Monday, January 21, 2008

le pastie de la bourgeoisie

Oh my, I have been tagged by the lovely and ever-so-talented Allison to bore you to tears with 100 things about myself. I am rather disturbed by how easy it was to come up with 100 things. I thought I only had about 25 or so things in me. I guess I am much deeper than I thought. Ha!

1. I often count my steps when I walk
2. my favourite time of day is around 8:00 or 9:00 am
I learned to drive on a standard transmission
4. I want to be buried in a burlap sack under a tree

5. I couldn't ride a bike until grade 3
6. my favourite number has always been 6
7. I entertained thoughts of being a long-distance trucker when I was young. Also an artist
8. I cannot read music. They tried to teach me but it didn't take
9. I came to this country on a boat
10. I have had two broken bones - baby finger on right hand and left ankle
I had math phobia from grade 3 right through into grad school
creamed corn strikes me as useless
13. sometimes the Resident Offspring and I conduct our entire commuting conversation in Scottish accents
14. I have difficulty not dismantling styrofoam cups
15. I use the words astounding and amazing far too much

16. I like gospelly sounding songs but would not be caught dead in a church
17. Ever since my brother told me he has a hard time distinguishing the word musician from magician, I have a moment of doubt if I am using the right word

18. I once labelled several cases of homemade rhubarb wine and spelled it "rubarb" on each bottle
19. I was in university for eight years
20. the green sea turtle, Chelonia mydas, is responsible for my (barely) passing grade in Zoology.
21. I received 25 stitches to my fingers when a pop bottle exploded in my hands. And I was on crutches at the time
22. my current favourite word is flummoxed
23. I love soup but hardly ever eat it
24. I was in labour for 42 hours
25. I was in grad school before I used a computer

26. when I used to figure skate, I did jumps in one direction and spins in the opposite direction
27. I was addicted to those little Ritz cheese sandwich crackers one summer; now I can't see what I saw in them
28. I often feel like there is a movie being filmed about me as I go about my day
29. my first memory is watching my mother hang clothes on the line at age three or four
30. I used to get wicked poison ivy every summer when I was a kid and my dad used to put gasoline on the sores to dry them up - leaded gasoline
31. I love when somebody else makes a salad for me

32. I took a welding course in university and I was pretty good at it
33. if I was to come back to life as an animal, I would want to be either an otter or a cat
34. I once got to take the controls in a 4-seater plane for a few minutes during flight
35. I ran away from home in grade 2, taking only my Saint bubble gum cards and nobody noticed I was gone, as I discovered when I got bored and returned home
36. in junior high I once started changing my clothes in front of my hallway locker without realizing what I was doing
37. pomegranates are a pain in the ass, but I love their taste
38. in university I sold a short story to a literary magazine for $35.00
39. I started going grey at 19
40. my feet grew two shoe sizes after I had a baby
41. I despise Sylvester Stallone, for no good reason
42. I cannot stand to watch someone use a metal nail file, but emery boards are fine
43. as a child I hated mushrooms
44. my favourite part of Paris was the tour of the sewers
45. I used to love rye and water and now cannot stand the thought of drinking hard liquor, except for the odd gin and tonic
46. I think flavoured toothpaste is an abomination
47. I have twice been under general anaesthesia
48. I can raise my right eyebrow independently of my left, but not vice versa
49. there is always at least one song going through my head
50. I rarely put furniture against the wall
51. in a waiting room, I need to pull the chair an inch or two from the wall before I sit down
I have had two miscarriages
53. I have only water-skied once (badly) but am pretty decent at windsurfing
54. it bothers me if the balance of a room is off
55. I prefer limes to lemons, except for lemon squares, which top all
56. excessive packaging is something I think should be punishable by drawing and quartering
57. it drives me to distraction when pictures are hung crookedly. Also towels
58. I prefer brown rice to white
59. I never tuck in my shirts

60. I love elections, love all the analysis and debate and postering and speculation. The US electoral process is like Disneyland to me
61. I am not very fond of baking but I make a really great pie crust

62. sometimes I think I drink too much water
63. the Michaelangelo museum was closed the only time I was in Milan
64. although I love getting out of the city occasionally, I could never live anywhere but a city
65. pecans and cashews are tied for my favourite nut, but I am fast learning to love almonds
66. I can control my blood pressure with deep breathing
67. I use far too many superlatives

68. seeing the Mona Lisa is very underwhelming
69. I have swum in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico, but never in the Pacific or the North Atlantic ocean
70. I have puked in somebody else's sleeping bag
71. I think train travel is the preferred way to see anything
72. I don't like margarine
73. I have never been sky-diving or in a hot air balloon
74. every time I sit on our couch, I say "damn that's a comfy couch"

75. I don't like mountains, which is met with great disbelief among fellow Calgarians
76. I grin like a fool as the plane lifts off
have a slight intolerance to eggs
78. I once had my palm read by a psychic who told me I am an alien. Her exact words were "you are not of this world", so what would you call that?

