Friday, November 09, 2007

there's something ticking in the overhead and inside your brain

Well children, we’re off to the airport, wearing our non-hobo shoes and unripped undies. And we are bearing some lovely and tasty hostess gifts, so we are bound to be a big hit in the Forest City.

Those of you who get Monday off work for Remembrance Day, enjoy your long weekend and please pause to remember those who made all this possible.

I will see you in a couple of days, and since I did not have time to buy you a nice hostess gift as well, I thought I would actually share my Friday Random Playlist with you this week. Just so you know I am not snubbing you.

I have to admit I found it quite serendipitous and a little freaky, frankly, that the list should lead off with A Hymn for Two Walks in Different Cities. How prophetic is that?

The Load Me Up Friday Random Playlist

A hymn for 2 walks in different cities – Woodpigeon

Tin soldiers - Stiff Little Fingers

While we were hunting rabbits – Matthew Good

Damaged goods – Gang of Four

The fine art of falling apart – Matthew Good

Une annee sans lumiere – Arcade Fire

Asleep on a sunbeam – Belle and Sebastian

I've got pictures of you in your underwear – Ballboy

I just want to see the boy happy – Morrissey

Signal and sign – Maximo Park

And because I will miss you so, here’s a bonus track:
11. I am part of a large family – Great Lake Swimmers
Ciao, babies! Play nicely while I am gone. Matty's going to tell me if you didn't.


justacoolcat said...

Honestly, I prefer cash, but your list that goes to 11 is pretty good too. Have fun and bring me back something awesome!

Allison said...

I hope you have a great time visiting Ontario :) Hope the weather is good and such and no pink sweaters attack.

Anonymous said...

Have a good visit with Baba and your old neighbours, and Jerry's brother and family too.And stay off the hotel bedspread!

Anonymous said...

Safe, relaxing, & most excellent times to you and le kin! I can't wait to hear how your new undies went over. ;)

MG's While We Were Hunting Rabbits is almost always on my car cds... it's so gosh darned awesome!

Happy days & nights, beautiful!

phlegmfatale said...

Have fun, you sexy thing!

Tanya Espanya said...

This comment has nothing to do with your post (although if you're in my town and not calling me, I'll be devastated!) but I just clicked on the Viking Kitty link on your site and had to let you know that I'M.DYING!!! Ohsweetholyf&ck that is too nuts.

So, thank you for having it. I'm now going to send it to everyone I know.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Cash is always great, Just A. However, you will have to settle for far too many pictures of some 8-week-old Jack Russell puppies. They are way cuter than you would imagine a terrier to be.

The weather was pretty similar to home, Al, except in Ontario all the leaves are still on the trees. Which is pretty odd for mid-November.
No pink sweaters thankfully, but I was forced to take home a grey suit jacket, which is fine but I now realize the damned thing is dry clean only. That's not going happen.

Lots of great visiting done, Berni and Jer's mom loved the pictures from at your place this summer. And we discovered that we should have been calling her "Babcha" all these years, as "Baba" apparently means old bitch.

Although I never actually got a chance to show off my new undies (maybe I should have tried on that old skirt she was trying to pawn off on me), they afforded me with much comfort, Michelle.
I haven't actually listened to MG much lately, so it was really lovely to hear those songs again.

Thanks, PF, fun was most certainly had!

I am sure they will all love it, Tanya, because doesn't everybody secretly want to be a Viking. I want a Viking toque anyway.
The closest I got to your town was Guelph, my dear, and that was with MIL in tow, and you don't need that.

jim dandy said...

Thanx for the music.
Have a nice flight and pull over if your arms get tired!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

My arms were getting a wee bit tired, Jim Dandy, but nowhere near as bad as the cramped leg syndrome. Some day I will fly business class. Except the plane we were on did not have it, so.