Sunday, January 27, 2008

now THAT'S what I call bat shit crazy

- a 535 m track of ice, with a 56 m rise, built with hairpin turns and blind corners, moguls and jumps and a sheer drop cliff near the end of the run

- oh, and you race a bunch of other guys to the bottom

- on skates, at 50 km/hr

The Red Bull Crashed Ice Championship is touted as being a combination of speed skating, downhill ski racing, and boardercross, and it's pretty much the craziest thing I have ever seen. Apparently this was the third year it's been held, but I hadn't heard of it until a few days ago. We made sure to watch the finals last night, and they proved to be a how-to guide in extreme sports.

The track is built in front of the lovely Château Frontenac in Quebec City, and the races are held at night, with flashing lights and pounding music and cheering crowds. It looks to be a real testosterone-fest, but lots of fun to watch from the comfort of your own couch.

The races are run in heats of 4, and the really crazy thing is that a camera operator with helmet cam follows each group down the ice. The only way you would get me on that track would be on a big old tractor inner tube.

Here's a taste from last year's championship.

Meanwhile back here in Saneville, I have now mailed out the Making Zombie Noises mixed cds to everyone who requested a copy, so start looking for them in a week or so. If you missed out on the offers, shame on you. No, you still have one more chance to get in on the action. Just let me know. I'll take requests until Tuesday.


Karen said...

That sounds awesome! I'd watch it.

mellowlee said...

I wanna watch it...Crazy!
Yippeeeee! I am so excited to get a Zombie CD!! I will be watching for it. Thanks Barb!

justacoolcat said...

Those Red Bull events are always awesome. Can you get me a job as one of those crazy camera guys for next year's event?

John Mutford said...

What an insane sport. Why do these people hate their jugulars so much?

Joe said...

That looks so totally bad-ASS. Seriously.

I'd never do it in a million years, but I think the people who do are sub-zero cool.

Allison said...

That looks intense.

I am greatly looking forward to my Zombie CD gracing my mailbox by summer. ;)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You would have enjoyed the hockey gear, I think, Karen. And the breakneck pace.

It should be there posthaste, Mel! I hope you enjoy.

You knew about these Red Bull events already, Just A? Why did you never tell me? Why?
Okay then, you are next year's cameraman.

I believe it's a poorly hidden death wish, John.

I agree with you completely on your assessment, Bubs - full of awe, but could never be convinced to try it.

Maybe it would be faster for you to come for a visit and pick it up yourself, Al!
I can't wait to hear about Scotland!

BeckEye said...

That looks like fun. I guess Red Bull gives you wings and a death wish.

Anonymous said...

Re # 38 on your list, Barb. People should know that your short story was published in the same issue of Prairie Fire as was a story by world famous author Carol Shields. (I am so late because my monitor was broken)

John Mutford said...

Completely off topic, I saw the Jesus and Mary Chain sleeve and thought of you.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Red Bull should totally change their commercials to reflect that reality, Beckeye. More to the point, why are you not in advertising?

Have I paid you your literary agent fees yet this month, Berni? The cheque is in the mail.
Broken monitor! Argh! I told you booting it was not to be taken literally!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Missed you there, John! That's brilliant! Great find. And the first Prince one is pretty awesome too!

JustRun said...

Dang, I wanna see that in person.
Is that just wrong?

Anonymous said...

I'd do that skate for a BTZ CD.
You;re a dove BB.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I wanna see that in person too, Justrun, and I'd even dig out the old wineskin to accentuate the experience,

You are braver than all get-out, Gifted Typist. BTZ cd winging its way to you as we speak!

Deb said...

Hockey players on crack?

Just what are they going to think of next?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I dunno, Deb, but I'm stocking up on beer and chips for the next event!

Will said...

Sooo excited to receive my cd. I think I will make one too to commemorate the new look for my blog. As for the super skating hybrid sport, that sounds pretty awesome in a too crazy to believe kind of way. Nothing that cool out here. Except I think the X Games are on. But they are not as cool.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I have to come visit to see this fancy new look, Will,I haven't been by in a couple of days. Any occasion is perfect for a mix cd, I would say!
X Games are extreme, but crashed ice is beyond crazy.