79. I have never met a cheese I didn't like
80. I am always struck by how much more sensible and mature my kid is than I was at her age. Smarter too
81. I am the most unromantic person I know, besides my husband
82. We buried our old cat, Pook, in our back yard. Our old backyard holds a snail, a butterfly, and assorted gold fish

83. I blame the evil high school guidance counselor for steering me in the wrong direction in life, with his "if you don't study sciences, you will live in a cardboard box under a bridge" speech
84. I have cataracts
85. I am terrible at laundry, everything goes into one big load
86. I refuse to be held hostage by the laundering demands of my clothing
87. I now realize that a passing interest in cool medical terms is not the best basis for a career choice
88. I kept my own name when I married
89. I wish I was about 3 or 4 inches taller

90. We kept our dead cat in the freezer for several months before burying him, which was a great cause for concern amongst our dinner guests
91. I once broke a board in half with a karate chop
92. I enjoy torturing my cat, particularly spice worming her (making the bed tightly over top of her)
93. I do some of my best music listening and analysis in the car
94. I am a bit of a grammar Nazi, with quotation mark
abuse in particular being on my shit list
95. I once ate what I was told were calf brains, although in retrospect I am pretty sure it was scrambled eggs

96. I have been a CBC radio junkie since I was 19
97. I was thoroughly frisked at the Zürich airport (when I was 12)
98. I have never eaten haggis, although I would like to, because the addition of oatmeal to anything automatically makes it delicious
99. I have a weakness for cute little paper bags with handles and have a collection from various shops, collected in my travels, pinned to a wall in the office
100. I once went grocery shopping with a grocery list which read only "supper x 2"

You now know more about me than CSIS does, I think. That kind of information is like gold.

And provided that you have not yet resorted to gouging out your eyes with a spoon, I'm going to turn it over to you. Al tagged four people so I will follow her lead. And since I can't remember who hates tags and who loves them, I am going to go out on a limb here, reach into my random blogger generator, and tag Toccata, Gifted Typist, Bubs, and Deb, who are all free to tell me to go straight to hell, of course.

Have at it!


Beth said...

What a fantastic, interesting list! Why can't you be a fellow Atlantan and my running buddy?

Allison said...

Your list was brill! Thanks for doing the tag. Its funny how once you can't really start. I had to cut things on mine. ;)

No. 13 - Hilarious. I could use both of you this weekend!

No. 20 - Can we know the story behind that?

No. 28 - I often feel that and sometimes smile as though I am being filmed.

No. 48 - I am jealous.

No. 85 - That's not how we're supposed to do laundry? Damn.

p.s. Without noticing I made my comment a list, my bad. I made sure to only use one exclamation mark. I meant it though.

p.p.s. You rock.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, i totally remember was a frozen coke bottle, right?? or something along that line. i think i remember you calling my mom to tell her. oh

phlegmfatale said...

wow- sploding bottle whilst on crutches??? What a crap run of luck!
I do think there ARE good reasons to dislike Sly and the family Stallone

Dale said...

I hate to say this but you may be caught dead in a church at some point. I'm all for the gospelly too but not the sermonizing.

mellowlee said...

my favorite number is 7. Why is 6 afraid of 7? Cause 7 8 9 haha! Ok, I will go back and read the rest of your list. This is great :O)

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I feel closer to you now than I really should. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself.

Jas B said...

Thats a very interesting list, Barb.
I am with you on quite a few on your list. :D

Evelyne said...

Very interesting list Barb, learned a lot about you. 85- I also do it, makes life much easier. And I also wish I was few inches taller. Might have been long to write such a list.

Anonymous said...

To tell the truth about Mona, what a bust seeing her was.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Running for office or huff and puff running, Beth? Actually either one sounds good. If I did live in Atlanta, you know I would sign up!

I know, I had to cut things on mine too,Al! Now I can't stop thinking about myself.
If we joined you in Scotland, Eva and I would probably just end up getting you beaten up or something as some might think we are mocking them.
I shall have to post about the Chelonia mydas story one day then.
And how reassuring to know I am not the only film star of her own life around here. I assumed it was a pathology. Also reassuring about the laundry technique - whew!
It was great fun doing this and thanks for the tag.

