Friday, December 14, 2007

So we'll link our arms and we'll bloody our hands, because it's Friday night and we came to rock

Jesus Christ on a cracker, you don't want to be driving around right now. Apparently the entire city took the day off work and they spent the day driving around and around, looking for a parking spot. I don't even want to imagine what it's like inside the mall. I'd rather gouge my eyes out with a spoon than set foot in a store today.

Well except for Safeway, as I am there every bloody day, but at 9:00 am, it's still fairly civilized.

I was late picking up the resident offspring after school on account of gridlock.

But I am finally home, safely ensconced in my ugly but oh so comfy chair, big-assed glass of red wine in hand, and here I shall stay. Until the family needs to fill its belly.

Because it's Friday night and we came to rock, here is my Random Playlist. Not a single John-Rae and the River song on the list, but something tells me they may be featured in one of the many lists that are composting in my head right now. After all, the end of the year is fast approaching, the most sacred season for all us list junkies, so expect scads and scads of best-of lists coming forthwith.

1. My Baby is Gone - the Pogues
2. God Give Me Strength - Elvis Costello
3. Here Comes Your Man - Pixies
4. You Can Call Me Al - Paul Simon
5, A Space Boy Dream - Belle and Sebastian
6. Scar Tissue - Red Hot Chili Peppers
7. Science Fiction Double Feature - Rocky Horror Picture Show
8. Blood of a Young Wolf - Buck 65
9. Leslie Anne Levine - the Decemberists
10. Under Pressure - Queen and David Bowie

So join me in another glass of wine, blow off that company Christmas party, and let's get our hands bloodied. It is Friday night, and not a day too soon.


Anonymous said...

I too am sitting with red wine in hand,Barb, - that's how I watch Jeopardy (doesn't everyone?) Fought the hordes briefly today before I got on my way back from Wpg where I celebrated with my newly 24 year old daughter!! It wasn't so long ago that WE were 24!

mellowlee said...

mmm a glass of red wine would be great right now! The only store I had to go into today was a dollar store to buy red and green construction paper to make some Christmas decorations, and that was nuts! here's too staying in and sippin' something yummy (and making lists too!) *cheers!*

Toccata said...

Blogger just ate my comment! Now, I really do need that glass of wine. Number 7 makes me excited for the upcoming Sweeny Todd film with Johnny Depp. I think it's going to be fun.

Joe said...

I know what you mean about driving--I am steeling myself to go and pick up the youngest and her friend from the roller rink. It gets zany on the roads on a Friday, and especially at the holidays.

I love that list. Here Comes Your Man is a long-time favorite. I think it's got a Beatle-esque sound to it, in a way.

mellowlee said...

Oh yes! I can't wait for Sweeny Todd too! *hand claps*

Anonymous said...

Wait, your neck of the harsh-weather woods closes down in snow? Seriously? :D Wow - I wonder if it's the same storm that hit us in the Pacific NW... In any case THANK BEJEEBUS you're snug & cozy & all happily warmed with a fine red vino.

I'm drinking a nice Chianti. No liver or fava beans, though.

hiya girlie! squishy hugs to you!

justacoolcat said...

Christ on a cracker?

Soul food?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

haha Berni, I have moved onto cranberry cider now!
It was so great to have a nice long chat with you tonight. Why, it felt like I was 24 again. Oh wait, I always feel like I'm 24 again.

I went into one store today too, Mel and was completely gobsmacked by the lineups. That is it for me for shopping! From now on, list making only.

Stupid Blogger can be such a Nazi, Toccata. I haven't heard much about the new film version of Sweeney Todd. Will it be a musical? Personally, #7 got me all pumped up to see the stage show of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Woohoo!

I think I will declare a moratorium on driving anywhere for the next three weeks, Bubs. So I guess I won't be able to go to work. Oh well.
Here Comes Your Man was the first Pixies song that I fell in love with.

I must check out the Sweeney Todd mania that is sweeping the nation, Mel!

Squishy hugs to you too, Michelle! Oddly enough, the roads are bone dry here. It's just that everyone is driving around, working themselves into a Christmas frenzy, it's truly insane. The only sane thing to do is stay home and drink red wine. Fava beans or no fava beans.

Only when served with collard greens, Just A, and only if we get down with our bad selves/

Deb said...

Jesus Christ on a cracker, that's the best saying EVER. I, too, got caught in the traffic jam...guess it came right across Western Canada? No kidding, I sat without even moving for 40 minutes. Not one inch. And the idiots ahead of me kept letting the other queue jumping idiots in. But I didn't really care because I wasn't going anywhere important or in a hurry. So I cranked the tunes and sang loud enough to scare a few cars away.

Anonymous said...

"Jesus Christ on a cracker" gives me visuals that are mostly blasphemous.

Then again, I'm probably wired that way. :D

and how apropos! my word verification is "fucmo"

HAHAHAH. i'm just sayin'.

Allison said...

I just got caught up on my sleep from this crazy week so I could go out and brave the crowds. Its busy no matter what time you try to go out here. Although I am mighty tempted to stay in.

I have been listening to Doolittle quite a bit this week. Here Comes Your Man is a great tune.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

hahaha I use the sing loudly trick when stuck in traffic too, Deb, although I think after 40 minutes I would likely switch to a different form of communication.

"fucmo" hahahah that made my day, Michelle! I think I am going to say that as much as possible today.

You made the all-important first step, Al - catching up on sleep. A multi-vitamin and a healthy snack and you can be a crowd-braving machine!
I feel like listening to Pixies now, except I am busy with Belle and Sebastian. Wish I had more ears.

Johnny Yen said...

Funny, your list began with the Pogues, mine ended.

That's one of my favorite Pixies songs!