

It makes me feel pretty ookie, too, Toccata. For me it all started with seeing the Decemberists at Starbucks, but Radiohead was what most unnerved me. Although I guess if I can drink coffee there, they should be free to sell their cds there.
Drunky is pretty much the best nickname ever!

Deb said...

I buy my own chocolate for Valentine's Day. And every day for that matter.

I bought my mum-in-law (who's also needs CA) a little plaque:



Barbara Bruederlin said...

Excellent, Deb! It's nice to know you can count on some things - like chocolate consumption.