You've got a great memory, Beth. Yes it was a frozen 7Up bottle. Haven't used glass pop bottles since.

It was a bad spell indeed, Phlegmfatale, makes the current back woes look laughable.
You are of course correct that there are many many reasons to despise Sylvester Stallone, but I'm not sure if they justify the depth of my hatred.

I doubt that anyone would dare hold any kind of church funeral for me, Dale, particularly if being interred in a sack under a tree. I may go to hear the choir on occasion though.

Oh Mel! I haven't heard that joke since volunteering in a grade 3 class. 6 is such a nice round number, in so many ways.

And I left out the nasty stuff, Dr M. When you've been kicking around this world as long as I have, you are bound to have a few skeletons rattling about the closet.

I would be interested in which ones we share, Jas. Probably not the laundry ones, as your clothes always look so nice and I do believe you even iron them.

The list almost wrote itself, once I got into the right mindset, Evelyne. Isn't it funny, I always assumed you were rather tall, maybe because you are such an athlete.

Anonymous said...

flummoxed, underwhelmed by Mona viewing, smiling during take off and more I could go on comparing - I think you are me

I've started my 100-thing challenge although have had to bend the rules somewhat. Hope I'm not disqualified

Toccata said...

42 hours in labour! 36 is the stuff of nightmares. Well, come to think of it so is the 42 hours in labour. Oh, and ew to keeping your cat in the freezer. 100 things about myself? Can I recycle my old lists?

Evelyne said...

That's funny Barb, Toccata also thought that... I'm tall if you consider 5'2 being tall...

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh sorry, I missed you there, Leazwell. I felt the same way about seeing the Mona Lisa - it did not live up to the hype. The Impressionist Museum, now that was worthwhile!

We must be 100 thing twins, Gifted Typist! Go ahead and interpret the rules as you wish, makes for a more interesting list, which I am looking forward to reading.

Recycle away, Toccata! We support green efforts here, and I can't wait to read some of them.
Yes, that child 'o mine did not feel like being born, and that dead cat did not wish to be buried in January.

I guess you just give the impression of being tall, Evelyne, because I am actually taller than you.

justacoolcat said...

Sweet Jeebus .. . I'll be back.

Anonymous said...

good list...honestly i read them all...especially after the first one..I count my steps often as well...Sometimes I look where I'm going and try to guess how many steps it will take

John Mutford said...

Why are so opposed to 'quotation mark" errors?

Todd said...

I a doing my best to think back to the post already to comment on a few choices - two come to my mind immediately - the comfy couch, one of which I left at my mother's house. I will sleep on it instead of a bed any day.

Also.... Uhh... Did you keep the cat between the peas and the ice cream? ;)

Beth said...

Lord, can you imagine what a lovely world it would be if we were running your country or mine? But I'm really wishing we were hanging-out buds. Darn those miles and time zones!

BeckEye said...

Good job. I hate tags, and I couldn't come up with 10 interesting things about myself, let alone 100.

You're a morning person?? How can you call yourself a zombie.

I feel like I've left that comment, or a similar one, before.

#13 - I think that's funny because I have this thing about talking in a fake Russian accent sometimes when I'm out getting drunk.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Jeebus will be waiting, Just A , he's used to waiting for me all the time.

Wow, you're hardcore, Kelly, I could take lessons in step counting from you.

Well, it's "just" one of those "things", I guess, John.

You have to make sure your mother never gets rid of your couch, Todd, they are notorious for doing stuff like that.
My freezer is not organized enough to have sections, so the frozen cats just get mixed in with everything else.

That would be so much fun, Beth! We need to work on teleportation or getting our hands on a tardis or something.

By mid afternoon I am displaying distinct zombie-like characteristics, Beckeye.
A Russian accent would be so fun to do while drunk! We need to get together sometime and try this out.

Deb said...

I love this and am going back to re-read it. You learn so much about people this way. And I like you even more than I thought.

I've done #100.

Deb said...

I'm a 59'er.

And I'm working on "94". Seriously, I'm trying. I'm just addicted to those little buggers.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You've done the "supper x2" grocery list as well, Deb? You must be a list junkie who occasionally has nothing to list, as well. It's sad, really.

Anonymous said...

That was emotional. Fun, sad,interesting,from another world lol Thanks for shareing. And nice to meet the inner you. Smiles!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm glad you didn't run away screaming after you met the inner me, Sunflower. You are a brave woman.