Friday, January 25, 2008

Ah thenk it's taime we both gote draissed

Is there anything nicer than the whole family having Robbie Burns day off? I didn't think so either.

The spousal unit went off to the fly fishing expo with one of his man friends, and I, meanwhile, wanted to acknowledge the resident offspring's scoring 98% in Film Studies, 86% in Spanish, and 83% in Social (Art mark yet to be determined), so we took ourselves off to poke around some of our favourite haunts - Inglewood (home of Recordland) and 17th Avenue (home of Megatunes).

Being Robbie Burns day and all, the resident offspring made us a perfect mini roadtrip cd, featuring Scottish artists exclusively - Belle and Sebastian, Ballboy, the Jesus and Mary
Chain, Primal Scream, the Wedding Present, Arab Strap, Orange Juice, etc etc. 'Twas glorious. And naturally, from the moment we lifted our tousled heads from our rumpled beds, we conversed in our finest Scotch accents.

We are scoring a perfect 100 at getting lost whenever we try to go to Inglewood and always end up driving through yet another part of town that we have never set foot in before. And then somehow we always stumble upon our desired destination, more through luck than any planning.

We forgot that we were talking in our accents as we poked in and out of stores, but didn't get too many weird looks. Maybe it was the RI's newly red hair that made us look authentically celtic. RI took some photos in this junky old store, crammed with military artifacts, which absolutely reeked of tobacco smoke, and aroused the suspicion of the proprietor who couldn't understand of what and why we wanted to take photos when we asked permission.

We came home with some cds (more details and some samples tomorrow), some art supplies and a belly full of
apple-rhubarb-cranberry slice. And didn't pay a penny for parking at either destination. Bonus day!

For the Robbie Burns edition of the Friday Random Ten, I cheated somewhat and used Scotch bands only. Robbie would be proud:

1. Stink - Arab Strap
2. Autobahn 66 - Primal Scream
3. Higher than the sun (higher than the orb extended extended mix) - Primal Scream
4. The art of kissing - Ballboy
5. Something wrong - the Jesus and Mary Chain
6. Blues from a gun - the Jesus and Mary Chain
7. The model - Belle and Sebastian
8. (If there's) no hope for us - Arab Strap
9. Hunted by a freak - Mogwai
10. Dark of the matinee - Franz Ferdinand

Although the our little local brew pub was not serving haggis tonight, so I felt a little ripped off and had to make do with a tasty reuben sandwich and some lovely beef and mushroom soup (which quite honestly would have gone from delicious to sublime with the addition of some barley), I had an utterly grand Robbie Burns day.

Ciamar a tha thu?


Toccata said...

Those are some nice marks. Congratulations Eva! A day of speaking in Scottish accents while poking around some favorite haunts sounds like a fantabulous way of celebrating.

Allison said...

Congrats to Eva! No finer way to celebrate then having the day off!

I wonder if there will be any type of celebrations still going on this weekend? I will be sure to have my camera ready to capture some action and report back. :)

Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

I can feel mom's pride bursting out at offspring's excellent marks. Congrats, BB. Those marks come with good support on the home front.

BTW have you read Alex Kapranos' Sound Bites, an eating diary written while touring the world with Franz F.I read it with a scots accent.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

We had more fun than we should have, really, Toccata. It comes from both being cursed with the goofball nerd gene.

I hope they celebrate for two weeks in Scotland, sort of like they do here, Al. I know you are sick of kilts after a childhood of suffering through them at weddings, but would it kill you to take a couple of shots of some purdy boys in kilts? I'd pay you for them.
Have a great trip!

I actually think they come more from a kid who is infinitely smarter than her mom, Gifted Typist, but will take the compliment and run with it.
I love that you read the Alex Kapranos book with a scots accent! I haven't read it yet, but I did read Trainspotting with a scots accent, which I guess is rather a no-brainer, seeing as it is written phonetically.

mellowlee said...

I'm glad you had a most excellent day! That kilt picture is HAWT lol!

Congrats to Eva! You rock!

mellowlee said...

Oh, and I rented The Edukators this weekend, and it was awesome! thanks for posting about it!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm kinda partial to that kilt photo as well, Mel. Hopefully Allison will take a whole whack of photos like that while in Scotland this weekend.

I'm glad you found The Edukators! Did you want to watch it again right away, like I did?

Anonymous said...

Dear Eva, right on girl - own those grades with ah-thor-eh-TAY!

You two sound so sweet together.
I mean, it's almost surreal.

& smart kids come from smart parents. 'cept my smart kids. they're alien.

Deb said...

Excellent marks deserve getting lost on a roadtrip with your favorite Mom. Good job Eva. And Barb (for producing superior offspring).

I love the high score for getting lost...I bet I'm an A+ as well....Linds and I drove around the same block 4 times last week looking for an address. And apparently we drove right past the place each and every time.

Deb said...

and did you say apple rhubarb cranberry? Now look what you've started.

Strawberry Blondie said...

Well done, Offspring! The day of celebrating does sound excellent and makes me wonder why more days aren't spent adopting faux accents.

Personally, I think getting lost is essential to any good road trip!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I know the feeling, Michelle, except I believe that I am the alien one around this house. Actually I guess we all are.

There's just something about that particular area, Deb, it's as though it's hiding behind an invisibility cloak or something.
And YES, apple-rhubarb-cranberry! With crumble topping and a shortbread base to boot.

We need to work on our faux Russian accents a bit, Strawberry Blondiem, as the Scots one is becoming a little too familiar.
Getting lost is more fun if you aren't the one driving imo.

mellowlee said...

Yes, and in fact I did watch it twice in a row heeheee! It was so great, thanks again!!!!

justacoolcat said...

What the heck is Robbie Burns looking at and where can I get one?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That's what I wanted to do, Mel! But I resisted, much to my chagrin now.

I'm not sure, but he does look enchanted, doesn't he? I think they were selling them next to the take-home haggis.

justacoolcat said...

Isn't "take-home haggis" playing at SXSW?